c in the house of tom bombadil

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   i have to admit i would read “nienor survives and recovers in tom bombadil’s house” gen h/c though… like… it’d be cute i love the idea that you’re supposed to die and instead you go to a cottage and a round man tells you all the secrets of the universe.    

I totally would too, actually! I mean, what better balm for the disaster-firecracker that is Children of Hurin than that cottage and…that chapter of story in general. Being able to inhabit that chapter instead of CoH!!!!! Especially after inhabiting CoH!!!! (Sorry I’m still strained by how CoH is The Worst Thing.) No but like, yes, on a serious non-metatextual note, how about Tom just has all these invisible wormholes through which he whisks away people dying Disney Deaths.

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   I think Tom is like Ungoliant in that all the Valar are quietly asking each other “Wait, was THAT in the Music? did somebody leave their coffee cup on the score?”    


Yeah, I did always think of him (and a lot of other stuff) as being outside of what was deliberately designed or foretold and categorized well enough to be explained directly in the Valaquenta etc. I always actually thought of the Valaquenta and the accounts of the beginning days and the general summarizing of the contents of Arda as wildly incomplete and misleading in its false sense of macro-completeness. Like, people sometimes talk about the legendarium’s overview of Arda’s contents is broad-strokes complete in its categories and only incomplete in its details, but I always believed that it was incomplete in its account of its largest categories too.

but somehow I always (I think ???) unconsciously assumed that Tom and the Valar/ME-focused maiar had a…satisfactory understanding and acknowledgement of one another that predated the awakening of the elves? But actually now that I think on it, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case at all. What if they never talked to him at all, or never got an explanation or understanding of any sort.