c hocolate

Things I’m currently in love with:

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One song: “Ain’t your mama” Jennifer Lopez
Two movies: Raees /  Assassin’s Creed
Three series: SPN / TWD /GOT
Four people: Jensen Ackles / Norman Reedus / Luke Roberts /SRK
Five foods: Chocolate /  Coffee /  Pasta / Biryani rice /  Diet Peps
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Quotes from Vanoss' new zombies video

“Are you going to fffffffffocking join”-Evan

“I shut the fuck out that door”-Tyler

“Hey look it’s Wini Ladd”-Evan

“I was thinking about starting a new channel it’s called Yanoss gaming”-Tyler

“What’s your name dick c hocolate”-Tyler

“Aaaaannnd….. Nevermind that’s it”-Tyler

“Ah hello??”-Tyler & Evan

“Oh this zombies got spikes on it… OH SHIT!!!!”- Tyler

“Oh Jesus you scared the shit out of me don’t come flying around corners like that you dick!!”-Tyler


“Mom they keep killing all the zombies, they are not sharing”- Tyler

“I just got raped by a giant baby”-Evan

“We all fucking die, Evan clutches it, and then it’s just oh you can leave now”-Tyler


These are all quotes from Tyler and Evan but this video was hilarious and if you haven’t seen it yet here’s the link⬇️


Also BasicallyIDoWrk just uploaded his POV of Ark survival evolved so go check it out on his YouTube channel!