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An interaction between Percival and Newt

(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c)

(ɔ ˘⌣˘)˘⌣˘ c) - i lost the niffler 

what - (ɔ ಠ⌣ಠ)˘⌣˘ c) 

 (ɔ ಠ⌣ಠ)˘⌣˘ c) - he ran away I need your help percy

are you serious - (ɔ ⚆⌣ ⚆)˘ ⌣˘ c)

(ɔ ⚆⌣ ⚆)˘ ⌣˘ c) - yes

NOOT - (╯⚆□⚆)╯︵( .o.)

Of traditions and duels

There’s an old tradition that concerns the Scamanders in which the head of every family must decide who the younger members should marry. The suitors must present themselves to the head of the family and accept any kind of challenge they decide to put them through.

In Theseus’ family things are a little bit different.

Since his parents died, he became the head of the Scamander family and so far he has done a very good job of taking care of his little brother Newt. Well… he’s not so young anymore and certainly he can make his own decisions but the tradition doesn’t consider age in its statement so technically speaking Theseus is still the one who has to decide for his brother in that matter.

And that’s how the problem starts. Because, to be honest, he knows he should ignore that stupid tradition and make the arrangements for Newt to be legally capable of deciding for himself… but the war happened and a few things here and there that just have been keeping him so busy. He doesn’t have time to do it. Well… he has it now, but Newt doesn’t seem to want to get married anytime soon so…

Okay, the thing is, he doesn’t have any excuses, but since he returned from the war and his name started to be recognized not only in England but also on the other side of the globe everyone seems to be scared of him. Yes, enjoys that a little bit and also likes being respected BUT he also enjoys dueling. And now nobody wants to duel him because they’re so afraid of him.

And so one day a man arrives at his door and the utter piece of trash ask for his baby brother’s hand in marriage and of course Theseus is not pleased, not at all, so decides to use that fear on his favor and challenges him to a duel (hopping the man would just go away) but the thing is… he doesn’t and accepts in spite of being terrified.

The poor man just lasts like two seconds, but makes Theseus happy anyway and gives him a very good idea (according to him at least) and decides to establish dueling as a legal form of competition over Newt’s hand.

It works. They’re still afraid of him, but they’re willing to try it just for the chance of marrying his little brother. It’s just insane. Well he knows his brother is adorable and that he’s also appealing to the eye but he hadn’t expected something like that. Not that he’s complaining though.

But of course news travel fast and even from Merlin knows where Newt finds out and is pissed. Because his brother -bless his kind little heart- doesn’t like people getting hurt (physically or emotionally) and even less when is because of him. And ‘you know I’d have to accept the courtship and marriage if you lose Theseus and my creatures need ME’

“I won’t. Nobody can defeat me,” he says during holidays. “And you know I wouldn’t let them marry you. They don’t deserve you.”

But Newt just rolls his eyes and leaves. It takes months for him to receive a letter from his brother again.

A year after that his friend Percival, who’s working at MACUSA, comes from America to visit him. So he can help but to tell him the whole story and of course perfect and noble auror Graves goes and takes Newt’s side even though he hasn’t met his brother yet.

“You absolute idiot, what’s wrong with you?” He almost growls. “A person should have the right to choose who he wants to marry.”

“I’m not deciding for him!” Theseus rises from his chair then suddenly feeling irritated. “They don’t stand a chance against me. It’s not like I’d let any of them near my brother!”

“And what if someone defeats you? What then? What about your brother? What if he ends up with an asshole, what if he ends up with someone like Grindelwald?”

At that Theseus tries to calm himself because he knows what his friend’s been through and know understands better his reaction. He also remember that without his brother’s help Percival wouldn’t be standing in front of him. And Graves must know that too.

“I wouldn’t let it happen,” he assures, trying not to be offended at the suggestion. “Newt means so much to me.”

“But you can’t be sure,” Percival insists. “Not until you make the arrangements.”

“It won’t happen. Nobody can defeat me.”

It comes out almost as a joke and Theseus smiles, but Graves doesn’t return that smile.

“Are you sure of that?”

“C'mon, you’ve seen me fight,” he says. “Who could beat me?”

“Very well then,” Percival takes a few steps back; his expression changes suddenly, his eyes are filled with determination. He takes his wand out of his coat and puts his left hand on his back.

Theseus looks at him almost in shock when he realises what his (traitor) friend is trying to do.

“Don’t you dare!” He warns but is ignored.

“I, Percival Graves, Director of the Department of Magical Security, challenge you, Theseus Scamander, to a duel for Newt Scamander’s hand in marriage.”

And the traitor knows exactly the fucking protocol to follow. He knows he can’t refuse.

“I’m gonna kill you after we finish,” he promises.

Graves grins at him, the bastard.

“The words, you have to say the words,” he reminds him.

“I-I accept the challenge.” He blurts out and as soon as he says it he fires a spell in Percival’s director.

A spell that his friend blocks almost too easily. That’s when he realises he might have fucked up.

It’s the frist time in decades that he has to put all of his energy into it. And it would’ve been fun if it not was for the fact that he was risking Newt.

He fights with everything he has, but after a few minutes realises that maybe his friend has more experience than him.

When he watches his wand flying right into Percival’s hand he feels petrified.

“Now you understand,” Percival says and something changes in his face. “Look, I’m not going to marry your brother. He isn’t even here for Merlin’s sake, I just wanted for you to understand. You have to make the arrangements.”

A wave of relief passes through his body. Theseus nods “I’ve learned my lesson.”

Percival must have seen that in his eyes because he gives him his wand back and sits on the couch.

After a few minutes, when they’re both more calmed, Theseus decides to talk again.

“You see, since you… defeated me, you have the right to start the courtship and marry my brother.”

“I told you that I-”

“I know,” Theseus interrupts him. “And for that I’m glad, believe me. But for me to give Newt legal freedom you must reject that right first. By defeating me, a magical bond was formed and my brother and I are obligated to follow the tradition.”

“What should we do then?”

“It’s a simple spell,” he assures. “And you have to say loud and clear you won’t marry my brother.”

At that, Graves mouth presses into a fine line. His eyes look around him.

“How come I have never met your brother?” He ask, curious. “I would like to thank him for what he did in New York.”

“He travels a lot. Maybe some day I’ll introduce you two,” Theseus offers, but honestly doesn’t plan to do it.

“Why don’t you have pictures of him?”

“I have them, I just don’t like to put them for everyone to see,” he breathes, now irritated.

Percival arches his eyebrows at him.

“Can I see one?”

“When we finish here then maybe I’ll show you.” Theseus frowns when he sees Percival’s amused grin. “WHAT?”

“I won’t change my mind over a picture! Honestly Theseus!” He laughs. “Do you think I won’t renounce to the courtship if I see a picture of Newt?”

Theseus just glares at him.

“Oh for Merlin’s beard! You really do think so. Well now I’m curious, how does your brother look like? Because auror Goldstein is very fond of him you know, now I wonder…”

“Just shut your mouth Percival, just shut it,” he growls, but his friend keeps laughing.

“Right. I’m sorry. So, what about the picture?”

“I’ll show you one, after we cast the spell and you say the words,” Theseus says and it doesn’t look like he’s going to change his mind.

Percival just rolls his eyes, but agrees.

And just when they’re ready to do so, they hear a ‘crack’ outside Theseus’ house and the sound the door makes when somebody opens it.

They both rise from their sits out of instinct and Theseus watches as Percival’s shoulders relax when a messy reddish hair appears in front of them.

Theseus curses under his breath because Newt is there with his green big eyes and pure smile and many freckles like stars in the night sky and he wants to cover Newt’s face, hide him because suddenly Percival is looking at him with a stupid look on his face.

And Merlin why Newt’s smile is just so bright and he doesn’t even notice Graves and approaches his brother with a book in his hand.

“They decided to publish it!” He almost sings in excitement. “This is the final version!”

“Congratulations. I’m sure your brother is so proud of you, Mr Scamander.”

Stupid Percival, nobody asked him.

And the bastard approaches Newt like Theseus is not there at all.

“Mr Graves!” Newt blushes. “Tina told me you… She said you were better.”

“I am,” he takes another step closer. “And please, just call me Percival.”

He offers his hand and Newt looks at it before shaking it. “I’m Newt Scamander but only Newt will do. It’s how everyone calls me.”

“It is really a pleasure to meet you, Newt,” Percival says and takes his hand and presses a soft kiss on his knuckles.

Newt flushes even more and Theseus is sure that he’s gonna kill his friend. He takes Newt by the shoulders and basically yanks him away from Graves.

“You’re gonna stay a few days, aren’t you little brother?” He asks, forcing a smile. “Great because you need to rest now, you look tired so why don’t you go to your room and feed your creatures?”

At the mention of them Newt reacts, nods and gets up the stairs.

Theseus turns around to look at Percival, but notices that his eyes are still fixed on the stairs.

He clears his throat. The other auror looks at him and somehow seems flustered.

“I changed my mind,” he blurts out.

Theseus shakes his head. No, definitely not.

“I want to court Newt,” he continues as if his friend isn’t looking at him like he wants to tear him apart. “I’ll take care of him, I promise.”

“You utter cock! You said-”

“I know what I said,” he frowns. “I just… I’m human, you know? And he’s… Merlin help me he’s so bright and warm… I’m sorry but I’m not gonna let an opportunity like this slip through my fingers.”

“What happened to 'let him make his own decisions’?”

“I’m gonna court him and if at the end of it he doesn’t want me, I’ll let him go,” Percival promises, looking like someone just punched him.

Good, because Theseus wants to do much at the moment.

“I don’t like it.”

“But you have to let me, right?”

“Right.” Theseus admits but clenches his fists.

And then, his not-so-best-friend-after-all starts to court his baby brother.

Fucking stupid marriage traditions. He always hated them.

Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: Newt Scamander [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Newt is an emotionally intense person who invests much of his love and attention into harmless creatures. He considers himself their protector and is willing to break international wizarding law to protect, capture, and set them free, since he believes that’s the right thing to do. Newt finds it difficult to express his true feelings – after falling in love with Tina, he doesn’t come right out and tell her that, but instead asks first if she’d like his book when he’s finished with it, then if she’d like him to deliver a copy in person. When Jacob asks, at long last, why Newt “kept him around” for so long, Newt confesses “I like you.” He doesn’t volunteer it, but him showing Jacob the world inside his briefcase, including him in all his adventures, and financially supporting his endeavors after the mind-wipe, indicates his affection for his friend.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): He’s quick to notice things and take advantage of them, sometimes placing himself in harm’s way in the process. Newt fully immerses in the world of fantastical creatures. He invents complicated magical habitats for them to mirror their original living space. He totes around a case full of magical creatures without much concern about them escaping; when Tina cannot figure out how to escape her near-death, Newt tells her to do the reckless thing – and “jump, I’ll catch you!” He’s good at thinking fast, stunning a guard, transporting himself and Jacob to other places, etc.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Newt believes in each person’s inner goodness. He communicates on an internal level with his creatures. His single objective is to learn as much as he can about them, in order to write a book (which he will!). His intense ability to understand another’s pain helps him reach out to him, in an attempt to pull him back from darkness. Newt has an overall positive belief things will work out fine in the end. He trusts his own instincts.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Facts are easy for him to cough up, and his answers are always rational – why should Jacob wear this helmet? Because his skull might crush if hit at high velocity. Newt intends to write a factual volume on how to care for and identify magical creatures. He’s good at coming up with a plan when he needs to, but prefers to act in the moment.


Tina held Artemis to her chest closely as she stepped down into the case. When she’d been pregnant, Newt had changed the steps from a ladder to staircase to allow Tina to get into the case easier. Artemis looked around the hut as she waved her arms about happily. “Let’s go find Daddy, eh?” She began out of the hut and looked about for Newt. “Newt, we’re back from the park. Artemis and I fed the ducks. She even threw some herself, but that’s mostly because she throws anything you hand her right now.” Tina called as she began over to where he was working. 

Leaving You

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-It was two days until Christmas. Tina, Queenie, and Jacob travelled all the way from America to celebrate the festive holiday at yours and Next’s flat.-

Word Count : 1425

After teasing you nonstop on the way home about your relationship with a certain magizoologist, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob decided to rest up a little from their long journey. You cleaned up around the flat a little before going  to check up on Newt’s creatures while he was gone doing whatever he needed to do. Not too long ago, Newt had saved a nest of occamy from a group of smugglers. Right now it was his top priority to get them back to health. Nothing hurt Newt more than seeing a creature being mistreated or injured. 

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True!!! Clumsy smurf is Bossuet le costaud est bahorel??? Omg the farmer/inventor = feuilly??????

Schtroumpfs frileux is ofc joly! Wait…. Ou est-ce le schrtoumpf nurse?


Smurf coquet- courfeyrac? Ou il y en a un autre? Hmmmnm incertitude quand tu nous tiens…


Joly peut être les deux (infermier et frileux) loool et  om f g why do these work so well ahahahaha 

ok mais: Marius est le strompf pleureur  

A Little Mistletoe (Newt x Reader)

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In which a dessert, mistletoe, and a determined Goldstein sister make for a fluffy holiday evening. <3 

Words: ~2000

Rating: Fluff fluff fluff! :D And a yummy dessert that I’m kinda craving now…

Against Queenie’s request, Tina had insisted on everyone decorating while she was at work that evening, reasoning that she would be tired by the time she got home anyway, so it would be silly to wait up for her.

With the apartment lit by candlelight and warmed by the roaring fireplace, it’s inhabitants began the process of decorating for the holiday season. You and Jacob insisted on doing so in the No-Maj fashion, as you explained it would be all the more rewarding once it was finished and the tree was lighted. Queenie was quick to excitedly accept this, and made sure there was a constant flow of Christmas music drifting from the radio as everyone set to their decorating duties.

You were currently on a step-stool to reach the top of the border of the doorframe in the kitchen, carefully hanging lights as you mentally checked off your list of final touches needed in the kitchen. It was when you noticed an empty hook in the middle of the panel that the idea of mistletoe popped in your head. You watched the serene snowfall in the New York streets from the view of the window in the other room, contemplating whether or not to hang any in the doorway.

Your gaze flicked toward Newt, who was currently dressing the Christmas tree with tinsel, tenderly setting the silver decor on each branch precisely, his tongue poking out in concentration as he reached for the higher branches.  

Was Newt even familiar with the No-Maj–or Muggle, holiday custom? You figured with his extensive knowledge of horticulture that went along with his caring for his creatures, he may at least be aware of the concept. Then again, maybe he had no idea and it would take him completely by surprise.

You mulled over the idea with a smile. It would be a bit of a treat to surprise him under the doorway if just to admire the way his cheeks would flush modestly, or how he would stutter adorably after a brief kiss to his lips rather than his cheek as you normally did. You stared at the seemingly perfectly placed empty hook above the center of the doorway, ideal for hanging of the mischievous plant. You inhaled sharply at the sudden thought of him kissing you back

“You think it’s missin’ something, huh honey?”

You felt your stomach drop, realizing your thoughts were likely as loud as Christmas bells to the peppy Goldstein sister. “Um, well I think there’s room for more lights and…” you muttered unsurely, feeling your cheeks heat up as you turned to see Queenie grinning at you from the stove where she tended to supper. “…and stuff.”

“Oh don’t worry honey,” Queenie’s smile broadened, if possible, shrugging her shoulders as she sashayed to the table to sift through the other decoration boxes. “I have some “stuff” for sure!” she giggled, revealing a small bundle of mistletoe tied together with silk red ribbon that looped around her finger.

You scrambled for an excuse, “Um, well I dunno if we want to put it in such an obvious place–”

Suddenly the timer on the counter rang and Jacob quickly shuffled into the kitchen, whistling along to “Winter Wonderland”. He hastily opened the oven, revealing a pan with puffy pastries that instantly engulfed the room in a fresh bread scent that almost made your stomach growl. “That smells amazing Jacob,” you quickly commented, not-so-secretly relieved to have changed the subject, ignoring Queenies little pity head-shake as she twirled the mistletoe absentmindedly.

Jacob sent you genuine smile that you couldn’t help but reciprocate. “Thanks, I’m trying out a few new things with cinnamon and vanilla. I’m in need of some taste testers, though, if you’re willing.” he chuckled at your vigorous nodding, “I take that as a yes!” Carefully cutting a few puffy square-ish shaped servings from the pan, Jacob handed a sticky-bun like pastry to you and Queenie.

You didn’t hesitate to shove away the step stool and rush to the table to gratefully take the snack and consume a large bite, “Oh wow, it tastes like Christmas!” you hissed dramatically, evicting a hearty laugh from Jacob.

“It’s so sweet!” Queenie squeaked with a smile, quickly swallowing and leaning forward to call to the living room, “Come have some, honey!”

Newt did a double take upon realizing the Goldstein sister was, in fact, addressing him, and hastily placed the rest of the tinsel in his hand on a few more branches before stumbling over decoration boxes to the kitchen.

“Oh first, could you do me a favor hun?” Queenie piped innocently, her heels clicking as she met Newt halfway and at the doorway in the kitchen. “Hang this right there for me?” she pointed with a smile to the empty hook above the entryway, “Can’t seem to reach by myself,” she giggled, sending you raised eyebrows that you rolled your eyes at playfully.

“S-sure,” the bashful Hufflepuff nodded, his adorable mop of honey-brown hair falling over his eyes that were like pure pools of sapphire that you could see yourself drowning in forever–

“Thanks, sweetie.” Queenie’s voice dripped with pure frivolousness as she shot you another smirk Newt couldn’t quite see.

“It’s no trouble,” he murmured, reaching with his tip-toes and looping the ribbon over the  hook, seemingly unaware of the powers that little plant could possess if you only had the courage.

Your bravery quickly dissipated, however, as soon as the wizard stood by your side, shooting you a few side glances he thought you wouldn’t notice. He always did that when you made your rounds with him to feed the beasts in his case. Not that you minded, but you were hesitant to be forward with such a sensitive soul. He needed time was all…

“Hey Newt, you oughta try this, I think you’ll like it.” Jacob nodded with a smile to the pastry in your hand, “Y/N’s a fan, but I’m needin’ more test subjects.”

Rather than taking the sweet delight from your hand, you stood frigid in surprise as Newt leaned downward and hesitantly took a bite of the treat from your hand, his herbal eyes darting to yours with a glint of playfulness, accompanied by a goofy smirk that you couldn’t resist giggling in response. “Careful!” you snickered, cupping your hand to catch a few drips of the gooey syrup from hitting the floor as Newt pulled back slightly, licking the excess frosting from his lips with a deep chuckle that you found a bit contagious. The two of you looked at one another with childlike grins and giggles, and in the moment you seared the image of how precious the wizard looked into your mind, saving it for a rainy day.

Jacob chuckled. “Need a napkin bud?” he offered, Newt blinking in apparent surprise, having seemingly forgotten it wasn’t just the two of you in the kitchen, his eyes immediately darting to the floor as he nodded a thanks and took the napkin.

Queenie appeared to sense the shift in Newt’s thinking, but smiled and nodded encouragingly. “Like it honey?”

Newt continued chewing, a blush creeping over his freckled cheeks as he attempted to speak through the doughy dessert. “Y-yes, quite,” he responded, glancing your way shyly. “Though a bit m-messy, if I may add,” his lips twitched into a bit of a smirk.

Jacob snapped his fingers with a smile. “Thicker frosting’ll fix that, I gotcha.”

Queenie had not-so-sneakily been watching the itching for interaction between you and Newt, your hand fidgeting and his feet shuffling, shy glances and smiles from the both of you. Her grayish green eyes lit up quite suddenly, and she casually tucked a strawberry blonde curl behind her ear. “Jacob, before dinner’s ready, would you help me finish decorating the parlor?” she asked sweetly, eyes darting to the two of you suggestively as she spoke.

Not quite understanding what she meant, Jacob shrugged with a slight smile, “Well sure sweetie, we can do that–”

“Great I know just where I want the garland,” she cooed, quickly pulling Jacob along to the opposite room, closing the door with a flick of her wand behind her, but not before throwing you one last mischievous grin.

The kitchen was engulfed in silence, save for the boiling of dinner on the stove and the slightly annoyed sigh you let out.

“Um, the creatures have been alone for a while, I’m s-sure they could use some c-company.” Newt offered, obviously a bit anxious as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other and adjusting his blue coat collar a bit. “The Mooncalves miss you,” he added, timidly offering his arm.

You draped your arm over his gratefully with a relaxed grin, “That sounds wonderful, I miss them too, I–” you gulped and halted upon realizing the case was in the living room…under the mistletoe-adorned doorway…. that you two were currently walking under. It was now or never.  

Newt must have noticed your hesitation, as he stopped in the doorway with you, looking to you with concern written in his features. “A-are you alright Y/N?”

It was like caffeine-fed Billywigs fluttered in your tummy, your nerves pushing you to dash toward the suitcase and avoid your instincts rather than fulfill your desires under the holiday plant. You unhooked your trembling arm and practically raced to the suitcase.

“Y-yeah! By the way I think the Niffler got ahold of my earrings again and I–”

“Y/N,” he interjected breathlessly, head shaking in apparent wonderment as you gave him a quizzical look, his warm freckled hand snatching your wrist, quickly pulling you into an unexpected embrace and before you could respond–

His lips met yours, plush and warm, with a hint of cinnamon from his dessert taste-testing. Initially you froze, shocked yet ecstatic that this was really happening–but when Newt’s hands cupped your jaw, his fingers slightly tilting you closer, you quickly began to melt into his touch and respond with just as much fervor you had built up inside of you. Your hands instinctively wrapped around his neck, fingers tangling in his honey-golden curls, pulling a slight sigh of contentment from the wizard that made your heart leap.

Eventually, you both pulled away, quietly gasping for air as you slid your hands down to his shoulders, unable to suppress a jubilant smile at your close proximity. Newt’s slightly swollen lips parted as he struggled to form words.

“F-forgive the interruption…” he murmured, his eyes darting to the precariously hanging plant above before meeting your gaze with a shaky breath, his mind clearly spinning. “M-mistletoe is t-traditionally you, um, used for—” he swallowed abruptly as you gingerly pressed a finger to his lips.

“Newton Artemis Fido Scamander,” you smirked in delight as he slightly shivered from thrill at your gentle use of his full name. He was positively glowing, his cheeks dusting a light pink in response to your touch as you traced the curve of his cheekbone. “I assure you there will never be a day I mind that kind of interruption.”

“O-oh,” he swallowed thickly, his glossy eyes raising from the floor to meet your own, smiling timidly, “Good t-to…to know.”

You practically beamed at his response, wordlessly snagging the collar of his blue coat and gingerly lowering him until his lips hovered over yours, his gaze flickering to your half-lidded one as if asking permission before delicately enveloping your lips in another kiss, giving a light hum of satisfaction when you pulled him even closer.

Across on the other side of the room, behind the door opened just a crack, a grin spread across Queenie’s face.


He turned from the fireplace to face her, pausing in his candle lighting. “Yes, hun?”

“We’re hanging the rest of the mistletoe after dinner.”

Hope you enjoyed!

Holiday Newt fluff is flowing through my veins, feel free to request here!

Happy holidays all! <3

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Jealous (NewtxFem!reader) (SMUT)

This is gonna be a fem reader btw but if yall want me to write gay smut i would be more than happy. 

Warnings- Swearing, smut, spanking (bc kinks guys)

Angst, smut, fluff. It has it all 

“on your knees and open your mouth”

Rage built inside Newt, some big shot Auror James Baker from MACUSA was currently trying to win you over. He was your boyfriend for many years and he heard you try to tell James that you had a boyfriend but he kept interrupting you. You were standing and laughing but with a facial expression that screamed discomfort, he knew you were too nice to say no. 

“As I was saying, its only me and this ferocious monster. It killed a couple No-maj’s and I was the only one who was brave enough to face it” The auror blabbed away, boasting about his accomplishments to you. Newts face grew darker and the glass in his hand almost shattered. 

“You know Newt, If looks could kill I’m sure Mr. Baker over there would have dropped dead a few minutes ago” 

Newt jumped and turned around to meet the smirking Queenie and Tina. 

“Just go over there” Tina suggests. 

“I can’t, if I hear one more thing out of that bastard’s mouth I am going to hurt him” Newt growled. 

Tina and Queenie were quite surprised to see this kind of Newt. He’s was rarely cross but when he was, it was dangerous. He looked over and saw Baker with his arm around your waist. You were trying to get out of his grip, clearly uncomfortable and mad. 

Something in him broke, he slammed his glass down and stormed over to the two of you. You breathed a sigh of relief when you saw Newt coming towards you, but you noticed his dark expression. 

“Excuse Me, Mr. Baker, I’d appreciate it if you let go of my girlfriend” He gritted his teeth, and put on a fake smile, although it looked like he was in pain. 

James looked at you and then back to Newt, “This is who you went for little lady, you could do much better than some animal hugging freak” James scoffed. 

“James please let me go, I’d rather be over there with my boyfriend” you emphasized the boyfriend part.

James just grips you tighter and just laughs “I could treat you much better sweetheart. In every way” He whispered in your ear. 

You got shivers and stomped on his foot causing him to let you go. You ran over to Newt and hugged him. 

“Ow! you bitch! Good luck with her Scamander. You’ll need it” He snarled, looking at you. 

Newt calmly walked over to James, smiled at him and punched James in the nose. James stumbled back, cursing at Newt and You. You gasped at Newt’s sudden reaction. He grabbed your hand and apparated back to the apartment you shared. 

“Newt I-” you started but he cut you off by walking to the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. 

You sighed, needing to talk to someone you left your apartment, leaving a note for Newt, and went to Tina’s. 

“I’ve never seen him like that” you explain to the Goldsteins. 

“To tell you the truth darling, his thoughts have been upsetting for a couple months now” Queenie said. 

“What has he been thinking?” you question. 

“He’s been feeling insecure about your relationship. That he’s not good enough. That you don’t love him” Queenie muttered sadly. 

“What! That’s absurd, I’m so in love with him. I-I should go and talk to him” You say quickly getting up. 

“Thank you for talking with me” you yell as you apparate. 

You stand in front of your door, thinking of what you were going to say. You opened the door, “Newt! Newt?” You yell, the note on the counter was gone and the lights were off. 

You walked to his office, a little space outside of the case, sometimes the creatures became a little too much. 

“Newt?” you say as you walk in his office. 

The door slams behind you and someone grabs you waist and slams you against the wall. You scream and look to see Newt holding you against the wall. 

“N-newt, what are you doing?” you ask nervously but intrigued. 

“Seeing you with that other man, it made me boil with rage. No guy can talk like that to you. You’re mine and only mine” he whispered huskily in your ear. You can’t help but whimper causing Newt to smirk. 

“Those are sound only I get to hear coming from you” He growled at you. 

he ripped your shirt off and roughly attacked your neck with his mouth, his hands roaming everywhere. His hand slips into your pants and your underwear. His hand grazed your clit and you squirmed from the contact. Newt was never this rough, but it turned you on.

With no warning, he shoved two fingers inside you, pumping fast and hard, curling his fingers in different ways. 

“N-Newt, F-fuck” You moaned loudly. 

He added another finger and went faster, you screamed his name as you came all over his fingers. He took out his fingers and licked them, staring you straight in the eyes. You were a panting mess, Newt’s pants were tight and he wanted you to see his throbbing cock first hand. 

He took you off the wall and grabbed you ass, “On your knees and Open your mouth” He snarled in your ear, He slapped your ass and forced you to your knees. You slowly unbuckle his pants, 

“Don’t tease y/n” he growled. 

You took off his underwear and his dick was right in your face, You grabbed it, rubbing it while you teasingly licked his head. He grabbed you hair and forced his dick in your mouth. 

“I said no teasing.” he said. You began to suck and lick his cock. 

He let out a low groan that made your insides burn. You bobbed your head and rubbed the base. He let out a loud moan and tightened his grip on your hair and started thrusting into your mouth, 

“Mm Y/n, your mouth feels so good” He moans seductively. You grew wetter at the sounds coming from your boyfriend. 

“Fuck y/n” he pants out. 

You bobbed faster and sucked harder, he groaned loudly and he came into your mouth. Newt was glistening in sweat but fire was still in his eyes. He picked you up and roughly kissed your lips and carried you to your shared bed. He stripped you down to nothing and licked his lips. 

“On all fours love” he said with lust in his eyes, Your eyes widened in surprise, Confident Newt was a hot Newt. 

“I said No teasing, you have to be punished kitten” he whispered in your ear. 

You got on all fours and Newt smacked your ass, you squealed at the harsh contact. He smirked and hit you again, red marks showed up. Satisfied, Newt pushed you on your back, he grabs a condom from his pocket and he puts it on, he straddles you and looks down to look at you. 

“You’re all mine aren’t you,” He says huskily, “No one except me is going to see you like this” His voice gets deeper and his dick hardens again. 

“I love you so much, and I’m going to show you” his eyes turn soft as he speaks. 

“I love you too Newt” you whisper lovingly. 

He leans down and kisses you when you pull apart his eyes are laced with lust again. He positions himself and he looks at you, he smirks and slams into you. You scream in pleasure as Newt thrusts into you. One of his hands holds your wrists above your head while the other massages one of your breasts. 

“N-Newt” you whine over and over. His name is the only word you can remember. He looks down and see’s you panting and writhing underneath him, moans of pleasure coming from your mouth. He almost cums at the sight of you. 

“I-I’m getting c-close Newt” You stutter out. 

“Me too kitten” he replies, his thrusts get sloppier and you soon find yourself cumming on to him. 

He lets you ride out your orgasm before he cums into the condom. He pulls out of you and goes to throw the condom away. You lie on the bed exhausted from what just happened, what queenie told you earlier today still in your mind. Newt walks out of the bathroom and lies down on the bed next to you. 

“Newt” you ask, “yes love” he replies rolling over to face you, “you know I love you a lot right, you’ve never been this rough before” his face fell a little, “I loved it I did but, why?” you quickly said. 

Newt rolled on his back and sighed, “I love you, but, every time we go out, guys flirt with you. Guys who are much more successful and more handsome than I am. I just, I wanted to show you that I loved you. It sounds silly now that I say it out loud” He puts a pillow on his face and groans. 

You roll over and put your face on his chest, “None of those men could ever compare to you, I love you so so much. You’re the only man I could ever want Newt” you say while tracing patterns on his chest. 

He takes the pillow off his face and he hugs you. 

“I love you Y/n” he murmurs into your ear. 

“I love you too Newt” you whisper as both of you fall into a peaceful sleep.