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How to Save a Life- Chapter Fifty (Epilogue)

Here is the final chapter of How to Save a Life!!! A huge thank you goes to Karley of dwyerdaily for helping me come up with ideas for this epilogue! I hope y'all enjoy this last chapter and please hit the heart and leave your feedback!! :D

***12 years later, 2025. Hadley’s Point of View***

“It’s been so long since the last time we did this” Conor says heavily, trailing his lips down my neck and moving his hands to the bottom of my pajama top. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, darling” I reply between happy sighs. My husband’s mouth feels so good and familiar on my skin, sucking on that sweet spot that always drives me wild.

Our bedroom is dark, but the room suddenly fills with a quick flash of light coming in from the windows, but we’re too caught up in each other to notice or care. Followed by the flash of light is a huge clap of thunder.

“Crap, it’s a storm” I whisper.

“So?” Conor hisses back, starting to push down my pajama pants. “Its perfect weather to get close to someone.”
“Yeah, someone meaning the kids” I remind him. “You know Rory and Mackenzie are scared of thunderstorms.”

Conor sighs and pulls away, bracing himself above me, his huge hands on either side of my head. “They went to bed two hours ago. I bet they’ll sleep through the storm.”

As if on cue, the pitter-patter sound of two pairs of tiny feet makes its way down the hall. I hear a squeaking of a doorknob and the thud of the bedroom door as it hits the wall.

“Mommy! It’s thundering!” our 4 year-old daughter shrieks in her high pitched voice.

“I’m scared!” Rory, our 3 year-old son shrieks alongside his sister. Conor sighs again and just shakes his head at me in disbelief. I respond with a silent, smug smile. Mother always knows best.

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Hey everybody!!! I know y'all probably forgot about this story because I haven’t updated in 2 months (whoops!) but I finally had sufficient time today to write the epilogue of How to Save a Life!! It will be posted tomorrow, and it will be the end of the story. I hope all of y'all enjoy it! Look out for it starting at 6pm EST tomorrow! Thank you for being so patient with me during the course of this story! I never expected it to take so long to write (over a year), but I think it’s been worth the wait, and I hope y'all think so too! 

Xoxo, Annabelle