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✧ ┊FT. VERONICA - there’s something about him.

there were a few people in his life that saw julian as he is; that was outside of his usual demeanor of faking the fact he never felt anything deeply at all. it was a lie, he covered up how he felt by joking or shrugging it off. julian always felt a lot but never shown it, it was always a private show for his feelings revolving around him in a closed quarter. with evie missing, with him being the last to see her, he couldn’t easily mask it. he was scared, he was so scared he was going to lose his mind. easily, veronica was one of the people in his life he could easily shed his outer layer and out came the small boy at heart who needed arms wrapped around him and someone to tell him it’d be okay. he so desperately needed someone to tell him they’d find her. her searched high and low for ronnie, starting with her bedroom first and then the living room; when he found himsef unsuccessful he searched the kitchen, no luck there either. he took his search outside and to his luck, she was at the cove sat upon the couch. he swallowed hard before approaching her and easily, he fell beside her. with the whole evie thing, there was one person other than her who hadn’t left his thoughts and it started with a certain blue eyed boy who scared him out of his wits the other day. julian looked at ronnie, wondering if they were still a thing – did she really need him in her life? his ronnie, who was a bundle of joy and brightness with someone who only represented a bursting flame after being ignited and julian being the ignition. “hey, do you think we can talk?” he finally said, his usual smiley expression was more blunt. his smile was replaced by a firm line and his eyes drooped.