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Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!


If it hasn’t been already, I propose KELPIE Mabel for the Monster Falls AU :vc

Time and Again
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: lauren3210 | Word Count: 28.4k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Draco has an important research assignment, and he needs Auror protection. Harry’s a little concerned, not only because he can’t even pronounce the places Draco’s dragging him off to, but because there’s the slightest chance he might do something stupid, like tell Draco all about that little crush he’s been harbouring for a while now…

Review: So refreshingly exciting and fun! As the summary says, Draco is on a mission and Harry is the one to protect him, which is all ok except for the small problem of his crush on the guy.

And it really is sweet, seeing how Harry views his feelings for Draco as nothing that can be acted upon, only to find his opinion on that changing the more time he spends with Draco. Gosh, their chemistry in certain scenes had me grinning crazily at my cat, I’m sure she thinks I’m even madder now. The mystery, tension and intrigue of the plot is amazing as well, it had me immersed in the story and the characters completely.

Content/Warnings: Mystery, Time Travel, Mild Pining, Injuries and Gore

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100 years Rick and Stanley

Seeker, Chaser, Keeper
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: VivacissimoVoce | Word Count: 59.1k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?

Review: Probably my favourite Quidditch drarry story! Because yes, it has all those things we love about this most beloved trope - match thrills, hot sex, “competitiveness” as a mask for intense flaming attraction lol - but so so much more. 

All the featured characters are just so cool! It’s extremely fun reading as well, with rather unique ideas and a very well played out plot with some of the best characterisations and dialogue. An immediate rec for anyone looking for some fun and entertaining reading :) 

Content/Warnings: Quidditch, Humour, Physical Training

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The Girl In The Kneazle Nightie
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Saras_Girl | Word Count: 29.8k | Rating: PG-13

Summary: All Luna wants is for her friends to be happy. Harry and Draco aren’t going to make it easy for her, but that’s okay. She has a plan.

Review: So soft and so pure, with such a wonderful aura of positivity and well being and sheer happiness!!! I truly can’t deal with how beautiful and charming this was, as you can tell from all the adjectives I jumble into this review…

This is written through Luna’s perspective, and gosh - this Luna is truly the most darling and strong and wonderful character ever. It’s just so respectful to canon, it took my breath away. You see, Luna has a project to help all her friends get what they really want in their lives. And she goes about getting this done in the most delightfully sneaky, funny and earnest ways. Of course, her pushes directed towards Harry and Draco result in the most wonderful start of their relationship, after all the quiet watching they indulged in before Luna set her sights on them!

This fic is so lighthearted and well intentioned, with the most wonderful details and characters giving a weight to this brilliant story. It will absolutely leave you with the biggest smile on your face in the end. 

Content/Warnings: Alternate POV, Humour, Fluff

Adventures in Babysitting

Author: Anna Fugazzi | Word Count: 19,000 | Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Auror Corps provides Harry with a profession that’s highly dangerous, demanding, and glamorous. Except when it’s not. No babies were babysat and no Icelanders were harmed in the making of this fic. Tents may have been traumatized.

Review: This was quite brilliant. It was funny and sweet and just a wee bit angsty, but also the plot and characters and the Icelandic setting (yes, they go to Iceland) were quite creative. 

*spoiler* And I don’t know why I really need to mention this but this is really my fave line and I don’t even know why - “Most people looked innocent in their sleep. Malfoy just looked asleep. There wasn’t much about him that was innocent.” 

Content/Warnings: UST, Pining, Adventure

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In my headcanon, Mabel Gleeful always looks for a way to seduce Will xD
On the one hand to annoy him and on the other and the main is because she really likes Will <3 And Will loves her too! But he’s submissive(? and it’s too much for him when Mabel does those things xD

Bill and Mabel are just perfect together <3(Totally a fan of Mabill) It is not difficult to guess what Bill would do when he is in love with a girl  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

On Open Wings
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: @dictacontrion | Word Count: 15.4k | Rating: PG-13

Summary: Answers don’t just fall from the sky, but sometimes birds do. When one almost knocks Harry off his feet, he’s got to save it. If Draco is the only one who can help, well. That’s really entirely irrelevant.

Review: An injured bird falls in Harrys hands, and he finds out from his friends that his best bet to save it is Draco, who is a conservationist. At first his looming over Draco’s shoulder seems to be an unprecedented possessiveness of the bird, but as the story goes on, we find out that there’s something else going on between Harry and Draco, and part of what makes this story somewhat charged is the suspense of finding out what exactly that is. 

There’s a lot of hurt and confusion and things unsaid between the boys - longing and tentative want that makes this such a soft and romantic story. But it’s hardly a meandering story either, because there’s a sense of both Harry and Draco finally being on the same ground in terms of each other and what exactly they mean to the other. Harrys friends and all their distinct voices and personalities were pretty great too!

Content/Warnings: Denial, Slow Burn, Romance

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