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New double-sided phone charm designs! I was feeling nostalgic and Hey Arnold! was one of my favorite cartoons growing up so I just had to do it. 

They should arrive sometime next week along with my other restocked charms, so to those who pre-ordered from my store, your orders will be shipped out soon! Thanks for your patience!


I am so excited I even had a dream about seeing Dragon Cry today!

I cannot stress how lucky I am to have moved to the UK this year.

Smol edit: there’s been people awnsering stuff already but if anyone wants to ask anything after I watch it since it’ll be subbed and we’ll understand the plot I’ll be glad to awnser these things in PRIVATE. The only public thing I’ll mention is some general impressions like ‘the animation was so and so’ ‘the nalu was so and so’ nothing specific


Gotta edit some happy pricefield stuff before the sadness hits in Before the Storm

Thumbnail Art: c-dra

Pi'Kusha: Oh, hello my Dear~ Doing some boring experiments again?
Incen-Dra: Ähm…well…

*still giggles*
Gosh, I love this pictrue so much. xD
It’s the first couple-picutre from my Khajiit Pi'Kusha and my boyfriend’s Argonian Incen-Dra (and generely his first picture)
They aren’t Skyrim exclusiv, because we use them in all The Elder Scrolls games and their original story takes place some years before the events in Skyrim.
And as you can guess, Pi'Kusha is the most activ part in the relationship. xD
Incen-Dra is a battle-mage and so, he likes to study a lot and also does some alchemistic experiments.
Because Pi'Kusha thinks he does too much boring work, she tends to distract him. ;P

I REALLY enjoyed coloring this one, it made so much fun. x3
I was unsure, if I could draw the scales from Incen-Dra good (because my incy wanted to have it a bit more detailed), but I’m glad I did it. :3
Aaand the armor was a little pain, but I also think that looks good. xD

Totaly awesome Lineart © galoogamelady
Pi'Kusha & Coloration © Pikuna / me
Incen-Dra © incodiac

pajamabending  asked:

Can I ask what the story behind beegachow is bc it looks hilarious

Omg okay, everyone asks me this at cons so I’m just gonna answer it all here in a post for everyone LOL. 

This all started because I was making washi tape with mightier and wanted to do a unique pokemon tape, which you all know now as the poobeyman tape. Before it was drawn though, it was a sketch on twitter

I was wondering if poorly drawn pokemon on washi tape was a good idea, and mightier/endy was basically like YES GOOD and we expanded on the joke of just poorly drawn creatures

WHEN SHE SAID BEEGACHOW I just DIED, and had to draw what it would have looked like if poobeyman starring “ashlee catchup” was real:

From there it just spiraled…

And then I posted it on tumblr and during my annual valentines event one of the options on the form for your fandom preferences was “BEEGACHOW”

Those who selected BEEGACHOW got a valentine that looks like this (in addition to their normal one)

Now I order my prints from catprint, and they always send me extras so I got a whole load of beegachows with no recipients, so i passed them out to friends at Katsucon (falls on valentines), this is where most of my friends started knowing beegachow including daniellesylvan who has since been beegachows #1 fan. By this point screaming BEEGACHOW and BEEGA BEEGA at each other started to be A Thing.

After Katsu I sort of tweeted about if i should make a beegachow charm since everyone at the con was like THIS IS AMAZING OMG. In progress here and comforting myself here.

In the end i got them made out of my own pocket because i thought it would just be a hilarious in joke among friends. I thought I could sell them for half price just to cover the cost of printing them basically since they looked.. so bad.. 

When they finally came I was already heading to Hawaii for Kawaii Kon, so it’s first days alive where in the Hawaiian sun :) 

(Photo courtesy c-dra on instagram)

So yea. Sold them at Kawaii. Sold out. Sold them at Anime Boston, Sold out again. I will restock a small amount for Fanime/AwesomeCon/A-kon I think? $5 fridays probalby! With a possible expansion of the line even maybe??(squartl anyone?)

Hopefully this has given everyone insight on 2015′s obviously elite top tier meme, Beegachow. Remember it’s name was thought up by mightier and not me lol.

May its name live forever, bless its dear heart. 

So my girlfriend really wanted one of those anime boob mousepads, but with JoJo’s ass instead of boobs. But when I looked online, it appeared no such thing existed yet. And so it came to pass that I decided to make my own.

Now that her birthday celebration has come and gone, I can finally post this monstrositybeatiful work of art here on tumblr. And let me tell you. It is So. Squishy. So Protrude. So Butt. I firmly believe this is the worstbest thing I have ever created.

Incidentally, I have 9 more of these sitting in a box because order minimums. 

Thanks to @c-dra for providing advice when I was working on this!


Last day of Animazement was great!  We sold out of our Missing Moment books (don’t worry, there will be more printed eventually!) and several of our prints! Steven Universe was super popular for both prints and requests. Thank you to everyone who got a commission! Above are some of my favorite ones. XD

There were a lot of great cosplays, and I made some new friends who I hope to see at future cons (or maybe locally!)  One of which is the super talented c-dra who drew the above Anna/Elsa pic and Dahlia fanart! I’ve been a big fan of both these drawings and seen them floating around Tumblr, but never knew they were by the same person. So good to meet another Dahlia fan. <3 <3 <3

There are more artists I want to give shoutouts to, but their prints/business cards are in the car and I am too tired to go get them right now… but I had such a wonderful time meeting you all and I hope we can hang out again. <3


Since the year’s coming to an end, I wanted to make a follow forever to celebrate it, and well, I always wanted to make one so hey! I’ve been here for about over a year now, so i felt like making one would be appropriate. Anyways, these last few weeks have been really busy, so this is a bit rushed orz

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