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Signal Degradation

(Word Count: 2206)

Have you ever messed with a Ouija board before? Nothing weird happened to you or maybe something did. Maybe a spirit or something said hello and answered a few questions. Everyone got some chills or a few laughs out of the entire event. You probably even said, ‘let’s do this again sometime’. Lucky you.

I have only played with a Ouija board once, on November 1st, 2006, and I will never touch one ever again for as long as I live. You shouldn’t either and I’ll tell you why.

I was an incredible skeptic. Ghosts weren’t real. No one I’d ever met had ever seen one, heard one, or knew someone who had. But we all loved to talk about haunted places or demon possessions like they were real. My group of friends and I loved horror movies but more than that we liked to laugh at the ridiculousness of them.

It was Alison’s idea.

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