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Hal-an-Tow by halsinator

In which a flowering fairy orchard introduces a troubling new idea to Childermass and Segundus. (Sex. The idea is sex.)

Explicit, 19k words. 

Segundus said, “And another thing—!” He stopped then, and looked around in vague confusion. He and Childermass were out in the garden by then, where their arguments tended to migrate in a “mysterious” fashion that seemed always somehow calibrated to allow Childermass a timely escape from them.

“Well, spit it out, then,” said Childermass. He leant against the garden wall in a pose that suggested condescension.

“Do you smell something?” Segundus asked.

“No,” Childermass said. But he furrowed his brow, distracted.

“You do!” Segundus said, pointing an accusing finger at him. “You are wholly absurd, sir! You would deny such a thing, simply because it was I who said it? You are the very definition of contrary!”

This is for halsinator and the fandom that had me fallen into period magicians romance for the last few weeks because when i read the book i swear i didn’t ship anyone other than strange/arabella and raven king/myself. 

Also read their fic Ten Times Found where Segundus got kidnapped a lot cause he’s a virgin magician. Also read everything else in the Ao3 tag cause frankly this fandom is a gift.