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MTV Scream: Brooke Maddox [ESFP]


Extroverted Sensing (Se): Brooke enjoys living in the moment and doing whatever she pleases. She tends to be annoyed by Noah (an ENTP)’s long theoretical rants on what is happening at the moment and would rather have them be much shorter. She makes rather impulsive and risky decisions (confronting Seth after Jake’s death for example) and people warn her of the possible consequences but she makes those choices anyways. Brooke tends to throw parties often and is interested in aesthetics/fashion.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Brooke is very private about her feelings. For example, in the gif above (if it works correctly who knows) Brooke goes to the pool (where she last saw Jake) and cries underwater away from everyone else to grieve from him. When Ms. Lang, the psychology teacher at her highschool, offers to help her through her grief, she kindly denies. Emma (an Fe user) schedules a session with her when put in the same situation. Brooke processes he feelings away from everyone else multiple times in the series. However, Brooke is very strong and independent after losing so many people in her life but tends to keep her emotions inwards. When Brooke discovers multiple times that her dad has been lying to her she calls him out for his lack of morals and values honesty.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Brooke is rather direct and brutally honest. So much so that she comes off as mean and b*tchy. She is prone to making sarcastic comments about people. When Riley got an ominous text from Tyler, she insisted that they go with common sense and call the cops. She usually likes to know the cold hard facts about what is going on with people (Seth Branson and her dad for example). When Jake died, Brooke immediately tried to figure out what happened by asking questions to the right people (like Maggie Duval and Gustavo). After Jake and Gustavo gave her the truth about her father, she had a newfound trust in them.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): When Jake died, Brooke was out for vengeance and was 100% sure it was Branson. So she made a grandiose plan that probably required a lot of insight into the future and manipulation. She isn’t normally like this though and isn’t really interested in the meaning of things and tends to take things as face value. When pursuing this plan though I’m not sure if this is possible but she flipped from using Se and Fi to Ni and Te for a bit. Brooke doesn’t expect for things to take a downturn in her life. For example, Brooke didn’t expect to be caught having an affair with Mr. Branson. Seth new that continuing the affair was a bad idea but Brooke lacked the foresight to understand that. On a more positive note, Brooke is very optimistic about her future and makes it clear about  what she where she wants to go in life (New York).


Too Little Too Early

Music video throwback to 2009 with CMaddoxBiitch!