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Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

Yandere Mafumafu

I finally had time to listen to the new album announcement nama by Soraru & Mafumafu, so here’s small exchange between them I found really funny ww

Soraru: Your songs are always just, really hard to sing (laughs) or rather, not hard to sing, but just really difficult?

Mafumafu: I’ve come to understand that (laughs) when I try to sing them, I’m like why are all the words so stuffed together!? and the melody is like tarara

Soraru: Tenbatsu! Tenbatsu was really hard! (a song that Mafumafu wrote for Soraru’s recent album, Yuutamari no Shiori)

Mafumafu: Oh that was more like (laughs) to be honest I just wanted to harrass you

Soraru: No it was really at that level of difficulty

Mafumafu: It was actually a pretty normal song until the c melody, but when I was writing it Soraru-san said you were happy cos a lot of your songs for that album were pretty slow and easy to sing, and I didn’t like that you were so happy so I made Tenbatsu’s c melody super hard (laughs)

Soraru: Why would you….that’s just wrong….

Mafumafu: I just couldn’t forgive the fact that all your recordings were going smoothly

Soraru: I spent so much time on it I had to rerecord that song like 3 times

Mafumafu: Ooh thank you very much

Soraru: It wasn’t a compliment!

Mafumafu: I actually tried to sing it at karaoke the other day….I couldn’t (laughs)

Soraru: It’s really….look, there’s a comment saying you’re a yandere. even though you’re a songwriter, you’re being called a yandere….


Melody already had on her Doctor’s coat, when the other had entered the borders. She put on some medical gloves. “Where were you hurt the most?” she asks, but the camper was bloody and bruised all over.

It felt so weird to see the other girl looking like such an adult when she thought of her as little more than a child. Harlow tended to be open minded about things though. Age could be a deceptive thing at camp. “Mostly my side. I took a pretty heavy hit there,” she admitted.

@niji-iro-melody [Cont.]

Reiji had came to take his roommate to the recording, but when he how the redhead looked like, he knew they would have to cancel the recording. A small sigh escaped him as he heard Otoya’s words, yet he tried to keep everything positive. “Otoyan, don’t worry! I’ll take care of you and you’ll be fine by the next morning!!” He had some experience of taking care of a ill person, and now was the time to use it. After all, he couldn’t allow anyone being ill for long. 

mikitetragon  asked:

💭 - Miki, Melody, and Rosie

“Miki is so pretty and I think she seems sort of cool. I don’t know how she is related to the monster named Penelope. I mean, they are quite different.”

“Melody is absolutely precious. She is so tiny and she looks like a little doll. I seriously just want to baby her. I could only hope if I have kids one day they look as sweet as her.”

“Rosie is pleasant. I enjoy chatting with her. I think she had good intentions at heart and I like to think I could talk to her if I need a friend. She is also very lovely!”


fem! les amis de l’abc: modern aesthetics 2/?

❝by the side of enjolras, who represented the logic of the revolution, combeferre represented its philosophy. […] combeferre complemented and rectified enjolras. […] he desired to pour into all minds the extensive principles of general ideas: he said: ‘revolution, but civilization’; and around the mountain peak he opened out a vast view of the blue sky.❞

❝courfeyrac had, in fact, that animation of youth which may be called the beaute du diable of the mind. later on, this disappears like the playfulness of the kitten, and all this grace ends, with the bourgeois, on two legs, and with the tomcat, on four paws. […] the others gave more light, he shed more warmth; the truth is, that he possessed all the qualities of a centre, roundness and radiance.❞