c eric


music enjoyed by mass shooters:

pekka-eric auvinen:  KMFDM, rammstein, eisbrecher, nine inch nails, grendel, impaled nazarene, macabre, deathstars, the prodigy, combichrist, godsmack, slayer, children of bodom, alice cooper, sturmgeist, suicide commando, hatebreed, suffocation, terrorizer

eric harris: KMFDM, rammstein, nine inch nails, the future sound of london, pop will eat itself, the prodigy, fly, eat static, orbital, leæther strip, loreena mckennitt, lights of euphoria, electric hellfire club, funker vogt, die krupps,  nosferatu, front 242, u.f. orb., megadeth, the “demon knight” ost (1995)

dylan klebold: nine inch nails, KMFDM, rammstein, marilyn manson*, the chemical brothers, smashing pumpkins, the offspring, gravity kills, atari teenage riot, renegade soundwave, the “nowhere” soundtrack (1997), jonah sharp/spacetime continuum, the “vampires” soundtrack (1998)

adam lanza:  “he didn’t like contemporary music” but rather listened to classic rock from the 1950s,” -  nicholas martinez, a former classmate.

elliot rodger: taylor swift, the police, steve perry, naked eyes, whitney houston, phil collins, the pokémon anime soundtrack, drowning pool, rammstein, don henley, steve winwood, belinda carlisle, katrina & the waves, george michael, modern english

dylann roof: montana, celo & abdi, bushido, olexesh, gucci mane, 2 chainz, rae sremmurd, favorite, bass sultan hengzt, rammstein, kool savas, lil wayne, kendrick lamar, xatar, haftbefehl, farid bang, nazar, king orgasmus one, audio88, rick ross, kurdo, david bowie, sean paul, 187 strassenbande, dr dre, joni mitchell, frank white, kanye west, speakerz knockerz, deichkind, nate57, DMX, K.I.Z., ed sheeran, paloma faith, zugezogen maskulin, j. cole, the kinks, genetikk

i know the whole “Ollie and Wicks getting the attic dibs” plot line was just to add a little twist to the Nursey & Dex sharing a room drama, but for Bitty’s senior year there are going to be SIX huge ass hockey guys living in the Haus. bitty is going to be cooking meals for a whole family of hungry hungry hippos. idk bout y'all but this feels like everything he’s ever wanted but also that boy is never studying again rip bitty’s gpa

Once Jack insisted on climbing a tree (I’m a profesional athlete Bittle, I can handle a quick climb) to return a baby bird that had fallen from its nest. Bitty sat a reasonable distance and snapchatted the whole thing, including the moment Jack lost his footing on his way down and miraculously avoided both a concussion and a sprained ankle.

crop failure” (1999) by marilyn manson, 30" × 22" in mixed media & watercolor.

manson says the meaning of the painting was to “[make] a statement about america, and it was definitely part of [his] reaction for being blamed for something like columbine.”
many parents blamed violent influences in entertainment, especially in music such as manson’s. early headlines read, “killers worshipped rock freak manson” and “devil-worshipping maniac told kids to kill.” manson explained naming the painting after the columbine flower, and explained ‘crop’ in the title represented “raising up your children and harvesting them properly. something did go wrong here, and the farmers should be blamed, not the entertainers.”
it was featured on the back cover of marilyn manson’s the nobodies: 2005 against all gods mix EP.