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jamie sees the world in black and white and various shades of grey. and yet somehow wow she sees sherlock in color and it’s the most confusing and intriguing thing to her.
—  the best description of  how Jamie Moriarty sees Sherlock Holmes
      i have ever heard courtesy of my friend ashli  ( claraaoswlds​ / rapuxzel​ )
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Imagine: Charlie letting your secrets about Sam slip.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

(I will one day come up with a title for this series)

(Sam x Reader)

If you said it once you’d say say it again; research was not your forte. You poured over dusty old books and chicken scratch notes until 4:30 in the morning, with nothing concrete to show for your agonizing efforts in the end. The best you could say was it’s unlikely to contract Spirit Syphilis, but even then the lore and studies weren’t clear. Apparently, when potentially diseased junk was involved people got shy about writing about it. You dragged your body toward the kitchen like a wounded slug. When you walked in Charlie bounced up with a freshly made cup of fragrant hot coffee.

“Good morning, study buddy!” She sang pressing the elixir into your hands.

“I will forgive you for being a chipper morning person, but only this time. And because… coffee.” You pouted grumpily.

The coffee was surprisingly good. It wasn’t the usual cheap stuff that was kept in the bunker. It was lighter, sweeter with a creamy body that accented the tangy espresso. You took another long sip. It was a latte and not just any run of the mill, make at home latte. This was one of those expensive machine lattes that only really rich people or coffee shops had. You looked down in your cup, then glanced to the trash can. A paper cup was neatly crushed and almost hidden under paper towels. Charlie froze watching your eyes flicker toward the bin. You raised an eyebrow as you met her clearly terrified expression.

“Funny story…” She laughed uncomfortably. “I’m not actually a morning person. I mean, not really. Sometimes I am. But you know who is a morning person? Sam! Weird, right? So apparently he likes to go on jogs at like 6 in the morning. I know, crazy right? He willingly subjects himself to running… for fun.”

You kept your expression hard. She was obviously going somewhere with this in explanation of whatever she felt guilty about, but it was hard to stay stern with her amusing frantic dialogue. You took a drink to distract herself. At least the coffee bribe was delicious.

“Anyways, so I’m walking through the bunker, a total zombie, mind you, when I run into Sam. Now, just remember I’m really tired and-”

Cold dread replaced the warmth of the coffee in your stomach.

“Did you tell him that I love-”

“No! No!” She denied quickly, then added a sheepish shrug, “But I may have told him-”

Her mouth closed hard and her eyes widened towards the door. You turned to see Sam in the doorway. Twin smiles of faux innocence bloomed on your faces. Sam’s eyebrow twitched, but he returned the greeting with an easy smile of his own. Curiosity tinged his eyes.

“Hey… there.” Amusement tinged his voice.

“Hey! Sam!” Charlie piped up. “Long time no see!”

“Y-yeah, Charlie. Only 4 hours ago.”

His bright teasing smile changed a fraction as his eyes moved to you. Your heart skipped as his eyes narrowed focusing entirely on you. His tongue flicked over his lips stealing your attention. He ran and hand through his hair pausing at the crown and meeting your eyes again. You became instantly aware your mouth was hanging open and shut it too quickly. To cover, you averted your eyes to the coffee mug.

“ C-coffee! Do… do you want some?” You managed to stutter out.

You gestured to your cup the liquid sloshing over.

“Yeah, thanks, that would be great.”

He pulled his hand out of his hair and you turned away missing the uncertain look he shot Charlie. You busied yourself with making a new pot of coffee. It was the perfect way to escape those alluring hooded eyes. If he looked at you like that any closer you might not be able to hold back from kissing him. Or grabbing him and… you needed to cool down. You concentrated on the little tasks completely unaware of the silent dialogue behind you. Charlie shrugged stiffly casting a glance at your back with wide eyes in response to Sam’s imploring gaze. She jerked her head towards you a few times insisting he go do something. He held out his hands, palms up, asking what to do. She pinched her lips together, then animatedly jumped in place, carefully to land softly. She pointed at him only to receive his confusion. She rolled her eyes then jabbed her finger at her arm repeatedly.  His eyebrows arched back in realization. He swallowed nervously trying to plaster confidence on his face again. Charlie’s enthusiastic nodding helped.

“Y/n! Let me, uh, help you with that.”

“I’ve got it-” You replied surprised by the question.

When his shoulder brushed against yours you jumped back the coffee container clattering to the counter. He smiled in that way where for a moment it flickers with veiled amusement, then melts into a sweet, bright smile. You bit your lip trying not stare. He hesitated briefly before reaching for it.


He moved his arm in front of you, extending it almost to full length. His tee shirt pulled at his bicep and your eyes drank in the lines of the muscle moving down to his forearms. He gripped the lid and paused as your eyes stayed transfixed. Heat crawled up your neck as you noticed he stopped moving. The bend in his arm only inches away from your torso. An image of him suddenly wrapping his arms around you and pressing you against the counter sent electricity through you veins. You shifted uncomfortably. He slowly dragged the container toward his body. You bit your lip again trying to resist watching in avid fascination, but your eyes drifted towards him.  His large hand grabbed the lid easily and twisted it off.

“There you go.”

He smiled awkwardly sneaking a glance at Charlie. She gave two thumbs up and a cheeky grin. Your hands shot out to retrieve the container suddenly unable to function normally, or even remember what normal even was anymore.

“Careful.” He adjusted his grip to steady the box from tipping. His fingers brushed over the back of your hand. He leaned in to look into your eyes. You could feel his breath falling on your hair and see the way his shirt hung against his body in sensual detail. He dragged his fingers along your hand lingering over your fingers. You sucked a breath in sharply. The air caught in your throat.

“Oh!” You exclaimed finally understanding what Charlie let slip. “Y-ya know… I just remembered I was suppose to, uh,  help Dean with… with something! S-sorry Sam, h-here.”

“Uh,  yeah. No problem.” He swallowed flashing that little smile again increasing the speed of your racing heart.

You power-walked to the door slowing down to mouth “I’m going to kill you” to Charlie. She offered a guilty smile and you retreated from the kitchen.

Part 7