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Cecil’s an Aquarius.

His birthday is anytime between January 20th and February 18th.

So around this time of the year, imagine Carlos surprising Cecil at the NVCR Station with a homemade birthday cake (with “Happy Birthday Cecil :)” sloppily but lovingly written on the top in frosting) and the interns singing a municipally approved birthday song and Cecil just being really happy and flattered that they remembered.

I love Cecil’s character arc bc like I’ve seen people say “omg we thought he was dark and mysterious and he’s actually just a huge dork” which is sort of true but i relistened to the September Monologues recently and the fact that Steve mentioned that Cecil never used to do anything besides hang out at the station is so interesting?? bc im remembering back to [Best Of?] and he was obviously SO dedicated to being the best reporter he could be but he also seemed really fucking detached when I think about it?

I think at some point, the whole immortal deal just got to him, yknow? It’s established in that episode that he’s been around since the fucking beginning of Night Vale (not that he remembers much of it, I guess). dude watched Josie grow up and I think he just kept himself separate from people in general to avoid being absolutely wrecked by their mortal existence and inevitable deaths. it’s not like he was miserable or anything, he was just super fucking invested in his work.

and then Carlos comes along and out comes the dorky emotional radio host we know and love. this theory also ties in with how devastated he was when Carlos got stranded in Desert Otherworld because god dammit, he finally let himself get attached again and now he’s lost it all so soon.

tldr; I want to give Cecil Gershwin Palmer a really big hug.


Menina lendo, década 1960 by Peregrina Cultural
Via Flickr:
Palmer C. Hayden (EUA, 1890-1973) óleo sobre tela


ray palmer in every episode → 3.02 sara (arrow)
“Felicity, I piss people off on a daily basis. It’s part of business, and, well, being the smartest guy in any given room. I own that. So I have enough experience with people being angry with me to know when they’re really angry at something else. You right now are not angry at me. What’s your something else?”

Legends of Tomorrow/Arrow: Ray Palmer/The Atom [ENFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by victoriathoughts

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Ray is bright and full of ideas. He has numerous inventions, including the nano-tech and the A.T.O.M. suit. When he faces any problem, he believes that there is always a way out of it. His optimism is often so high that it sometimes annoys his teammates. Like Oliver Queen, Ray also wants to save Star City (then Starling City) by improving it. He thinks it possible to date Kendra, even though he knows Kendra is linked to her soulmate, Carter Hall, for 4,000 years. When he and Kendra are stranded in the 1958 timeline, he never gives up hope and keeps building the machine that send pulses to the Waverider, allowing Rip and the team to save them. While Rip believes that their destiny is determined by the Oculus, Ray refuses to believe it and asserts that they have free will. He sees the best in people, including the gruff Mick Rory, and forms an unlikely friendship with Mick.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Ray is motivated by staying true to what he believes: he wants to improve situations and save people’s lives. He accepts Rip Hunter’s invitations to become legends because he believes that it is his opportunity to save the world. He is idealistic and rarely disturbed by what befalls him. When he is imprisoned by Damien Darhk, he still maintains his cheerfulness and optimism. He is also warm and sympathetic, always having a cheerful word for everyone. Ray has deep feelings, as shown when he always remembers his late fiancée, Anna, who died in the Starling City earthquake. However, Ray is also stubborn and has a little difficulty connecting with other people, as shown when he asks the guard in Soviet for better food, even though Mick has warned him not to. He also fails to win Valentina Vostok’s interest while flirting with her.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Ray makes his decisions quickly and rationally, but sometimes he is too hasty and does not think of the consequences he will face. For example, when he is injured in Arrow season 3, he knows that the nano-tech can remove the blood clot and asks Felicity to inject it into him, even though he realizes he can die. (The blood clot can also cause him to die, so he decides to take a risk than die without trying.) He is good at following orders, as he seldom protests Rip’s orders, unlike some of the other crew members. However, he sometimes has poor organization, as shown when he loses a part of his A.T.O.M suit in the 1970s, allowing Vandal Savage to discover that Ray and his team come from the future.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Memories leave deep impression on Ray. He finds it hard to move on after Anna’s death. He still mentions her while dating Felicity and then Kendra. When he is stranded in the 1958 with Kendra, he also refuses to leave that life because he is so comfortable living with Kendra there.


I considered typing him ENTP because in Arrow he looks like a typical inventor, denoting a possible Ti, and he is very charming with people, denoting a possible Fe. However, in Legends of Tomorrow, he is more suited to ENFP, especially regarding his values and motivation. Ray does not need external approval and does not compromise his belief, showing a preference to Fi over Fe. 

A while back I saw a cecil cosplay as a mixed race/native american. I can’t find the link but it was pretty amazing. Another rendition of cecil (I like this one more). Previous design. Carlos stayed the same cause he’s perfect.