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The Stars Are In Shock

Godaey. Star Wars: The Old Republic [Dual AU]. 1,094 words. More under the cut. AO3.

Summary: Godaey’s reaction to Master Orgus’ death.

Includes @jellyfishlovesloki‘s Xeleth Jabil.

I just got to this part in the game and I’m not okay. :’D

He stared down at the body in front of him. He’d taken on Lord Nefarid with only T7 at his side, having directed Xeleth to take Kira and Erika with her and destroy the Death Mark machine. In a different time, he would have asked nicely – he would have kept Kira or his cousin at his side. But instead he’d snapped at his cousin, using her love for him and the fact that the Death Mark was targeting him to get her to listen to him. Though there was no doubt in his mind that the moment she returned with the two Padawans, her priority would be making sure he was okay – both physically and emotionally. He didn’t think she’d believe any lie if he claimed he was fine.

He was far from fine.

Lord Nefarid had been a formidable opponent. Normally he didn’t like killing – he wished his foes would surrender so he wouldn’t have to strike them down. But Nefarid?

He’d enjoyed striking him down. And he was going to enjoy killing Darth Angral. They deserved to die for all the lives they had harmed – they deserved to die for his Master. He thought killing Master Orgus was the last mistake Darth Angral would ever make. It would be the last life the Sith would ever take, if he had anything to say about it.

In all his life, Godaey had never felt such anger. He’d never felt such a drive to end someone’s life as he had when Nefarid had shown his face. He’d never been taught what to do with that anger – Jedi were supposed to stay calm, to not fight with their emotions. But he’d wielded his anger like he wielded his lightsaber. He had cut Nefarid down not just with his lightsaber, but also a roar of anger.

And now? Now, he felt sore. He took a couple steps back, moving away from the Sith Lord’s body before stumbling and falling to his knees. He caught himself, his arms shaking as he held himself up. He heard T7 beeping at him and sensed the little droid was coming closer to him, concerned for him. He made out beeps that sounded like the droid was contacting Xeleth, either letting her know the battle was won or telling her that her cousin was far from okay – the latter, however, was a fact the young woman probably already knew.

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