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Thanatos Night Story & Character Bios


Swooping down to the sleepless skyscrapers, a feast (gig) by the disoriented fallen angels takes place.

The ones you face now are fallen angels who’ve swept down to the skyscrapers.

“In a town where an Angel swept down to,” you (who has moved in) unexpectedly meets this “Angel” by chance.

Your curiosity about death leads to them gaining interest in encountering you. And thus, it’s decided that you’ll listen to their song… …

The feast (gig) of the disoriented fallen angels―――

Izaya (CV: Hatano Wataru) [One-Winged Fallen Angel]

“If you want to die, go ahead. But if you do, will you obey the orders I give you?”

Height: 177cm

Weight: 55kg

What He Likes: Melon

What He Hates: Cookies made by Liam

CD Release Date: November 23rd, 2016

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There are two types of dog people

“Good boy, Fenrir. … Well done” :dignified pat on the head:

“Fenni Benni buddy boy! Who’s a good boy?! You are!! Yes you are, my Fenni Funny Face! Momma loves you SO  M U C H. So much! Yes! You want a cookie?!” 

based on this post in which Kristoff might have a doggo

anonymous asked:

Legit question where did the Gaara cookie meme come from?

Wouldn’t call it a ‘meme’ as such. Someone suggested it came from the whole ‘Cookiez Rawr!’ thing that was going around the internet back when the first dubbed Naruto episodes were on telly.

Regardless of where it came from, I personally really like it. It’s a cute little quirk: Gaara the cookie monster c:

+ Bonus! I remember Liam O’Brien, Gaara’s dreamy English voice, once referred to Shukaku as the giant ‘Cookie Dough Monster’. Actually I think it was the convention he came out to here in Australia (yes, I’ve actually met him 8D) But that was after all the other cookie stuff.

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Like I don't even want anything kinky, I just want to curl up with you under some nice warm blankets and just cuddle and sleep... Of course my mood will probably change like literally five minutes because I'm a moody little sucker but that's what I want right now... and OOC some hot chocolate and cookies.

––Stops opening the door––

––Closes door––

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Hmmm, I'm a 17 year old girl, who's about 5'3. I like memes, space and warm sweaters. I'm a sucker for chocolate, rabbits and puppers... bUT, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE CATS. You can 1000% agree that I'll stop whatever I'm doing if I hear or see a cat. Also I love to bake. I'll happily make you cupcakes and cookies c:

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I'll take that screech as yes! You see, our club's about making sure that you get maximum productivity out of yo eyeballs by keeping em open till they feel like ya set em on fire, then strive towards improving yo people skills by making ya super irritable and snappy at everyone. Now we move onto the best part, Existence. Why humans were put on Earth? Why does it have everything we need to survive? Why did I just suddenly remember that one time I said something really embarrassing? OH GOD, WTF?!

      “Y’all be goin’ a lil’ crazy here.”

today’s french experience™: I stepped on dog poop, in the middle of the fucking sidewalk..