c is for chloe

*picture falls from Max’s bag. Chloe sees it*
C: “ Wait, Max, a picture fell from–uh?! …Thanks, Max, nice shot!”
M: “ What…?”
C: “ I didn’t know you took a picture of me at the pool… I look hella sexy, here!”
M: “ …Shit! Chloe, give it back!”
C: “ Hahaha, no way! …Did you want to keep it for yourself?! You’re such a perv-nerd!”
C: “ I could, but I want something in return… ”
M: “ What the hell do you want?! ”
C: “ I’ll give it to you and forget about it… but you have to kiss me. ”
M: “ God, not again! ”

*apologizes for unnecessary scenario*

Modern Tale of  Hades and Persephone

Chloe was an average woman, who was just starting out working at the LAPD. She was friends with Dan Espinoza but she wasn’t feeling his affections for her. They continued to stay friends and partners until she had the Palmetto Incident, effectively shutting her out and on administration leave from the LAPD. It was utterly boring, to have no purpose in life, and nothing to do while she’s on suspension due to the “not being loyal to the boys in blue”. She ratted them out, and she was the one who got hurt metaphorically.

For a while now, she felt as though someone was watching her, or watching over her. She wasn’t sure. She took comfort in it, as she was living alone at the time, and would rather figure out who was the person that gave her such great comfort in watching her. It was an odd thing, to have a tingle down her spine instead of hairs raising on the back of her neck like other humans would if they felt someone was watching them.

She sighed as she walked into the local diner and sat down at an empty table. A waitress came by and brought her a menu to peruse over. And once again, she felt that same tingle down her spine, as footsteps approached.

The beach (luciferbloodymorningstar)

Chloe followed Lucifer to the beach. From their missed moment and her moment of realization. They were very different people. But they worked so well together. But she was jealous over the past lovers of his, but she wanted an actual relationship and not to be a notch in Lucifer’s bedpost.

But it hurt her heart when he said that he wasn’t worthy of her. And that she deserved someone better. No, she deserved him. They were right together.

She stepped closer, her hand on his cheek, as she leaned in, brushing her lips against his softly, innocently.

Love is Love

Beca’s flight was delayed by a storm.

Even though she sent Chloe a text alerting her of her late departure and the promise that she’d be home as soon as she could, it was still nearly four in the morning by the time she creepy into their flat, placing her keys quietly on the hook. She left her suitcase by the door and moved further into the room, catching sight of the blue glow of the television and the figure on the couch that it illuminated. Beca ruefully shook her head and made her way to the sofa.

“Chloe. Chlo.”

The redhead grumbled. Beca grinned.

“C'mon, Chlo, let’s get you to bed.”


“Hi, nerd. C'mon, bed.”

“But–” Chloe yawned and snuggled deeper into her blanket. “Gotta talk.”

“Not tonight. Tomorrow, okay?”

“In the morning?”

Beca hesitated. “If you want to. But sleep first.”

“Mmkay.” Beca managed to coax Chloe into her bedroom, but before she could leave, Chloe caught her arm. “Stay.”

“I don’t have to go anywhere again for a while,” Beca said, frowning.

“No. Here. With me.”

Beca hesitated again. “Let me get a shower.”

Chloe nodded sleepily and let Beca’s arm slip through her fingers. Beca rolled her eyes, but smiled softly as she went to collect her suitcase.

One notoriously hot shower later (seriously, Satan himself should envy showers taken by Beca Mitchell), Beca found herself standing in Chloe’s doorway, uncertain whether she should continue. It seemed, however, that even half asleep, Chloe had the mind capability of a telepath, and a mumbled “C'mere,” had Beca obediently climbing into the queen bed with her best friend. Chloe mumbled something incoherently and snuggled into Beca’s side, wrapping one amr around her waist. Surprised, Beca hesitantly wrapped an arm around Chloe’s shoulders and slowly settled in for the night.

It was a few minutes before Chloe spoke again. “Bec?”


“I love you too, y'know. Always have.” She yawned. “Was scared.”

Beca chuckled softly. “Well, I guess I’m an idiot, then.”

Chloe snickered. “You can be, sometimes.”

Beca rolled her eyes, but a smiled graced her features. “Go to sleep, you nerd.”


Anyways, have the last bit of what I have dubbed the “Love Is” mini trilogy (can I call it that?) Send your thoughts my way! Later, pitches!


After everyhing they have been through, in the courtroom, Chloe couldn’t call Lucifer a liar. He was always honest with her, even if she’s still unsure if he’s the Devil. But, she really did care for him. He really understood people. Understood her, more so than she thought. Chloe pretty much stated her feelings for him, how complex and complicated they were. They were partners and friends. Chloe bit her lower lip as she watched him, a small smile on her lips. He was the best partner she ever had, and she counted on him, relied on his intuition. She really did like him, even though she may have been denying it until now.

Chloe liked the idea of having a proper dinner with him, maybe even a date. She held her drink in hand, her eyes dragging down to it before glancing back up at him. She liked having dinner with their fries and burgers and beer. She slid a hand onto his, her fingers stroking his softly, “It’s the truth.” Chloe murmured with a smile.


“Becs, babe, c'mon. Get out of my suitcase. I have to pack.” Chloe sighed in exasperation.

Beca shook her head adamantly. “Nope! Don’t wanna. I’m staying right here.”

The redhead giggled at her girlfriend’s adorable response. “Beca! I love you. But you know I can’t take you with me!”

Beca closed her eyes, burrowing further into the suitcase. “Yes you can! I’m small enough and light enough. You can smuggle me.”

Chloe knew Beca had a history of people leaving her, so she wanted to calm her, reassure her. “Babe-”

Beca interrupted her. “Look Chlo, I just don’t want you to leave me. Okay? I love you and I can’t live without you. I miss you every second you’re not with me, and you’re going for 3 weeks… just… promise me you’ll be okay?”

Chloe walked over to Beca, kneeling down by the open case and reaching out to lay a hand on her arm. “I love you Beca. You are the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I promise you, I will always be with you.”