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That Pervy Little Punk
Ian Murray

Another funny little comic made by @ni10-c but this time with Frisk and Chara. She came up with this AU where Chara actually provides all the flavor texts in the game. I loved this idea so as I was reading this comic. I don’t know why but I gave Chara a British accent. I told @ni10-c about it and she LOVED it!

She said go for it and here we are. A new comic dub.


Comic = ni10-c

Voices = Myself

Music = Enemy Approaching | Undertale | PC

             Your Best Friend | Undertale | PC

Ok, so I’ve only ever watched Man of Steel twice. The first time shortly after it came out and before I really got into DC Comics (and comics in general) and the second time was last week (after I’d received my DC TRASH accreditation). Granted last week’s viewing was dubbed in Bulgarian (b/c in Bulgaria we dub things… ugh) but my dad was watching and I saw what it was and sat my ass down immediately.

Anyway, the point of this post is to discuss the infamous and (for some puzzling reason) “problematic” scene of Superman killing Zod.

When people talk about this scene, specifically when they bitch about it by claiming that “this scene is the most un-superman thing ever omg how dare zack snyder!” they almost always fail to mention (gee I wonder why) the context of the scene itself.

Like in most discussions you see the discourse revolve around the killing, but how many times have you seen it discussed WHY Superman resorted to that? - Not many.

Like… You can’t say that Superman killing Zod is “out of character” and “the worst” when the only reason Superman did that was because Zod was about to barbecue a family of four innocent civillians who were cornered, defenseless, and absolutely fucking terrified. Superman tried to reason with Zod, resulting only in Zod trying harder to kill the family (i.e. actually shooting his laser vision at them, as opposed as just making them targets by looking at their direction as he did at first).

So Superman in a completely selfless Superman-way chose to save civilians rather than save his own species (i.e. something that would have benefited only him - where humans are concerned). He chose to bear the burden of killing because apparently he judged that he’d rather have that than the lives of innocents on his conscience (although, it can be argued that he was already feeling the weight of being responsible for people dying as the Kryptonian invasion started for the simple reason that he, too, is Kryptonian).

Like… What Superman did in this scene is literally what any other protagonist in any other action movie (be it CBM or not) would have done. We’ve seen it done countless times in movies and tv shows and yet Superman is the only person who gets shit for it… and for what? Some outdated, utopian, one-dimensional ideal in people’s head of who Superman is? That he’s the “perfect hero”?

The movie showing Superman’s flaws doesn’t make it a bad movie, it makes these people’s ideology flawed and it highlights that. Which in turn makes them uncomfortable, so rather than facing the idea that maybe there’s more to Superman than this happy-go-lucky nerdy can-do-it-all farmboy who fights crime, gets the girl, and is universally beloved (can you see people self-projecting on him though?) is actually capable of negative emotions and violence (as is every single person/character when pushed in the right way), they shit on the movie, the cast, and the creative minds behind the scenes (directors, script writers, etc).

Then again these are the same kind of people who believe that comics don’t exist outside the Golden/Silver Ages where all characters were funny and happy-go-lucky.

I say all of this as someone who doesn’t even really like Superman. The only version of him that I find interesting is that of the DCEU (or as I call him - SuperCavill) exactly because of this “picture perfect” hero everyone’s trying to sell him as.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Man of Steel as a movie. It just doesn’t hold your hand through the entirety of the Superman mythos and things make a lot of sense if one knows even the slightest bit of info about the Superman-lore. It can get confusing if you don’t (which was true for me the first time around), but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. Then again, “it doesn’t make sense” is like 98% of the BvS wank too.. when again, not true.


Anyone who says “Superman killing Zod is character assassination / out of character”, can promptly kiss my DCEU-Loving ass!

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Eppie 16 DUB!!

LOVE that Eighteen calls Krillin, ‘honey’ ♥. LMAO at Krillin’s “Oh come on! I think you’re enjoying this!” 

 But I wish they kept the sentence of him being an example to Marron in the English dub. In Japanese, Eighteen says “you’re a dad now”, right before it cuts to Marron and Goten. BTW Marron’s voice is not bad!

MHA dub episode 5 commentary

  • Bakugou got first place in the exam, because of course he did
  • Kirishima got second tho, which i think is interesting…
  • Tetsutetsu was behind Izuku tho at 8th place
  • i love it whenever Toshi spits up a gallon of blood. which sounds morbid but it’s incredibly endearing
  • i love the Dad Might highfive
  • i always thought it was really sweet of Toshi to admit that he had no part in getting Izuku in, and that it was all Izuku’s own hard work that got him in
  • so Toshi’s agency is in Tokyo? also lmao Toshi cutting off Izuku’s little info commentary with “GETTING CREEPY….”
  • i keep saying it but i love the difference in Toshi’s casual voice and the bombastic tone of All Might’s
  • even All Might’s thinking voice is super bombastic omfg
  • “Eventually I’ll retire, my job complete!!” too soon Toshi 
  • “…. Hmph! Deep stuff, All Might!!” i’m sorry did he just refer to himself in the third person
  • “You didn’t just pack action figures, right?” Inko knows you, Izuku
  • i enjoy how huge the 1A classroom door is
  • the fucking slasher sound affect that plays when Izuku thinks of Bakugou and Iida skjal;ghkagls;a this poor traumatized kid
  • Iida tries to start over bless his square little heart but Bakugou isn’t having any of it
  • my son is a little shit with no chill
  • “Hey, I recognize that messed up hair! Falling boy!!” omfg no Uraraka don’t call him that
  • oh my god Bakugou, calm your little shits
  • i enjoy how Bakugou is drawn during his confrontation with Izuku scene
  • holy shit Aizawa
  • wow i. really like his voice
  • “WHAT IS THAT THING” they ask, referring to their teacher in a giant yellow plushie sleeping bag on the floor drinking Sunny D
  • Aizawa sounds so tired. perfect
  • i’m liking Kaminari, Mina, and Sero’s voices so far
  • lmao hearing Izuku say “What the crap am I gonna do?!” is so funny
  • Aizawa’s voice is perfect. perfect amount of tired, deadpan, and slightly sadistic
  • also he sounds as young as he looks, which is good, b/c dude’s got a baby face despite being like 30
  • i enjoy Mic’s voice over during the quirk introduction scenes
  • LOL everyone to Aoyama: “What a tool.”
  • the way Aoyama says “hurts my tummy” makes me laugh
  • i love how dramatic Toshi is
  • i love the inspirational background music during this scene
  • excuse me did they give Mineta a lisp
  • Aizawa has no chill
  • i love how dramatic Aizawa’s scarf is as it blows in the invisible wind
  • “And he judges celebrity heroes like me because I look good in the spotlight…” keep telling yourself that, Toshi
  • i love that sometime during all this, Toshi put away Aizawa’s records and came to watch the class from behind one of the school buildings b/c reading the records just made him so nervous for Izuku
  • LOL Aizawa glances over to where Toshi is ‘hiding’ during his speech
  • lmao Aoyama just. randomly puts a hand on Uraraka’s shoulder and says “I’m here.”  Uraraka is all “the fuck are you again”
  • Izuku got 705.2 on the throwing test, which was 3 more than Bakugou
  • also more great background music
  • also i really like Aizawa’s little speech to Izuku about how he needs to control his quirk, or else he’ll just become a liability on the battlefield
  • Aizawa pulls no punches. he’s like sleepy, bitter coffee with no chill in sight
  • “LOOK AT DEKU’S BUNNY EARS, OH MY GOODNESS, THEY’RE SOOOO CUTE!!” see Izuku even Uraraka thinks they’re bunny ears

anyway that’s it for episode 5

Chara and Mettaton
Ian Murray

Yep that’s right a New @ni10-c comic, which means a new voice over! The first time I read it I just laughed xD. Plus doing Mettaton’s Voice was fun to do! I was little inspired by @crashboombanger ’s version of Mettaton. Still had fun thought.


Comic = ni10-c

Voices = Me

Music = Game Show Music | Undertale | PC

              Metal Crusher | Undertale | PC


ECW invades Raw
[June 6th, 2005]

After 4 years of hearing the familiar “E-C-Dub!” chants permeating from crowds around the world (especially in Philadelphia), the WWE finally decided to pull the trigger on a reunion show known as ECW One Night Stand. On that event, several of company owner Paul Heyman’s homegrown ECW talents would be appearing for either the first time in the WWE, for the first time in a while, or in a light in which they hadn’t been featured before. Something about the former ECW glory still lingered for many of its alumnus, including Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, The Dudley Boyz, and many more. Fans of the now-defunct company recall the glory days of each individual, where wrestling was taken to a new level of insanity, or to coin a phrase… to the extreme.

June 12th was the inaugural One Night Stand event, and someone who took great exception to the event was former WCW head booker and writer Eric Bischoff, who was (at the time) the Raw General Manager. Bischoff spoke candidly many times about his feelings toward ECW being a lesser product, despite the fact that during his time in WCW, many of ECW’s hottest ideas and talents were signed away from the Philly-based company to billionaire Ted’s promotion in Atlanta. And so, with less than one week prior to the One Night Stand event, Bischoff challenged Heyman to a standoff, but wouldn’t come alone. The one thing he didn’t count on was… neither would Heyman. This is one of the most intense and real moments that led to one of the most memorable pay per views from under the WWE umbrella, and it brought fans of hardcore wrestling a joy they’d missed out on for nearly half a decade.

One Night Stand is available on the WWE Network, and is a pay per view event that I’d highly recommend to wrestling fans of all ages.

prplzorua  asked:

your Danny and "C-dubs" interactions give me life, your art is like super amazing, i wouldn't be surprised to see Danny or clockwork himself make more time puns, i wonder what would happen if they ever had a time pun competition, ho do you think would win? anyway keep up your great Work :)

You have excellent ideas, friend.