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it’s 3am and you wake up to hear a rhythmic shuffling noise coming from somewhere in your house. you open your bedroom door and see this coming down the hallway in the dark…

The Space Shuttle Discovery soars skyward from Launch Pad 39B on Mission STS-64 at 6:22:35 p.m. EDT, September 9, 1994. On board were a crew of six: Commander Richard N. Richards; Pilot L. Blaine Hammond Jr.; and Mission Specialists Mark C. Lee, Carl J. Meade, Susan J. Helms and Dr. J.M. Linenger. Payloads for the flight included the Lidar InSpace Technology Experiment (LITE), the Shuttle Pointed Autonomous Research Tool for Astronomy 201 (SPARTAN201) and the Robot Operated Processing System (ROMPS).


Mitsubishi HSX Concept,1989. A prototype  for the 3000 GT/GTO which featured a targa-style top though the production model had a fixed roof (a full convertible 3000 GT became available in 1995). The HSX appeared in the 1993 Japanese movie Sing si lip yan (City Hunter). Some 3000 GT owners have done after-market conversions to create a targa-top version though they lack the small C pillar quarter-lite windows and narrow C-pillar of the concept car


music video: Lecrae - Background

“I had a dream that I was captain of my soul. I was master of my fate, lost control, and then I sank. 

So I don’t want to take the lead 
Cuz I’m prone to make mistakes. 
All these folks that follow me gon’ end up in the wrong place. 
So, just let me shadow you. And just let me trace your lines. 
Matter fact just take my pen. ”


Lecrae - Background Ft. Andy Mineo (C-Lite) (@Lecrae @AndyMineo) (by reachrecords)


C-Lite (Andy Mineo)

In My City

I see you drivin' 'round town with the guy I love...

And I’m like, f*** you… yep. Pretty much LOVE this song. Don’t know why. I just do. It has that feel of, I’m going to get under your skin, without really trying to get under your skin. :) Which should make you even madder, because 1)I don’t have to try and 2) I’m having fun doing it.