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170905 | GQ Magazine Weibo: “你们都猜出昨天那位玩滑板的少年是谁了吗?那是上海今年最炎热的一个周六,红色高温预警摄氏42度,GQ与Valentino携手,带着张艺兴与一群滑板少年在没有空调的旧厂房里度过了最“热烈”的一天。第一次学滑板的他究竟有多努力,就等你来看!#FlyCrew#”

Translation [Dailyixing]: “ have you guys guessed who that guy on skateboard is yesterday? That was shanghai’s hottest Saturday this year, we were in the red zone of 42°C. To spend this "hottest” day, GQ and Valentino worked together to bring Zhang Yixing and a bunch of skateboarders to an old factory without air-conditioning. How hardworking was him in his first attempt at learning skateboarding? Come and see for yourself! #FlyCrew#“

170905 | Zhang Yixing Studio Weibo: "不努力,不如放弃,来看张艺兴和Valentino的故事”

Translation [Dailyixing]: “if you’re not working hard, might as well give up. Come and see the story of Zhang Yixing and Valentino.”

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Are you more comfortable in hotter areas where it can hit 45°C and over or colder areas where it's usually 15°C during the hottest hours?? General weather conditions like rain and humidity are optional details you can pick

im a dumb american - we use Fahrenheit so 45° could be the antarctic or saharah desert, i dont know. but sweater weather on a stormy day is my favourite kinda day.


-send us anon asks if ud like & ill answer them all honestly-

Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs of 2014

Continuing with the K-Pop Timeout (1 Year) Tradition (see 2013 ver) of listing the Top 10 Most Underrated K-Pop Songs because all the other sites are just bothered with the Top 10 that pretty much everyone will have heard of/have fan wars over, below are our top 10 picks of songs that did not rank high but deserves your attention!

This is in alphabetic order NOT order of awesomeness because all of them are awesome.

C-Clown - Let’s Love

While I was sort of disappointed when the C-Clown boys changed from their ballad dance pop style to a more hip hop based sound, they quickly kicked my doubts out of the window with the release of “Let’s Love”. This song was unlike a comeback but a statement, that they are a group deserving some #1s! The song was brilliant and addictive, harnessing all of the talents of every member from the vocalists’ falsettos to the dance and rap (although I felt T.K was slightly robbed in lines). This MV was also really well filmed and bright so I highly recommend you guys check this out and give the boys some love! The MV can be found here.

Crush - Hug Me

This year K-Pop has gifted us with another man with fine features and smooth vocals when Amoeba Culture debuted RnB vocalist Crush who not only had a voice that melted your insides but dance moves to go with it. He already got my attention with his pre-release “Sometimes” which was amazing but somehow lacked a tiny bit of unff (if you get what I mean). But “Hug Me” gave me everything I wanted. This song was sick, the choreo was smooth and Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko’s featuring rap really made the song completely perfect. I would highly recommend his whole debut album “Crush On You” to lovers of smooth RnB vocalists. Also, Zion.T featured in it so #eargasmheaven. Click here to check out the MV for “Hug Me”.

History - Psycho

So I placed them in the Top 10 Underrated last year and here they are again unfortunately. The boys really had a strong debut but I think their sudden change of style (from the style which they went back to later on) in their first comeback with “Tell Me Love” may have hindered their momentum. Anyways, Psycho is a great song with all the right K-Pop tunes thrown into it. It’s catchy, it’s a wonderful concept (Alfred Hitchcock WOOT) and has a sexy ass choreo that still slays me every time. Really, this song deserved to have done much better and propelled History into the spotlight. You can check out this amazingly psychopathic MV here. (Warning. It’s pretty crazy)

Jun.K (from 2PM) - No Love

Hands down the best boy band member solo release of the year (no offence to Taeyang I love taebae but Jun.K freaking blew me away). Jun.K really made it clear why JYP spoke so highly of his composing skills and why he was originally a YG trainee before opting to trade to JYP. The whole album was amazing and I took much effort to pick out only one song. "No Love” was the song that got you focused every moment because of the way he played with the notes and changed the tune and beat at just the right moments to create this masterpiece. While his album charted extremely well in Japan, it was pretty much forgotten in Korea which sucked because this was FREAKING AMAZING. If you have yet to check out this song, here’s the MV and I highly recommend his whole debut album, “LOVE&HATE”.

MAMAMOO - Piano Man

The fiercest female debut of the year with the vocals, visuals and dance skills to boot, I was sad to see them receiving less attention than they rightfully deserved (I saw fan cams of lots of screaming in guerrilla concerts but WHY HAVEN’T THEY WON ANYTHING YET). They already got my attention with “Mr. Ambiguous” but “Piano Man” was a whole other level. It was a killer song that showcased all of their vocal range and harmonies, with groove, jazz and some sass to top it off. Also, B1A4’s Gongchan features as the titular Piano Man. You can find the song and MV here. To get to know the girls more they have recently started their own Youtube show called MAMAMOO TV aka MMMTV.

Puer Kim - Manyo Maash

The debut song for the Dark Queen (some fans call her that), Puer Kim, Mystic89 (home to Lim Kim and Eddy Kim) showed that once again they have pretty much all the vocalists with weird but awesome voices. This song is very different to a lot of other k-pop songs with its darker sound and unique touch added on by Puer’s voice. By the end of the song you will find yourself saying “Maash” with her every time and be begging for more. This song also has a kickass creepy but artsy MV which you can find here. If you liked this song I would also highly recommend her 1st Mini Album “Purifier”, especially this non-title track called "I’d Also Love to See You Dying”. That’s the Dark Queen for you.

Topp Dogg - TOPDOG

Topp Dogg. What can I say about you? To be honest any group with 10 members or above tends to slay. Cuz it’s 10+ the amount of vocal talent meshed together. Not to mention how ridiculously talented all the members of Topp Dogg are. After their song “Open The Door” in January, they have quickly defined their sound to be pure epic-we own this shit-type of awesomeness that hits you in the face. “TOPDOG” proved all of that. It wasn’t the song of a rookie group, it sounded like the return of the King. I only pray that the boys win an award soon and get more recognition because splitting up the profit between 13 boys aint going to make their lives easy. Check out this spectacular song and MV here.

Yoon Hyun Sang X IU - When Would It Be

One of the most anticipated debuts of Kpop Star alumni, Yoon Hyun Sang is an extremely talented singer songwriter who I looked forward to since he was taken in by LOEN. His debut mini album did not disappoint and even surpassed expectations with wonderful songs geared with beautiful lyrics. One of the title tracks, “When Would It Be”, a duet with IU, is one of the best duets this year but unlike other IU collaborations, appeared to be somewhat forgotten by most of the K-Pop fandom. I would highly recommend this song for anyone who likes clear, lovely vocals and a heart wrenching and artistic ballad. The beautiful MV can be found here.

Zhoumi - Rewind

I rarely find any SM release underrated, often times overrated but Super Junior’s Zhoumi’s "Rewind” really stood out to me as the former. Although he did bring home a #1 on MTV The Show, it was really the Chinese votes that made it happen for him there. This was an exceptionally brilliant solo song coming from SM following the slightly disappointing debut of SHINee’s Taemin (they could have done so much more with the maknae’s improved vocals), highlighting Zhoumi’s often forgotten vocal abilities and charisma with a RnB infused pop dance track. This was also one of the few SM solo tracks where the featuring artists (both EXO’s Chanyeol and Tao) actually complemented the soloist instead of stealing the limelight for no reason (see Super Junior’s Henry’s “Trap” vs his solo-solo comeback with “Fantastic”). I would have expected Zhoumi to have gotten a lot more #1 nominations on other music shows and the results in Korea definitely made it one of the most underrated tracks of the year. The MV also has much to offer, including *SPOILER* Zhoumi Abs. So go watch it here now!

Zion.T - Yanghwa BRDG

While Zion.T is not a totally underrated artist (like other K-Pop artist do acknowledge his epicness), the fact that many K-Pop fans still don’t know him and his MVs never get that many views says something. And it says his “Yanghwa BRDG” is definitely making the list of underrated tracks of the year. Gaining recognition through his RnB and soul tracks with his unique smooth vocals, Zion.T returned with a much more mellow track compared to his earlier works. However, mellow worked for this song as it appeared to have been better received than his last album “Mirror Ball” (which was artistic but commercially unsuccessful and made him a bit forgotten since his “Red Light” Album success). This song, in which instead of serenading about some girl was instead about his mother, made the song even more beautiful than it already was. This is a track I would highly recommend to audiophiles who love them smooth vocals. The MV is also extremely well filmed and you can see it here.

Which songs do you think were underrated this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let the song sharing begin!!!


Isn’t KibaIno just the hottest pairing? C: I can only imagine how cute their babies will be? 

Staring Isn't Polite

can u write one where he’s a year younger than u and is a bad boy and u guys don’t talk but u always make eye contact and stuff and one day ur talking to a whole bunch of guys in a group and he sees and he gets mad and grabs u by the wrist and drags u away from them to the side of the school where no one can sees u and just starts kissing u really intensely and u go with it and he explains how he doesn’t want to see u with guys other than him ever again?sorry that was long but I love ur imagines



You were ready to bust out your art class. You looked at the clock as it was winding down to the last minute. As doing so, you felt a gaze on yourself. You turn 90 degrees and there are a pair of eyes on yours. Y/c. Hottest junior ever. You however were a senior. A young senior, so you were guessing you were only a couple of months older then him.

His eyes go a bit wider and he turns away from you. Your cheeks turn red. Was he looking me? You thought to yourself.

No, he couldn’t have, you tell yourself. Even if he was, staring isn’t polite.

The bell rings and you storm out of class, but you end up bumping into someone in the hallway. Y/c. Of course.

All your books fall to the floor with a thud. “I’m so sorry!” You shriek and scramble to the floor trying to get all your belongings.

He doesn’t say anything to you, he crouched next to you and picks up some papers that flew out of your book. His hand grazes yours, and you feel a silver effect off of him. You watch him while he gets your stuff, his face is in close proximity as can be.

When he catches you staring you look down and grab your piled books and stand up, he joins and hands you the papers.“ Here.” He whispers.

“Thank-k you.” You say stutteringly.

He raises his eyebrows at you and walks away from you swiftly.

You throat felt like closing off. You took a deep breath and walked out the building.


Days go on like this. Where you catch him staring at you, and he looks away shyly.

After the second week you were tired of him staring at you judging you, you assumed. But in the back of your head, the way his eyes looked at you wasn’t in that way. More like wanting. But you pushed that thought out the window because why would he like you.

You walk out the building and there’s a bunch of boys around the entrance. You hear a couple whistles here and there, so you turn around.“ Hey.” Says one boy with short milky blonde brownish hair.

“Hi.” You say timidly. You being immensely shy, was a compete understatement.

He smiles at you and walk towards you, the other boys start to smile.

“Hey, y/n, can I talk to you for a second.” Y/c out of no where came next to you, wrapping his hand around your wrist. His warmth spreading across your arm.

Wtf. He knew your name.

“Uhhh.” You were lost for words.

He takes that as an yes and starts walking, but you feel another hand on your other arm.“ Hey! I was talking to her.” Says the milky hair boy.

“Do I care?” Y/c says with clench teeth and let’s go of your arm and pushes milky boy away. Milky boy detaches his hand away from you with a stumble.

Your shock gasp is masked with people crowding around.

Milky boy stands up straight and you can see a fight brewing, so you grab y/c’s hand to ease him.“ Come on, let’s go.”

He looks down at you conjoined hands and glances down at them with soft eyes. Then sharply he glares at milky boy. You pull his hand and start walking through the quad.

“You pussy!” Milky boy screams.

He lets go of you hand and flips him off.“ At least I get pussy!”

Your eyes go wide. He wasn’t talking about you was he.

He turns on his heel and grabs your wrist to the next building.

You finally stop walking till he lightly pushes you to a wall and walks between you legs. His lips near yours.“ Mine.” He whispers before he crushed his lips towards yours. His lips taste like chocolate mint. Which you crave each kiss.

You feel like your eyes will go out of your head. But you go along with it while he puts his hands on your waist. You connect with his neck and shoulder.

He bites your lips asking entrance to your mouth, which you gladly except, he earns a moan from you as your tongues tangle with one another. He smiles within the kiss with a chuckle, you catch off guard when you bite him right back earning yourself a moan back from him.

He travels down with his hands gently squeezing you butt, until he lifts one leg across his waist, and he does it with the other one. You wrap your legs around him.

You can’t breath anymore. He pulls back with heavy breathing across your face. You’re beyond speechless. His hands were nonchalantly on your bottom gently squeezing.

You unwrap your legs and you stand, but he’s still flush against you. He takes one of his hands and puts it on your cheek softly, while he puts his forehead against yours, looking in you eyes intently. Your hands lazily are on your side, but soon find his torso.“ I never want to see you with another guy again.” He says while looking at your lips.“ Do you understand?” At that sentence he looks right at your eyes while caressing your cheek.

“Yes.” You whisper while nodding.


You nod once more.

He smiles upon you and kisses you softly this time, savoring the moment.

—– Hi!!!! Hopefully you guys liked it. Six imagines so far. I try to write as much as I can so… Yeah😂😂😂

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YOURE SO AWESOME!!! If I asked you to post (in your opinion) the cutest/ hottest picture of tom hiddleston will you? Pretty please?





Ben C turns into a piece of wood

Benedict Lumberbatch

Ben C chilling in the hottest season

Benedict Summerbatch

Ben C is disappointed

Benedict Bummerbatch

Ben C makes a mistake

Benedict Blunderbatch

Ben C drives a car

Benedict Hummerbatch

Ben C is sleeping

Benedict Slumberbatch

Ben C fixes broken pipes

Benedict Plumberbatch

Ben C hears a loud rumbling noise post-lightning

Benedict Thunderbatch

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But 32°C isn't that hot. Or is it normally colder in Germany? Idk

We are used to rainy summers around 25°C. The hottest we had it here were 42°C at one or two days? I think that was in the last summer and I almost died.

I also have to add, I am totally a winter person and even 25°C is usually too hot for me (I love my sweaters).

In These Dying Days (kylux)

Some soft Kylux to go with this heat wave we are having in Los Angeles

By all considerations, it should be fall: the stores are all decked in oranges and browns, pumpkin flavored everything line the shelves, big fashion chains and second hand stores alike have decided do away with the shorts and tanks, displaying thick coats and scarves in their front windows. It’s a few days shy of October and the days are already shorter.

The West Coast has other plans though; it’s 100 F out at eleven in the morning and Kylo is melting in his shitty apartment with no air conditioning. He had held out all summer, enduring the worst of August’s heat, refusing to buy one of those shitty box units that would hang out of his window; it would have been boosted anyways. When the temperatures dropped, the seasonal winds coming through and clearing away a summer’s worth of dust and smog, Kylo had breathed a sigh of relief, closed his windows to the rest of the world.

The sun came back though, and the thick plaster walls of the apartment have no insulation, just trap the heat in until the earliest hours of the morning, just before sunrise when the whole process can start again. Kylo has barely slept in four days, electing to wander the neighborhood at night with the other poor kids who can’t afford an A/C unit.

On the hottest day, Kylo sits in his boxers, his skin slicked wet and hair falling flat, body sticking to the chair. He’s eating popsicles for breakfast, the kind that split in half, meant to be shared. His apartment is in disarray, clothes strewn across the floor, dirty plates on coffee tables, his pipe in need of a proper cleaning, caked as it is with residue. Kylo just hasn’t had the energy to do anything beyond existing and willing his body temperature to come down.

The flies that have snuck into his apartment, that usually buzz too quick for him to catch them on his best days, have slowed down, resting on his table and panting in the heat with him. If Kylo was so inclined, he could reach and squash each one, but even that seems like too much work.

The popsicle in his left fist, the second half of the treat, melts down his hand, pools on the table below him in candy red. The rivulets of juice streak his hand and get tacky fast in the dry heat, and Kylo’s decided he’s had enough of this; he’s going to the fucking beach.

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