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coffee and busch lite // c.h. - part 8

description: in which a frat boy falls in love with a caffeine dependent girl.

WARNING: swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, and drugs.


september 6, 2015; 4:31 pm:

“Bro, chill Y/N will be here soon,” Michael laughed at me while taking another drink of his beer.

“What are you talking about?” I glared.

“You keep scoping out the entire yard and sun-deck every 15 seconds. If you’re trying not to make it obvious that you’re looking for her; you’re doing a terrible job at it,” he smirked.

“Fuck off,” I grunted back while standing up from my seat and walking back over towards the bar.

Half an hour passed and we were all drunk. Apart from me. My buzz was just barely setting in and I didn’t feel like having a repeat of Syllabus Week, especially with the chances of Y/N seeing me. 

At this point I was starting to get worried that she wouldn’t show. The game started in an hour and a half and if she wanted to pregame with us, she needed to get here soon. Michael and Luke had just lost to Ashton and I in our third game of beer pong. Ashton and I never lost when we play together. 

“Y/N!” Michael screamed while running off behind us. I turned to see the drunken bastard nearly tackle her frail body in a hug. She giggled at his actions and slurred words and for a second I think my heart stopped at how beautiful of a sound it was. She was sporting her usual black skinny jeans with a hole ripped in the left knee, a crimson v neck with the word ‘COUGS’ across the chest, crimson vans, and her hair tied up.

She quickly said hi to Ashton and Luke before hugging me and taking a seat on the railing of the porch between Michael and I. “Took you long enough,” I teased.

“Sorry I was so late, my roommate wanted me to pregame a little bit with her and her sorority friends,” she rolled her eyes.

“Wait you drink?!” Ashton gasped. Even I was shocked. Despite inviting her over, along with Michael, I didn’t actually expect her to be the kind of person to drink. I thought she was the kind of person to just chill soberly while her friends drink…

“Yeah, see young Ashton; although I haven’t been in Pullman long.. I’ve already learned that coffee and busch lite and the keys to surviving college,” she laughed while taking Michael’s second beer out of his hands and taking a drink.

“I respect that,” Luke raised his drink towards her. We all chuckled and took a drink. “So you excited for your first Coug football game?”

“Absolutely stoked,” she smirked, “I’m hoping I get in a fight with one of Eastern’s students.”

I snorted the second the words left her mouth as I attempted to picture her small frame and gentle attitude fighting a drunken college kid. She’d probably punch someone and then immediately apologize for it. “Whatever you say freshman,” I joked while nudging her shoulder.

“Maybe I should fight you instead,” she winked.

I liked this side of Y/N. Of course, I absolutely adore her barely awake and caffeine deprived self who stumbles into Cafe Koa every morning for coffee, but I was also starting to grow on Slightly Tipsy Y/N. This sassier side of her was honestly kind of a turn on.

“Hey Y/N; you’re coming back over here for the party after the game, right?” Ashton asked.

“For sure.”

Ashton smirked at me and I gulped. Our house can get a little bit rowdy after games. Kappa Shit-Show knows how to party and drunk me knows how to embarrass myself quite easily. 

“We should head out to the game after we finish these beers. Everyone else already headed out towards the stadium,” Luke spoke up, gesturing to the now empty sun-deck. We all tipped up drinks back and chugged down the last of our beers; Y/N being the first to finish. I was impressed.

Before I could walk next to Y/N, Michael swooped in and cut me off, throwing his arm around her shoulders and smirking back at me. “You’re standing next to me at the game, right?” 

“Of course,” she smiled while wrapping her arm around his waist.

Michael Clifford, I am going to kill you.

short part but so much is about to happen in the next few parts! 125 notes for part 9! Also please send me feedback! Thanks for reading!(:


Mitsubishi HSX Concept,1989. A prototype  for the 3000 GT/GTO which featured a targa-style top though the production model had a fixed roof (a full convertible 3000 GT became available in 1995). The HSX appeared in the 1993 Japanese movie Sing si lip yan (City Hunter). Some 3000 GT owners have done after-market conversions to create a targa-top version though they lack the small C pillar quarter-lite windows and narrow C-pillar of the concept car

it’s 3am and you wake up to hear a rhythmic shuffling noise coming from somewhere in your house. you open your bedroom door and see this coming down the hallway in the dark…

coffee and busch lite // c.h. - part 1

description: in which a frat boy falls in love with a caffeine dependent girl.

WARNING: swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, and drugs.

an: so i originally posted this story on wattpad but i decided to rewrite it and post it to tumblr.

PART 1: Calum

august 18, 2015, 7:45 AM

Just like last year, the first day of the semester at Washington State University was a literal shit show for us baristas at ‘Cafe Koa’. We were slammed as almost every student on the south side of campus had come through before heading off to their 8 am classes, needing their daily dose of caffeine.

I was on the same page as all of these exhausted students. My summer consisted of staying up till three in the morning and sleeping in until at least noon. So waking up at 5 Sunday through Thursday in order to come and open the shop was nearly impossible. I had even downed at 5 shots of straight espresso just so I’d be somewhat alive enough to survive the first shift of the semester.

At exactly 7 AM when Ashton switched on the ‘open’ sign to the shop, we were nonstop slaving over the espresso machines and steaming milk. I was gradually getting irritated at the endless line. If I made another damn non-fat chai latte I was going to lose my shit on a sorority girl.

“Calum, I’m gonna go on break. Take any orders if anyone else comes in,” Ashton instructed before taking off his apron and walking towards the locker room as soon as we helped the last girl in line. I nodded and began cleaning up the countertops. 

Only two more hours and I’d be free to go to my first class of the day; organic and bio chemistry. It was a class I should have taken as a freshman, but my lazy ass decided that holding it off until sophomore year would be a wonderful idea. It wasn’t.

The bell tied to the door rang, signaling someone had walked into the now empty shop and I internally groaned while glancing down at my phone. 7:52 AM. Someone’s gonna be late on their first day…

“What can i get for ya?” I asked, not looking up from my phone as I opened twitter.

“Venti iced americano,” a soft voice spoke. I looked up, locking eyes with the source of the voice. She was stunning and the more I just stared, the more I found myself getting lost in her eyes. "What?“ she questioned, snapping me out of my intense gaze.

"Oh shit, nothing, I just didn’t take you as an americano kinda girl,” I chuckled, trying to play it off as if I wasn’t just staring at her.

“And what kind of girl do you take me as?” she smirked.

“A tall non-fat vanilla chai latte kinda girl,” I joked causing her to laugh.

“I’m quite offended…” she glanced at my name tag, “Calum.” She laughed again, showing her stunning smile and for a second I thought my heart stopped. Holy shit she was beautiful.

“I’m just messing with ya,” I laughed back, “What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” I nodded while quickly scribbling her name on the cup and turning around to make the extremely caffeinated drink.

A minute later I turned back to the counter and handed her the drink. “Here ya go, Y/N.”

“Thanks. Hey, this is probably going to sound stupid, but do you know where  the CUE is? I’m already super late and this campus is so confusing,” she blushed.

“Do you know that giant hill you have to walk to get to the CUB?” She nodded. “It’s the building on the right when you get to the very top of the hill. You’re new here aren’t you?”

“That obvious?”

“Yeah, the CUE is one of the most used buildings on this campus. Everyone knows where it’s at,” I laugh, causing her to blush. “If it makes you feel any better, I got lost in the middle of the CUB for an hour my first day last year and thought I was in Todd Hall. All the upper classmen I asked for help gave me shit for it the rest of the semester. So don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of campus in a week or so, but for now if you need anything feel free to come in and ask me, us sophomores know our shit,” I laughed. Us sophomores didn’t know anything. We were just about as clueless as the freshmen.

“I will, thanks Calum. Oh and keep the change, I’ll see ya round campus maybe?” she asked while sliding a ten dollar bill towards me.

“Probably. Bye Y/N,” I watched as she walked out the front door, hoping that I’d see her again.



The Space Shuttle Discovery soars skyward from Launch Pad 39B on Mission STS-64 at 6:22:35 p.m. EDT, September 9, 1994. On board were a crew of six: Commander Richard N. Richards; Pilot L. Blaine Hammond Jr.; and Mission Specialists Mark C. Lee, Carl J. Meade, Susan J. Helms and Dr. J.M. Linenger. Payloads for the flight included the Lidar InSpace Technology Experiment (LITE), the Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy 201 (SPARTAN201) and the Robot Operated Processing System (ROMPS).

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Been w/you 4 awhile + it's getting 2 be a have-to daily thing bec I LOVE OL + esp S+C. Smiles + tears + lite heartedness comes from those 2 in their 1ness. Thank u 4 the sharing!! 1 ? plez- what does BTS stand 4?

hi! BTS stands for behind the scenes :) xoxox

coffee and busch lite // c.h. - part 4

description: in which a frat boy falls in love with a caffeine dependent girl.

WARNING: swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, and drugs.

an: so i originally posted this story on wattpad but i decided to rewrite it and post it to tumblr.

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3

PART 4: Calum

august 21, 2015, 7:32 am

The morning rush was the same as it always was. Sorority girls demanding their drinks, occasionally getting hit on, but more getting yelled at than anything else. It wasn’t until Y/N stormed into the small coffee shop when I began to actually enjoy my day.

“Carmel latte with a double shot,” she muttered, sliding her card across the counter.

“You good?” I questioned.


“Ah, typical girl response when there is indeed something wrong,” I smirked sliding the card back. “It’s on me. C'mon Y/N, let it out. Rant to your favorite barista.”

“Who says you’re my favorite barista?” she glared.

"Well I’m the only barista who’s made your coffee since you’ve been here.”

"i don’t know, Ashton is kinda growing on me,” she smirked. I gasped.

“You know what, I take it back. Coffee isn’t on me. Give me your card back,” I joked. “But for real, what’s bothering you?”

“My damn roommate used my laptop, ate my breakfast while I was in the shower, and then locked the door while I was in the shower and fell back asleep. I was in the hall for twenty minutes with nothing but a towel on." 

She continued rambling about how after knowing her roommate for three days she already wanted to kill her. I smiled as she dumped it all on me, completely ignoring the line forming in front of the register. Ashton could handle it. Right now, my main focus was on the stunning and agitated girl in front of me.

"Wanna know how to solve your little problem?”

“Duh, lay it on me Cal.”

“Do it back. Annoy the shit out of her. If she’s using your shit and eating your food, do the exact same but ten times more. Purposely lock her out every time she leaves the room. Either two things will happen, she’ll realize she’s being a dick or she’ll move out. Either way it’s a win-win for you.”

“Okay, remind me to never listen to your advice ever again. I can just talk to her instead, I’d rather not make enemies.” We both laughed. “But I promised a friend I’d meet them at the cue and walk to class with them so I’m gonna head out, I’ll see ya later.” And with that she rushed out the door.

I would have told her that Friday and Saturday were my days off but didn’t get the chance. Hopefully Luke and Michael wouldn’t drive her crazy tomorrow morning when she came in for her before-class-coffee. Knowing them Luke would check her out while Michael shamelessly used his raunchy pickup lines. Y/N was everything a college guy could want. An innocent freshman girl whose smile could light up an entire room, a girl who could look sexy in ripped-up boyfriend jeans and a vintage band tee, a girl who you could barely knew, but somehow always manages to cross your mind… 

I was distracted from thinking of the beauty as a wet rag came in contact with my face, followed by a chuckling Ashton. The counter next to the espresso machine was now covered in empty cups with custom drinks scribbled onto it. Damn it. Don’t any of these kids own a keurig?



coffee and busch lite // c.h. - part 3

description: in which a frat boy falls in love with a caffeine dependent girl.

WARNING: swearing, mentions of sex, alcohol, and drugs.

an: so i originally posted this story on wattpad but i decided to rewrite it and post it to tumblr.


PART 3: Calum

august 20, 2015, 7:24 am  

The morning rush had finally died down, giving Ashton and I a chance to finally breathe and relax before the kids who were running late to class and in dire need of caffeine came in. And before Y/N came in.

“So how’s it going with that one girl you always drool over?” Ash asked while wiping down the counters. I took a drink of my macchiato, shooting him a glare.

“I do not drool over her.”

“Bro, you get all smiley and friendly the second she walks through those glass doors. We’ve been hit on by almost every sorority girl on this campus when they come in and not once has any of them gotten the attention you give Y/N,” he smirked. He was right. I never talk to customers unless I take their orders or call their names out, seeing as I just genuinely don’t care to. “Hey man, there’s nothing wrong with having a crush on the freshman. you should invite her to a party sometime.”

“I don’t want her at a frat party, all my frat brothers would just stare her up and down and try to sleep with her and none of them deserve her,” I defended before beginning to make myself another drink. The one perk to working at a coffee shop was endless free drinks while working.

The bell on the front door of the shop rang signaling a customer walked in, I turned around finishing my drink, trying to make myself look busy so Ashton could take this order instead.

“Can I get a small flat white, please?” a soft, recognizable voice spoke up. I looked over my shoulder to see Y/N standing at the counter smiling at Ashton as he wrote on her cup. She handed him her card, which he quickly swiped and returned. He muttered something that I couldn’t hear causing her to laugh and glance over at me. “Hey Cal,” her smiled widened as she made eye contact with me.

“Hey Y/N, you’re actually early for once,” I teased.

“Oh come on, it was only twice,” she fake glared.

“We’re only three days into the semester..”

“Okay good point.” we all laughed, including Ashton.

I quickly made the drink, a large instead of small because I’m all about that spoiling shit, and slid it across the counter to her. “Thanks,” she said while putting her phone in her back pocket. she was sporting a grey state champs t-shirt with the sleeves cuffed, black skinny jeans with one hole in the knee, and black flip flops. Half of her hair was pulled into a messy topknot bun. and her little amount of makeup accentuated her face in the more perfect way possible. Such a simple look made her look effortlessly beautiful.

“I’m gonna try to be early today, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow. It was nice meeting you Ash. see ya Cal!” she waved. I waved back as she turned and headed back out the front doors and towards the cub.

“She wants you,” Ash smirked.

“No she doesn’t. What’d you even say to her?”

“Nothing,” he grinned.

“I hate you,” I glared.

“No you don’t.”

I shook my head while chuckling, no matter how much he irritated me he was practically a brother to me seeing as we had been friends way before getting accepted to wazzu.


music video: Lecrae - Background

“I had a dream that I was captain of my soul. I was master of my fate, lost control, and then I sank. 

So I don’t want to take the lead 
Cuz I’m prone to make mistakes. 
All these folks that follow me gon’ end up in the wrong place. 
So, just let me shadow you. And just let me trace your lines. 
Matter fact just take my pen. ”


던밀스 (Don Mills) - 화합 feat. C Jamm, Okasian


Lecrae - Background Ft. Andy Mineo (C-Lite) (@Lecrae @AndyMineo) (by reachrecords)


C-Lite (Andy Mineo)

In My City

I see you drivin' 'round town with the guy I love...

And I’m like, f*** you… yep. Pretty much LOVE this song. Don’t know why. I just do. It has that feel of, I’m going to get under your skin, without really trying to get under your skin. :) Which should make you even madder, because 1)I don’t have to try and 2) I’m having fun doing it.