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New double-sided phone charm designs! I was feeling nostalgic and Hey Arnold! was one of my favorite cartoons growing up so I just had to do it. 

They should arrive sometime next week along with my other restocked charms, so to those who pre-ordered from my store, your orders will be shipped out soon! Thanks for your patience!

So my girlfriend really wanted one of those anime boob mousepads, but with JoJo’s ass instead of boobs. But when I looked online, it appeared no such thing existed yet. And so it came to pass that I decided to make my own.

Now that her birthday celebration has come and gone, I can finally post this monstrositybeatiful work of art here on tumblr. And let me tell you. It is So. Squishy. So Protrude. So Butt. I firmly believe this is the worstbest thing I have ever created.

Incidentally, I have 9 more of these sitting in a box because order minimums. 

Thanks to @c-dra for providing advice when I was working on this!


Since the year’s coming to an end, I wanted to make a follow forever to celebrate it, and well, I always wanted to make one so hey! I’ve been here for about over a year now, so i felt like making one would be appropriate. Anyways, these last few weeks have been really busy, so this is a bit rushed orz

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