c infamous

Person B and C both perform in a small-time competitive sport. While A isn’t that interested in it, they always go to watch their two partners (or their partner, B, and family member C) perform.

B is infamous for completely shutting the audience out during performances, while C is the opposite and tends to do better when the crowd is on their side.

Then B and C have to fight each other in a tournament.

Things go swimmingly for C until they clearly hear A screaming something among the lines of “Go [B]!”

This confuses both C and B greatly, but B takes the opportunity to turn the tables on C and wins the match.

How does the sport’s fandom - and C - react?

Bonus (relative scenario): B only thanks A after scolding them for not cheering on their family member in an attempt to keep their image up.

Bonus (either): as revenge, C starts tagging along with A to B’s matches, occasionally yelling completely random stuff to drown A out, but B doesn’t budge.


never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception: a mix for the leader of the d.u.p., the woman turned from washing the blood off her hands everyday to playing with fear and deception so her hands were never messy