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                                 "You were an unexpected surprise.
The defining moment. The collision of stars that slammed into me hard and sent                          my neat little world plummeting into the ocean.
                             I never expected it to be you, you know?
                   But it is you. It’s all you. And now there’s no looking back.

Beau TaplinT h e  D e f i n i n g  M o m e n t 

TVD / The Originals: Kol Mikaelson [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / The Mod.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Kol is extremely opportunistic, and believes in living in the moment, which has earned him a reputation for no-holds-barred violence (killing off entire towns in the heat of the moment, over-indulging his taste for blood, and endangering his family in the process). He is interested in sensory pursuits and tries to convince others to indulge with him. Kol is mindful of his environment and uses it to his advantage, often improvising at the spur of the moment.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): He’s incredibly intelligent, and analytical, unafraid to adapt to a situation and quickly find a loophole that gets him what he wants, or out of trouble; he thinks fast on his feet, which allows him to mislead just about everyone in his life, from Elijah to Damon and Elena. He isn’t afraid to make logical decisions for the “greater good” if it will save them all… including cutting Jeremy’s arm off to stop the Hunter’s mark.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Charming … likable… easily able to emotionally adapt to a group, and desirous of pulling other family members into his schemes, Kol desperately craves the love of his family. It hurts him tremendously that Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah have always been much closer to one another than him and excluded him. He admits close to the end that all he ever wanted was their approval and affection. Kol is good at discerning others’ emotions and manipulating them, but also is forthcoming in his own feelings about whatever he doesn’t like.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): His gut instincts are often correct, but sometimes not; Kol believes that Silas will create hell on earth for all of them if he is unleashed and he is partially correct. He does sometimes scheme toward his future, in particular through his recruitment and training of witches. Kol appears to have longer-term plans than he initially lets on, but struggles to anticipate betrayal and whenever he becomes too obsessed with the future, he lets down his guard.

Early draft of Hope’s Education is The Priority

Klaus and Elijah are nuts re: Hope getting a ‘C’. Kol watches. First draft, will revise later.

“I had initially planned increase state funding for education,” Elijah said, “however, with murder off the table, it’s a slower process than I expected.” He put the paper in in jacket pocket. “I expect I shall have things fixed up by the time she’s in middle school.”

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klarolineforevermine  asked:

*puppy dog eyes* a continuation of the college popular guy/nerd AU? :)

Read Part I Here

They’d settled–after almost 30 minutes of arguing during which time they were supposed to be working on a lab–that he could take her to get pizza at the local bar and not to one of his parties. And that brought her to where she was now, standing in the waiting area of the most popular bars in the small town that there college was in, her leg bouncing as she looked around nervously, half hoping that he just wouldn’t show up. 

The things she would do for an A. 

“Caroline,” His voice came from behind her and when she turned to look at him she was met with not only the sight of him but his three usual lapdogs. Marcel Gerard, another star athlete, Stefan Salvatore, the guy that her roommate Elena had been oogling at for weeks and Klaus’ younger brother Kol Mikaelson, the infamous party animal. Or so she’d heard. 

“Uh…” She looked at the four of them with wide eyes before setting her sites back on Klaus. “Hi?”

“You sound so unsure,” Klaus smirked at her before stepping forward, his hand finding her lower back and leading her to one of the back corner tables. “Sorry about them, they wouldn’t pass up a chance to get drinks.” The latter comment was whispered lowly into her ear and Caroline shuddered slightly, inching away from him as she slid into the booth, Klaus sliding in next to her, his arm slinging over the back of the booth. The other three squeezed into the opposite side. Which, if Caroline said so herself, was completely dumb because there was plenty of room on the side with her and Klaus. 

When the waitress came around Klaus ordered a round of drinks for the table. The waitress didn’t care enough to check ID’s. Or maybe it was the way that both Marcel and Kol were looking at her. 

One round of drinks turned into two. And then three. And all four of the men were astounded that Caroline could hold her alcohol so well.

“Alright,” Caroline slammed down the beer glass she had been drinking out of back on the table. She grabbed the bottle of whiskey that was in the center of the table, passing out the shot glasses that they’d ordered along with it. “How bout a good old game of never have I ever.” Marcel grinned as he poured the shots for each of them and Klaus looked at her like she was from another planet. “What? I said I didn’t go to parties. I never said I didn’t know how to have a good time.” She gave him a sultry wink and right then and there he knew that there was no other girl that could live up to the mold that Caroline Forbes set. “Okay, never have I ever….gotten below a C in a class.” Kol and Marcel grumbled slightly and Caroline gave Klaus a look.

“Honor roll, remember sweetheart?” He tapped his finger to her nose and she crinkled her face adorably. 

“Never have I ever…ran through the town naked.” Stefan grinned as he looked towards Klaus and Caroline laughed at the look on his face as he took his shot along with Kol before they both refilled their glasses.

“Never have I ever done anything with one of my brothers’ girls.” Kol winked at Caroline and she snorted as Stefan and Klaus took a shot. 

“Seriously? You’re painting a real winning picture of yourself here.” Caroline gave Klaus a look and he shrugged.

“Never have I ever stayed in and binge watched a Netflix show instead of going out with friends.” Marcel gave Klaus a hard look and the other man grinned before taking a shot along with Caroline and Stefan.

“Still bitter about that one mate?”

“You made me miss out on a night with my wingman. And there was a certain psych major there that night.” Klaus shook his head and then turned to Caroline.

“Marcel here,” His words were slurred now and Caroline tried not to laugh at him. “Has a bit of a thing for a certain psychology major name Cami. He’s quite smitten actually. Its rather pathetic.”

“I could help with that. She’s in one of my classes. I could talk you up.” Marcel gave Klaus a look before he grinned at Caroline, grabbing her hand and kissing it sloppily. 

“You are my hero milady.”

They were walking…stumbling really, back to Caroline’s dorm room. Marcel and Kol had gone to try to pick up some girls and Stefan had just gone back to the frat house they all lived in. She let him walk her all the way up to the front door of her room. 

“How come you’re not this drunk?” Klaus mumbled, his hand clumsily playing with a few strands of her hair. 

“I haven’t had as much life experience as you.” Caroline giggled, stepping a bit closer to him. The alcohol was dulling her senses, making her much more prone to his charms. It was dangerous and really…she should just…

She was kissing him before he could even figure out what was happening, her lips against his, her hands in his hair as he clumsily fell against her slightly. She giggled into his lips and he pulled away. 

“We have to try that again when you’re sober.” She whispered. He was completely speechless. She was…something else. That was for sure. 

“I’ll see you in Class tomorrow Caroline.” He grinned at her before stumbling back down the hall. 

Caroline shook her head at him before opening her door. Her head already thumping with what she knew was going to the worst hangover ever. 


It had been some days since Corrine had spent the night at Kol’s and she had not had real chance to see or speak to him since. She had been mulling over and replaying that night in her head for days whilst she worked, despite the fact that it made her blush bright red to think about it. Luckily, she could blame her reddening cheeks on the heat of the fireplace in the kitchen or the nipping cold. Eventually, she found time after her chores were done to slip into his rooms unseen. 


The next day, Corrine mulled over her promise to meet the Lord again. She knew that she shouldn’t, if she was any sort of smart. She would run a mile from this man if she knew any sort of sense. But Corrine couldn’t resist it, her lips still tingled with his kiss and she felt fluttery at the thought of seeing him again. Before she arrived at the meeting place that night, she took some of the flowers he’d given her the night before and styled them into her long and intricate braid, wrapping her shawl around her shoulders rather than over her head.


Corrine woke in the early morning alone in bed, she noticed that almost instantly. Her head had been moved onto the soft pillows and she’d been tucked into the sheets and blankets but her lover was not there. She opened her eyes and rubbed them, looking around the room to find it empty. Corrine frowned as she pulled herself from the bed, taking the sheets with her until she could locate all her clothes and begin dressing for the day. 

Corrine slipped into the room she spent so many evenings with a bit of a morose look on her face. Today had been a long day, made longer by the fact that her bleeding had begun along with the pains and the troubles it brought her as a woman. She only hoped that Kol wouldn’t be too disappointed that she was bleeding, putting a damper on their planned activities they’d set out the night before lying in bed. She sat by the window as the sun set and waited for Kol to arrive from drinks with the other Lords where she had last seen him, fidgeting as she thought over what her bleeding meant. 

It meant that she wasn’t with child. Not that she wanted to be pregnant out of wedlock with a visiting Lord’s child, but she’d slept with Kol frequently over the past months and yet she still bled. Her family bragged great fertility, yet she to all accounts seemed barren. It was not the best indication of her future chances of producing a child when she was ready to, when she was married. Stuck in her thoughts about her future beyond the Lord, she didn’t hear the door open or look up with her teary eyes.