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How does chloe really feel about Adrien? Elaborate C:

A  very  important  aspect  of  Chloe’s  personality    (    and  this  does  rely  a  little  on  my  own  personal  headcanons  for  her    )    is  the  fact  that  she’s  never  received  real  love.    And  because  of  this,    Chloe  doesn’t  know  how  to  love  in  return.    I’m  not  saying  that  Mayor  Bourgeois  doesn’t  love  his  daughter.    It’s  OBVIOUS  that  he  does.    A  lot,  too    !    But  the  kind  of  love  that  he  has  always  given  her  has  never  been  what  she  needs.    Ever  since  she  was  born,    Chloe  Bourgeois  has  been  the  absolute  apple  of  her  father’s  eye.    Everything  that  she  has  ever  wanted  or  needed  has  been  presented  to  her  without  question  or  complaint.    She  is  spoiled  ROTTEN.    In  the  one  where  Kim  is  akumatized,    we  see  quite  a  clear  example  of  just  how  much  she  is  allowed  to  get  away  with,     specifically  concerning  her  father’s  money.    She  orders  a  ridiculous  24  carat  gold  photo  frame,    charged  to  Daddykins,    to  match  her  gold  toilet.    I  am  well  aware  that  Chloe  is  the  daughter  of  the  mayor  of  Paris  and  is  an  heiress  as  well  but  that  kind  of  money  is  no  joke.    Due  to  his  busy  job,    the  Mayor  has  never  been  able  to  be  around  for  her.    Whatever  happened  to  Chloe’s  mother,    we  don’t  know  yet  so  let’s  just  go  with  the  fact  that  it  was  her  father  who  solely  raised  her.    In  his  eyes,    not  being  able  to  be  there  and  to  teach  her  how  to  grow  and  to  be  able  to  spend  quality  time  with  her,    the  best  alternative  was  to  give  her  everything  she  desired.    He  never  put  a  leash  on  her,    so  to  speak.    He  never  held  her  back.    He  gave  her  everything  she  demanded.    Ever  since  she  was  born,    this  is  the  only  kind  of  love  that  Chloe  has  ever  experienced.

Even  Sabrina  is  the  same  with  her.    Never  any  complaints.   Chloe  can  be  a  despicable  person  to  Sabrina  sometimes  but  she  keeps  on  coming  back.    She  keeps  giving  her  love  and  doing  her  assignments  and  she  continues  to  act  as  though  she’s  her  personal  assistant.    In  short,    Sabrina  has  never  been  the  kind  to  say  no  to  Chloe  either.    Chloe  has  grown  up  thinking  that  love  and  being  loved  is  about  someone  giving  you  everything  that  you  want  and  practically  everything  else  that  love  isn’t.    I’m  not  saying  that  Adrien  has  ever  done  this  to  her    (    look  at  Kung  Food  when  he  defends  Mari    )    but  he  REPRESENTS  this.    Adrien  is  beautiful,    rich,    popular  and  kind  to  her.    He’s  pretty  much  the  dream  guy  so  his  personality    +    the  way  he  treats  her    +    the  fact  that  Chloe  doesn’t  know  love    =    It’s  so  obvious  why  she  thinks  she  loves  him.

But  she  doesn’t.    Not  romantically,    at  least.    Adrien  is  a  very  IMPORTANT  person  to  her.    She  loves  him  and  she  cares  about  him  but  she’s  not  in  love  with  him.    Adrien  is  the  first  person  in  pretty  much  her  whole  life  who  has  ever  treated  her  with  anything  close  to  a  proper  love.    It’s  still  not  enough  and  it’s  still  not  perfect  but  Chloe  has  led  a  very  distant  life  from  all  of  her  relationships,    seemingly  placed  up  on  the  highest  pedestal.    Adrien  doesn’t  do  this  with  her.    He’s  kind  but  I  think  that  he  doesn’t  give  her  everything  she  wants.    Obviously  he’s  grown  a  lot  since  becoming  Chat  Noir  and  we  haven’t  seen  the  way  they  interacted  before  that  really,    but  he  still  said  no  when  it  mattered.    That’s  addicting  to  her.    To  have  someone  treat  her  like  a  person,    to  have  someone  not  hold  her  in  such  a  high  regard  is  like  a  forbidden  fruit  to  her.    She’s  never  tasted  something  like  this  before.    There’s  no  wonder  why  she  would  instantly  love  it  and  want  to  hold  onto  it.    If  Adrien  had  been  just  another  one  of  those  kinds  of  people  who  viewed  her  as  some  being  meant  to  be  cherished,    then  she  would  have  definitely  loved  his  money  and  his  looks  and  all  of  that  but  she  wouldn’t  be  so  deeply  obsessed  with  him.    

I  think  two  of  the  defining  moments  in  their  real  relationship  are  showcased  in  Origins  Part  One  and  the  Christmas  Special.    Both  times,    we  see  Chloe  deeply  caring  about  Adrien  and  it  isn’t  in  the  way  we’ve  all  come  to  expect.    She  keeps  secrets  for  him  and  probably  plays  an  active  role  in  helping  Adrien  attend  public  school  without  his  father  knowing    (    which  is  one  of  my  favourite  things  in  the  series  )    and  appears  genuinely  disappointed  and  upset  for  him  when  he  doesn’t  show.    She  also  really  smiles,    so  genuinely,    when  Adrien  is  found  safe  and  at  home  and  she  gives  up  her  present-filled  Christmas  with  her  father  to  spend  it  with  him  and  their  classmates.    This  is  REAL.  These  scenes  are  the  most  accurate  depictions  of  their  true  relationship,    of  the  way  that  Chloe  actually  feels  about  him.   It’s  of  friendship  and  of  love  and  its  that  side  of  Chloe  that  we  barely  ever  get  to  see  because  she  never  really  has  any  cause  to  show  it.  And  because  most  of  the  time,    she  doesn’t  know  HOW  to  show  it.    These  moments  where  Chloe  doesn’t  have  her  walls  up  and  isn’t  being  treated  like  a  princess  are  the  best.  It’s  in  these  moments  where  you  can  finally  see  the  true  way  that  Chloe  feels  about  Adrien.  Everything  else  written  above  and  before  are  the  reasons  why  we  don’t  get  to  see  this  all  the  time  from  her.

*picture falls from Max’s bag. Chloe sees it*
C: “ Wait, Max, a picture fell from–uh?! …Thanks, Max, nice shot!”
M: “ What…?”
C: “ I didn’t know you took a picture of me at the pool… I look hella sexy, here!”
M: “ …Shit! Chloe, give it back!”
C: “ Hahaha, no way! …Did you want to keep it for yourself?! You’re such a perv-nerd!”
C: “ I could, but I want something in return… ”
M: “ What the hell do you want?! ”
C: “ I’ll give it to you and forget about it… but you have to kiss me. ”
M: “ God, not again! ”

*apologizes for unnecessary scenario*

Modern Tale of  Hades and Persephone

Chloe was an average woman, who was just starting out working at the LAPD. She was friends with Dan Espinoza but she wasn’t feeling his affections for her. They continued to stay friends and partners until she had the Palmetto Incident, effectively shutting her out and on administration leave from the LAPD. It was utterly boring, to have no purpose in life, and nothing to do while she’s on suspension due to the “not being loyal to the boys in blue”. She ratted them out, and she was the one who got hurt metaphorically.

For a while now, she felt as though someone was watching her, or watching over her. She wasn’t sure. She took comfort in it, as she was living alone at the time, and would rather figure out who was the person that gave her such great comfort in watching her. It was an odd thing, to have a tingle down her spine instead of hairs raising on the back of her neck like other humans would if they felt someone was watching them.

She sighed as she walked into the local diner and sat down at an empty table. A waitress came by and brought her a menu to peruse over. And once again, she felt that same tingle down her spine, as footsteps approached.

The beach (luciferbloodymorningstar)

Chloe followed Lucifer to the beach. From their missed moment and her moment of realization. They were very different people. But they worked so well together. But she was jealous over the past lovers of his, but she wanted an actual relationship and not to be a notch in Lucifer’s bedpost.

But it hurt her heart when he said that he wasn’t worthy of her. And that she deserved someone better. No, she deserved him. They were right together.

She stepped closer, her hand on his cheek, as she leaned in, brushing her lips against his softly, innocently.


After everyhing they have been through, in the courtroom, Chloe couldn’t call Lucifer a liar. He was always honest with her, even if she’s still unsure if he’s the Devil. But, she really did care for him. He really understood people. Understood her, more so than she thought. Chloe pretty much stated her feelings for him, how complex and complicated they were. They were partners and friends. Chloe bit her lower lip as she watched him, a small smile on her lips. He was the best partner she ever had, and she counted on him, relied on his intuition. She really did like him, even though she may have been denying it until now.

Chloe liked the idea of having a proper dinner with him, maybe even a date. She held her drink in hand, her eyes dragging down to it before glancing back up at him. She liked having dinner with their fries and burgers and beer. She slid a hand onto his, her fingers stroking his softly, “It’s the truth.” Chloe murmured with a smile.