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So, first there was a dude today who kept calling me “pretty little girl” after staring at me through the window of the bus stop. He felt the need to keep getting closer and closer to me on the bench. 

When I finally move to ANOTHER bench at the bus stop, another asshole starts calling me a “bitch” and “c*nt” and telling me to “get the fuck off my phone.” I finally glanced up to see if he was, in fact, talking to me to make sure I wasn’t just being assumptive, he started adding in death threats to the mix. Going as far as to describe the knife he was going to kill me with.

What a goddamn day.

it’s just like…whenever i call trump out on being misogynistic, racist, ableist, bigoted, etc. his supporters don’t even deny it they just straight up use slurs and threats as if that makes me wrong, and they only prove my point?? like good job buddy, u calling me a dirty farmer c*nt or wanting me to get raped by trump and then killed don’t make the things i say any less true or you any better of a person

Calling all my democracy📈loving dick suckers🍆💦👅👅👅there’s only 1️⃣ day til ⬆️ERECTION⬆️ day💯🙎🏼💁🏼‍♂️and we finna pop🍒🍒this political🇺🇸pussy😩💦and RIDE🏇this vote raw😩😩👅👅 If u luhhh spicy🌶🔥🔥mexico🇲🇽coochie🌮tell donald💰💁🏼‍♂️to grab some other bitch👯👯pussy💦🐱🚫this election day🆗✅👋but if you aint into no crusty☠️pneumonia🤒🤒slut💅🏻sending nudie🙈emails📧💦in the HOEval office🗽🏛tell hillary👡👡to pack her pantsuit🚶🏼‍♀️💼this a shoutout👏👂🏻to all my constitutional📜C*NTS💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💍💯who gon miss obamas👨🏿big🍆black🍆💦cock🐓but ready for that NEW💍NEW💎👑send this to🔟of your raunchiest💃🏻registered📝ratchets🔥🍌or say BOY👋BYE to the👅👅dicklaration🇺🇸🍆of independence✍️if you get👆🏻ZERO👆🏻back you an🗓⚖️election ass💦🍑eater😩if you get🔥FIVE🔥back, u castin big booty🍑🍑ballots, && if you get🍆TEN🍆back, we 👓KEN BONE💦🔥😩👅boys➕girls, democrat🐴or 🐘republican👯🙏🏻💯we ALL gettin that ELECTION🇺🇸DAY🇺🇸DICK tomorrow⚖️💯🍆🔥💦👅😩
tangled up on tongues

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philip gives lukas a hickey (aka philip is a really good kisser)

While he was growing up, Lukas heard quite a bit about kissing. From his guy friends when they’d been able to plant one on a girl in middle school. From songs, and movies, and tv shows. He even had a few kisses of his own.

His kisses never lived up to the expectations. There were never fireworks, or explosions, or even passion. There was just chapped and cold lips, and Lukas trying to figure out what he was doing wrong.

At least, that’s how it was until he met Philip.

Because the first time he kissed him in the cabin was exactly how people described it. But it was more than fireworks.

It was tectonic plates halting in their shaking, falling into place. It was meteor showers and the sky splitting apart. It was every other kiss he’d ever had being proven wrong.

It was Philip, kissing him back.

He really likes kissing Philip. He likes the way Philip’s hair feels when he runs his hands through it, and the way Philip’s hands settle on his waist, dipping beneath his shirt. He likes the feel of his mouth against Lukas’.

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Waiting on you Germany.  Time to get rid of that Reverse-Hitler Angela Merkel!  She sold her soul and the German people to muslim migrant rapists and murderers in exchange for a fat paycheck from Saudi Arabia. 

It’s rare I post a photo on here with a celeb these days because I swear to god some random people just loved to hate that time I met Tom Hiddleston at a party and posted it on here (like you don’t know me and you deffo wasn’t at the party to gtfo of here ya muggy little c*nts, excuse my French) last year.

Annnnnyway!! I just really wanted to share this one because it was at a charity event the other night and about a month before this I’d seen James McAvoy for the first time since Ruling Class and to my shock he actually remembered me and my friend, asked how we were and told us he was doing more theatre next year. Then at this event the other evening we had spotted him arrive but wanted to play it cool. At one point we walked right past each other and I could tell he was looking but avoided eye contact but I know he recognised us because then when my friend behind me past, she must have made eye contact because I heard him say ‘hey’ and something to the effect of ‘you’re here’ but we didn’t stop and talk.

Finally, later in that evening, after I’d had a load of champagne courage he was returning inside after going outside for a bit and I just intercepted him with a light backhanded slap on his chest/shoulder (I really need to learn not to do that oops) and then the following happened:

Me: Hey James!

James: Hey you! *holds out hand to shake*

Me: *goes to fist bump instead because that’s how I roll*

James: Nah, come here! *proceeds to pull me in for a hug*

And inner me is freaking the fuck out because James McAvoy just hugged me like I was his bro (and I am happy with being his bro if anything) That’s when I also realised I’ve got to not screw up now and come across like a major fangirl, I’ve got to act chill AHHH but I somehow managed.

So, then I spoke to him for what seemed like forever about how we’ve both been, theatre and other stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up talking to this wonderful man that I nearly forgot to bring my mate in on the convo but then I got him to wish her a happy birthday and we continued to talk about theatre and stuff. (Theatre is my passion of you hadn’t noticed oops) And then he was so nice with taking photos afterwards and I legit feel like I’ve upgraded from random James fan to random acquaintance that James recognises but not in a bad way! Then later that night I went to talk to him again and he took some classic James McAvoy selfies with us, because he’s a photo beast when he gets hold of your phone!

Oh and he also remembered telling us a month before he was doing theatre because turns out he probably isn’t now until 2018 because everyone is doing he show he wanted to do next year already!

Ok but imagine this. Ant & Dec plot to assassinate Trump with David Tennant. They find Trump in the White House. Dec poses as Mike Pence and leads the security and Trump’s family astray, while Ant poses as Obama and gives trump all the reasons why he is such a c*nt. (In his normal Geordie accent) Trump gets all hotheaded and has a full scale argument with him. Meanwhile, David’s gone all military and has a sniper aimed for the back of his head. And he says (in his Scottish accent of course) “fuck off you twat.” One of the security guards comes running over and shouts “Donald, duck!” But it’s too late and he falls with a great thud. And then Carrie Fisher’s ghost appears and she rolls a middle finger up at trump and says “fuck you Jabba.” Then all the other force ghosts appear and celebrate like the end of return of the jedi. Mace Windu appears and says “I’ve had it with these motherfucking dickheads in this motherfucking fucked up world.” And then Michelle Obama is instated as president for 8 of the most wonderful years America has ever seen

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shoutout to the dickhead who called me a "f*cking r*tarded c*nt" to my face when i didn't react to his tired joke because i was too busy scanning his stuff to amuse him. next time he comes in i'm going to shut my register light off and walk away