c gat

  • My boss in Saints Row: bloodthirsty, powerful babe who was gay for Aisha and Johnny and loved murderin'
  • My boss in retcon ending/ agents of mayhem: spunky tol writer who is like a lil more violent version of castle with gat
  • Edit- please don't tag as your boss. I haven't seen anyone do it yet but I wrote this about my boss Visala
The Signs As... Characters from "The Great Gatsby"
  • Aries: Thomas Buchanan
  • Taurus: Dan Cody
  • Gemini: Myrtle Wilson
  • Cancer: Nick Carraway
  • Leo: Owl Eyes
  • Virgo: Jordan Baker
  • Libra: George B. Wilson
  • Scorpio: Daisy Buchanan
  • Sagittarius: Meyer Wolfshiem
  • Capricorn: Henry C. Gats
  • Aquarius: Jay Gatsby
  • Pisces: Ewing Klipspringer