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Beginnings (00qad)

Happy Polyamory Day, 007 Fest! This is my fill for Prompt 43 of the Anonymous Prompt Exchange


James looked up from his book when Danny let a box slam down on the coffee table, an eyebrow arched inquiringly to prompt an answer out of the younger man while he slipped his index finger between the pages to keep his place marked.

“It’s a puzzle” Danny answered, sitting down on the carpeted floor.

Q let out a small but delighted noise, shaking himself out of his light dozing in order to crawl out of James’ lap and get closer to the coffee table; James gently held him by his hipbone, steadying his uncoordinated movements and making sure that he wouldn’t topple over in his half-asleep state.

Danny opened the box and immediately Turing came snooping, paws curiously sorting through the coloured pieces “How do you usually sort them?”

“By colour” Q hummed, absentmindedly pushing away Turing’s head, wanting to avoid the cat accidentally swallowing one of the pieces which would have made their lazy afternoon quite a lot less enjoyable “Landscape?” he asked, curiously looking at the pieces almost as if attempting at making a sense of the image with a glance - just like he did when he saw an equation and his brain wouldn’t need more than a handful of seconds to go through all the calculations and get to the result.

“Even better” the other said “ It’s a reproduction of The Fighting Temeraire - I think we should keep our own copy here at home”

“That blasted painting” James let out in a fond groan and sat up, leaving his book abandoned on the sofa so that he could lean over and start to sort through the pieces; he honestly couldn’t remember the last time he had sat down to put together a puzzle, probably sometime before his parents had died: James hadn’t been much for childish pastimes once he had found himself an orphan filled with resentment and grief.

“You should also separate the ones that are part of the frame from the others” Alex pointed out as he entered the living room, a plate full of freshly baked biscuits in hand and Pampuria following him, clearly aiming at the plate’s content. He sat down next to James, moving the book aside after slipping a piece of paper between the pages and closing it, so that the spine wouldn’t get all creased “They’re the easiest pieces to isolate” Alex offered as an explanation, narrowing his eyes as he focused on the pieces in the box and grinned when he singled one out thanks to one of its edges being completely straight and held it up triumphantly “See?”

James smiled; he loved seeing Alex and Q’s formidable brains and logical way of thinking applied to the most simple things “So, what strategy do you suggest?” Had it been for him, James would have simply upended the box and started putting together the pieces that clearly stood out as belonging together.  

Which, he supposed, was quite an appropriate metaphor to also describe the different ways they went about missions and work in general - analysis versus instinct.

“For tonight, we should sort the pieces in different groups” Danny piped up from around a bite of biscuit, his hand outstretched over to Pampuria so that she could lick at the crumbles sticking to his digits.

Alex nodded “Four groups”

“Five” Q hummed “Frame pieces.  Ships pieces.  Sea pieces.  Clear sky pieces.  Cloudy sky pieces” he listed, lifting a finger up for every main item present in the painting as he easily recalled them.  

Alex bumped his and James’ shoulders together “You look for the frame pieces”

“Because they’re easier?”

“And because you don’t know the painting that well” Danny added with a grin before cramming the other half of the biscuit in his mouth.

James shrugged “Fine. Less work for me”

Pampuria jumped on the coffee table and mewed out aloud, swiping angrily at the pieces with her floofy tail, scattering them around to attract their attention.

It had taken them two evenings to separate all the pieces in five piles and, by the time they were ready to start on the frame on the third night, a mission had landed on James’ lap and, as usual, Q appointed himself his handler to make sure he’d make it back home as unharmed as possible.  

Neither Danny nor Alex were in the mood of starting on the puzzle on their own; without the specific intention of making it so, it had become an activity that the four of them could do together - another way to share an interest and time with the others and to deepen their bond.

So, that evening - and for the following week - Danny and Alex cuddled, read and caught up on Tv series with Q whenever someone at work managed to send him home for a while.

When James finally came back, bruised and too wired up to stand their touches, opening the slightly dusty box seemed the best thing they could do to spend time together without risking overwhelming and triggering James. They worked quietly, silence broken only by a few murmured words.

For once, Alex had decided to let his ‘No smoking indoors’ rule slide and even if he’d done so for James in case he wished to do so to decompress a little, soon enough Q and Danny too were sharing a cigarette between them.  Alex wrinkled his nose a bit at the smell of burning tobacco, but nothing could put a damper on the relief he felt at the fact that James was back at home safe.


Q squinted at the scattered pieces on the lid of the box before shifting his gaze to the coffee table on which the frame had been proudly completely put together, looking to and fro from one to another in an attempt at finding a piece from where to start; they had decided to begin from the sky, Danny having managed to persuade them that it was the easiest part and that working their way down from that would be better - Q wasn’t quite sure about the reason why, but he hadn’t complained: they needed to start from somewhere, after all.  

James chuckled and dropped a kiss over the untidy mop of Q’s tangled and unruly curls as he leaned over and grabbed a piece just from under the younger man’s nose and slotted it neatly into place “Someone needs to get stronger glasses” he teased in an almost singing voice.

That and an outraged noise coming from Q, they prompted a hearty laugh out of Danny who, rather gleefully, added another piece to the puzzle.

“This is unfair!” Q cried out and, immediately, Pampuria jumped up on his lap as if to comfort him - though, everyone knew that she just wanted an excuse to dig her little sharp claws into someone. Or so James claimed and his judgement couldn’t really be trusted when it came to Pam.  

“Or maybe you’re just distracted” Alex said in a soothing manner, fingers steepled under his chin as he observed the portion of puzzle they had completed; after glancing at the watch on James’ wrist, Alex decided that it definitely was time for a break - it wasn’t as if they had a deadline to respect “Time to go to sleep”

James frowned “It’s only ten and a half” he said, aware of sounding a bit like a kid complaining about curfew.

“I’m horny” Alex retorted, arching an eyebrow as if to challenge the other man to contradict him.

“Definitely bed time!” James concurred, tugging Q up from his spot on the floor and hurried towards the bedroom “Come on, Danny! You can put everything in order tomorrow morning!” he shouted as he unceremoniously dumped Q on the bed, who let out a surprised shriek.

Alex wasn’t exactly surprised to hear that noise turn into an obscenely loud moan.

“Are you really horny?” Danny inquired, studying Alex’s face to read his real thoughts in his eyes; he might have been a spy, but Alex never felt the need to keep up masks around the house, where he was safe and surrounded by people who cherished and loved him.

Alex pulled DAnny in his arms, fingers gently wrapped around the back of his scalp so that he could tilt the younger man’s head upwards in order to kiss him “Well, not exactly horny but I wouldn’t say no to a little tumble in the sheets” he whispered, lips brushing their way up from Danny’s cheekbone to his temple.

Q let out another indecently loud moan and Danny snorted fondly “Let’s go then or Q will have all the fun” he encouraged, standing up and leading Alex to the bedroom.

Both their lovers had already lost their clothes, now strewn all over the room; James had his head buried between Q’s smooth thighs, clearly making an extremely good use of his tongue if the way the younger man was thrashing on the bed was of any indication.

Admittedly, it was a sight that Alex would never tire of: it always managed to make him feel both aroused and deeply ashamed of himself, mind instantly filled by slurs he tried to drown out - Danny’s mouth sucking a hickey on the side of his neck was definitely helping and Alex let his head fall to the side, giving the other more space to work on. Now that he thought about it, between James’ mission and the puzzle, Alex couldn’t remember the last time they had sex all together and he found that he had missed the shared physical intimacy.

“Come here” Q panted, green eyes wide open behind his smudged glasses and his whole torso stained a dusty pink by a flush “Please, come here. I need you”

“You’re so beautiful, little love” Alex whispered, bending down to directly kiss a moan away from Q’s spit-slicked lips while Danny plastered himself to James’ back , digits tenderly fluttering over over puckered scars and faded burn marks; he had never been attracted by scars - he had never found them particularly exciting or disgusting -  but Danny knew how self-conscious they could make James sometimes and, if there was something Danny really cared about, it was making his lovers feel comfortable and at peace with themselves. Only that mattered.


James was too tired to actually focus on the puzzle, but he wanted his lovers to keep going at it so, he had his head in Alex’s lap and enjoyed the caresses to his hair while they sorted through the pieces. He hadn’t been sleeping well lately, his subconscious bringing up some truly gruesome nightmares that had forced James to spend sleepless nights on the sofa with the cats to avoid disturbing his lovers’ rest - or, worse, hurt them: sometimes, the images were so vivid that he couldn’t help lashing out in self-defence.

James raised his gaze, eyes looking for Q’s face, and he felt his stomach lurch at the sight of the bruise just under the other’s left eye, glaringly purple against his pale skin; victim of a rather crude dream and somebody’s threateningly wandering hands, James had struck out in panic and almost broken Q’s nose with a single blow.

As if perceiving how troubled he was feeling, Alex slightly increased the pressure of his digits on his scalp, trying to drown out the thoughts whirling around his brain with a soothing massage. It helped, a little bit. Not to the point that James could forget about hurting Q in such a way.

Quietly, Danny started to hum a slow song and James, consumed by tiredness, let his eyelids fall closed.


“And here we are, the last piece” Danny said proudly. It had taken them a little over three weeks to complete the puzzle, it felt good putting in place the last piece, even if Danny had to admit that he would miss the evenings spent together in such a way.

There was a frame ready for the completed puzzle and, amidst some colourful swearwords and cursing, James had hammered the necessary nails to later hang it to the wall.

Q’s eyes twinkled with mischief behind his glasses “what do you see?”

James rolled his eyes at the cheeky question, remembering in every detail their first meeting “A bloody big ship” he obliged, prompting a delighted chuckle out of Danny as he slotted the last piece into place.

“We need one of Lambeth bridge too” Q observed “We can always go and take a picture, if we can’t find a puzzle: there’s loads of places where they print pictures on blank puzzles”

Danny cocked his head to the side with curiosity “Why?”

“Because that’s where we met the first time, Danny” Alex realised after a second “That’s where we began”

why take full advantage of your huge bed when you can share a pillow and spoon with your gf


A/N: Happy December! Today marks the first day of December Fic Fest! I felt like doing some Rick and Morty tonight! Enjoy your stay in Christmas hell!
Des: Rick has finally thought of the perfect gift for Morty, but doesn’t want to give it up that easily. (Not c-137cest!)

Rick never really cared for Christmas. It was just a weird, human holiday that prompted a religion he didn’t believe in and too much cheerfulness for his liking. He normally stayed in his lab during the Holidays, but this year, maybe he would contribute something. 

Maybe just for Morty. But that little shit better not make a big deal about it. Rick had a feeling Morty wasn’t very hard to Christmas shop for. A dirty magaziene would probably make his entire year, but he wanted to get him something different. Something maybe a little more personal. Or not.

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So, I made a tumblr to keep up with all things Hanyu related...

This tumblr (besides a shameless repository for reblogging Yuzuru Hanyu related posts from other blogs) will also serve to provide various musings on my thoughts on the world of figure skating (particularly men’s figure skating) and updates on my figure skating RPFs hosted on Archive of Our Own, which almost exclusively feature Yuzuru Hanyu in some capacity. Some of my works include:

El cisne (The Swan) - Ongoing. Magical realism AU chronicling Javier Fernández’s journey of love and bromance with his training mate Yuzuru Hanyu. Loosely inspired by Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. 

At a Pyrenean folk festival in Jaca, fourteen year old Javier Fernández receives a fortune from a Romani woman who tells him the love of his life is the most beautiful swan in the world that will teach him how to fly. Javi’s not impressed. Five years later, Yuzuru Hanyu makes his international senior debut at the 2010 Cup of Russia GP event. Yuzuru’s no swan (what’s up with the feathers though?) but he does show Javi how to fly.

The (Un)Banquet - Completed. Crackfic. Post 2016-17 Grand Prix Final in Marseille, France. Ft. Yuzuru Hanyu, Javier Fernández, Patrick Chan, Shoma Uno, Nathan Chen and Adam Rippon. #frencheventplanning

At every GPF banquet, the boys have their 4 C-Fest tradition: “Congratulate, Commiserate, Complain and Cry”. Only this year in Marseille, there’s no banquet, so the boys make do with what they have.

(Or, in which Patrick throws shade at the French Federation, Javier fails to get in Yuzuru’s pants, Yuzuru is still looking for his beloved Japanese flag, and Nathan is ridiculously proud of his plastic GPF medal).

With a special guest appearance from Hanyu’s Pooh.

The Pooh Addendum - Completed. Crackfic. Written in honor of Brian Orser’s birthday. Ft. Brian Orser, Yuzuru Hanyu and of course, Hanyu’s Pooh.

Brian Orser flies to Sendai to finalize his coaching contract with Japan’s rising star, Yuzuru Hanyu. He expects negotiations to be a snap. Boy is he ever wrong.

The Universal Law of Yuzuru - Completed. Crackfic, but the fluffy kind. Written after the announcement of Yuzuru Hanyu’s withdrawal from Japanese Nationals due to influenza.

Yuzuru had made up his mind. He was going to compete at this year’s Nationals, even if it killed him. Unfortunately, there is a universal law that posits the entire universe insists on conspiring against him.

(Or, five times Yuzuru Hanyu fights against the universe’s plot to keep him from Nationals and one time he lets the universe have its way)

Tan fuerte como el viejo roble (as strong as the aged oak) - Completed. Character study of Javier Fernández. Set some time between 2017 Europeans and 2017 Four Continents.

It starts with the painful fall on his quad sal during his free skate at Europeans. But looking back, Javi realizes that the fear clenched tight in his heart fits like a well-worn glove, that it’s been with him all this time. Since when had the fear of falling started to outweigh the thrill of flying?

of hope and legacy - Completed. Vignette ft. Yuzuru Hanyu and Patrick Chan. Set during 2017 Four Continents. Thoughts on changing of the guard and the quad revolution.

“Do you regret it, choosing to skate?”

“I have many regrets, but never about skating.”

Following a less than ideal short program at Four Continents, Yuzuru Hanyu receives some words of wisdom from an unexpected source.

(Or, Yuzuru Hanyu and Patrick Chan commiserate over their subpar short programs, embrace the quintessential Korean food experience and bond over fried chicken and soju).

I’m past patiently waiting

I consistently end up posting my art well after midnight but it’s fine. Have some Hamilton/Arrow crossover art. May end up making this available on various merch depending on if anyone’s interested, also trying to get notebooks printed for the Portland Heroes and Villains Fan Fest c:

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Paper Sales and Staplers

In which a group of brave documentarions film the most elusive creatures known to man, office workers. | 5.7k

“The Office” AU written for @jilyfest - ao3

“So, is it okay if  I ask,” the woman paused, shifting just slightly in the stiff chair, tucking a loose strand of red hair behind her ear, “why are you making a documentary about a paper company? There’s nothing special about us…”


“I’m in sales. It’s not the most exciting thing but,” one James Potter shrugged and brought a hand up to his hair for the third (the video would later reveal fourth) time in the few minutes he had been sitting in the sequestered office space designated for the interviews. His leg was bouncing rather restlessly and his shirt was untucked from his trousers- just slightly too short for his long legs. “It’s a job. I can’t exactly complain can I?” He leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees (hair ruffled once more). “Plus!” His face brightened, “I work with my best mates, how many other people can say that?”

The camera operator moved towards the blinds, focusing between the slats on two men sitting at a nearby desk, one spinning lazily in a creaking chair, the other sitting on the desk, attempting to drop small candies into the spinning man’s mouth. The camera panned back over towards James, a grin still splitting across his face. The crew would find, in their time with the company, that James was, more often than not, smiling.

Before another question could be asked, a rather large commotion drew the attention of both the film crew and the interviewee himself, sending him rushing out the door to find the source of the mishap. The crew would find this to be another common occurrence during the time spent shooting at Hogwarts Paper.

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Vans at 2014 FYF Fest - Los Angeles, CA

We’ll be hanging out at Exposition Park this Saturday & Sunday for the 2014 FYF Fest! You can find us in the vendor area with some goodies for sale. If you’re one of the first 300 people to the tent each day you can even grab a free pair of sunglasses, all you gotta do is ask. Don’t skip shopping at the Origami Vinyl pop up either. Pick up some rad records & get a free tote designed by our friend Michael C. Hsiung while supplies last. We’ve got two art installations going up on site as well. Just head to the spots on the map above marked ‘Vans’ to see what they’re all about. Go ahead, take the photo op & don’t forget to tag #fyfvans so we can check them out. Pro tip: Pick an art installation as a meeting spot for you and your friends. There will come a time in the night where your phone dies & you’ve all split up to separate stages. Avoid wondering aimlessly yelling Marco… you’ll probably get a lot of Polos but that ain’t gonna help you out. See you out there LA! Full details: fyffest.com