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a wip of a magical girl illustration

I saw this post, and it made me really wanna draw a magical girl with that hairstyle too!
askdjfsdkfj I’m just sad that I’m getting inspiration to do a piece when I really shouldn’t be sparing any time for it

Uhm, uhm, uhm.. so like I have 200 followers all a sudden and I’ve barely been here for a month and I honestly don’t usually do follower forever’s because I don’t ever have the patience to sit down and write all this along with twenty billion names, but I thought I should honestly express how great I’ve felt since I joined this community. MY DOOD’S I’M NOT WORTHY OF SUCH LOVE I AM BUT A SIMPLE PLANT THAT SPROUTED LESS THAN A MONTH AGO AND HAS BEEN SHOWERED WITH WATER, SUNLIGHT, AND TLC EVERY DAY SINCE I BREACHED THE GROUND BELOW. So putting it simply, this is probably one of the nicest, silliest, communities I’ve ever been a part of and I quite frankly love everything about it and I’ve been having the time of my life with it. Y’all are so damn welcoming, I was honestly incredibly shocked at first. I couldn’t believe it. Seriously! BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES, THIS COMMUNITY IS FANTASTIC. Anyways, I hope you guys have been enjoying my company as much as I’ve been enjoying all of yours!

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@ffxplayer Don’t get me started on how “Just be friends” is apparently undesireable in a relationship with other people.


(Exposes the level of my friendship at you)

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I dare anyone to tell me Papyrus does not love Frisk with every fibre of his being too.

I just watched the episode 2x14 again and this is probably an unpopular opinion but… I just don’t see C/lace. Like… I really wanna like/ship them and on some level I actually do but the kiss f.e. was so meh. It gave me nothing. There was no chemistry, no spark, nothing. (when not even a Ruelle song helped…. I mean?)

When Jace on the other hand was on fire in all his scenes with Maia last week and there are even more “sparks” with Simon, which I don’t ship but I am not blind.

I am soooo….. siiiiiigh.