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all odd numbers!


1. Your current favorite song

taeyeon - time lapse ♡ listen……. the way this song builds is a RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE

3. A song that used to be your favorite that you still like

train - drops of jupiter ♡ literally always

5. A song that reminds you of another period in your life

laboum - journey to atlantis ♡ of last summer bc it was on my shower playlist and now i cant listen to it without thinking about the apartment i lived in

7. A song from a genre you don’t usually listen to

audrey assad - restless ♡ christian music hecks me up, pal

9. A song you loved 5 years ago

kyuhyun - 7 years of love ♡ god i even found the old account who used to do these sub videos and kept changing their name because it got banned

11. A song that reminds you of your best friend

icky blossoms - heat lightning ♡ look i have 500 best friends i lov em all but this one sent me this song and we both relate

13. A song that reminds you of your current partner/crush

jay som - i think you’re alright ♡ look….. i am feeling so attacked rn

15. A song that makes you want to fall in love

rosi golan - hazy (ft. william fitzsimmons) ♡ it’s so o o oo  soft

17. A song that makes you want to slay your enemies

archis - let me love ♡ !!! this would be such a good soundtrack for when women were warriors tbh

19. A song that you’ve seen performed live

tegan and sara - closer ♡ best concert of my life tbh

21. Your top most played song on iTunes

benjamin francis leftwich - box of stones ♡ screams im a soft pisces ok

23. A song from the soundtrack of your favorite video game/movie/TV show

sound the bugle (from spirit stallion of the cimarron) ♡ listen this song still makes me cry

25. A song that you listened to ironically, but now you genuinely love

gfriend - me gustas tu ♡ ok i still cant get over the fact that the mv is 500% saturation but its a catchy song screams

27. A song that best describes your personality

n u a g e s - lost ♡ i love the vibe and the words in it

29. A song that cheers you up when you’re sad

the mowgli’s - san francisco ♡ got it for free when itunes still did single of the week and it’s a good one

31. A song that you want to cover (regardless of how much talent you have)

andrew allen - lovin’ you tonight ♡ this song is honestly so cute

33. A song whose message you don’t like

the script - the man who can’t be moved ♡ idk i don’t really listen to songs that i don’t like so this is the closest……. don’t do all that for an ex….. it’s gonna be ok my dude, take care of urself

35. A song that sends chills down your spine

sleeping at last - neptune ♡ bruh….. it makes me so sad but i relate 2 much

37. A song that helped you through a difficult time in your life

blind pilot - umpqua rushing ♡ as weird as this sounds….. this song is super sad and sentimental but also rly healing

39. Your favorite instrumental (no lyrics/singing) song

henry mancini - moon river (original title from “breakfast at tiffany’s”) ♡ literally….. my fav….. also audrey hepburn singing is good

41. A song from the year you were born

toni braxton - unbreak my heart ♡ omfg….. i never realized this came out the year i was born but it’s a running joke with my roommates this is gr8

43. A song that makes you laugh

carly rae jepsen - run away with me ♡ im so sorry vine ruined this for me but i lov crj so much

45. Your favorite Disney song

auli’i cravalho - how far i’ll go ♡ who else loves my ocean princess daughter

47. A song that you love to dance to

neon trees - songs i can’t listen to ♡ u gotta have that rockout every once in a while

49. A song whose lyrics you have memorized

the 1975 - somebody else ♡ this was also on my shower playlist for so long and also i lov dodie’s cover of it

songs ask

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i wish  icould fully articulate my appreciation 4 u but basically everyone . .. . all u need 2 know is that c-plaus is gr8 …. and also made bellice stuff? ? ? that i reblogged way back in the day ? ? ? theyre in eVERY WL W FANDOM I LOEVE IT

@c-plaus said:

wait, what happened?

BASICALLY: kbs called mamamoo to perform at one of their events and they ended up cancelling their performance because apparently they had no time, they spent their morning there, did the rehearsals and changed their outfits, and then kbs cancelled at the last minute :)) They were there 8 hours, just saying :) And now, they took phones and id’s from moomoos and threatened to never invite mamamoo again, and the police got involved.

This is just what i know so far so…. yEAH