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How to Save a Life- Chapter Fifty (Epilogue)

Here is the final chapter of How to Save a Life!!! A huge thank you goes to Karley of dwyerdaily for helping me come up with ideas for this epilogue! I hope y'all enjoy this last chapter and please hit the heart and leave your feedback!! :D

***12 years later, 2025. Hadley’s Point of View***

“It’s been so long since the last time we did this” Conor says heavily, trailing his lips down my neck and moving his hands to the bottom of my pajama top. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, darling” I reply between happy sighs. My husband’s mouth feels so good and familiar on my skin, sucking on that sweet spot that always drives me wild.

Our bedroom is dark, but the room suddenly fills with a quick flash of light coming in from the windows, but we’re too caught up in each other to notice or care. Followed by the flash of light is a huge clap of thunder.

“Crap, it’s a storm” I whisper.

“So?” Conor hisses back, starting to push down my pajama pants. “Its perfect weather to get close to someone.”
“Yeah, someone meaning the kids” I remind him. “You know Rory and Mackenzie are scared of thunderstorms.”

Conor sighs and pulls away, bracing himself above me, his huge hands on either side of my head. “They went to bed two hours ago. I bet they’ll sleep through the storm.”

As if on cue, the pitter-patter sound of two pairs of tiny feet makes its way down the hall. I hear a squeaking of a doorknob and the thud of the bedroom door as it hits the wall.

“Mommy! It’s thundering!” our 4 year-old daughter shrieks in her high pitched voice.

“I’m scared!” Rory, our 3 year-old son shrieks alongside his sister. Conor sighs again and just shakes his head at me in disbelief. I respond with a silent, smug smile. Mother always knows best.

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I did one of these for Ryan, so I felt the need to do one for Conor too. 

Raise your hand if your ovaries have been personally harmed by Conor Dwyer

He’s a swimmer… duh

Don’t be fooled. Conor Dwyer may look like your typical gorgeous, life ruining, muscle building swimmer, but in reality, he is so much more than that. 

Conor Dwyer is like the Ken doll I never had. I had never seen anyone so beautifully chiseled. 

The Olympic Village is crucial because you got everybody there. You’ve got your wrestlers, soccer stars, fencers, table tennis players, girls who play volleyball, boys who play volleyball, divers, archers, ballers, gymnasts (the greatest people you will ever meet), and the worst, beware of the SWIM TEAM. 

Oh my God Conor you can’t just go around making people’s ovaries explode

I saw Conor Dwyer wearing jeans and Louis Vuitton sneakers so I bought jeans and Louis Vuitton sneakers. 

Conor Dwyer; how do I even begin to describe Conor Dwyer?
Conor Dwyer is flawless. He has three brothers and a sister. I hear his biceps are insured for $10,000. I hear he does Water for People commercials, with Ryan Lochte! His favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. One time he met the Fierce Five, and they told him he was cute. One time he ruined my life… I REGRET NOTHING.  

The Conor Dwyer pattern

Hopefully, I’m not the only one in this fandom creepy enough to notice that Conor has some odd habits when it comes to twitter. He always:

1. Follows super models on twitter
2. Attempts to send them a flirty tweet to get their attention
3. The model ignores the tweet and neglects to follow poor Conor back
4. Conor gets embarrassed and deletes the tweet and/or unfollows the model

I feel so bad for him! Poor boy he’s just looking for some female attention, but twitter is really not the place to look for it. The only social media site he should look for potential girlfriends on is tumblr ;)

How to Save a Life- Chapter Thirty

It’s been so long since the last time we hooked up Conor thinks to himself as he pushes Emily against the hotel room wall and kisses her roughly, more than ready to treat himself to some no-strings-attached sex. The Olympian wastes no time yanking off the model’s white tank top and dropping it on the floor next to him, growing both impatient and hard.

Emily seems just as eager to do this as he is, grabbing the belt buckle on Conor’s jeans and undoing it rapidly so she can push his pants to the ground. She moans loudly as her booty call starts to kiss the sweet spot on her neck and tugs her shorts off. He knows just what I like the model thinks to herself. I’ve got to make him my boyfriend and not just my fuck buddy she silently vows as her shorts hit the floor and she steps out of them, kicking them aside.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Twenty Two (NC:17)

Hadley parks her car on the curb and marches up to the front door of Conor’s house before she can lose her nerve, turn around, and come up with some excuse to bail. She had been so nervous prior to coming here that she had to play pump up music on the car ride over and give herself a pep talk to get psyched.

“You are one hell of a sexy bitch and you are going to blow Conor away with your moves” Hadley told herself as she turned her car onto the swimmer’s street.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Eight

Hope all y'all like it! Leave love please! 

The days crawl along at the pace of a snail, or so it seems to Hadley who is more than anxious to get out of this hospital. A girl can only eat packaged pudding and wear a hospital gown for so long before she reaches the end of her rope. Hadley can’t wait get back to her family waiting for her back at their suburban Baltimore home, knowing Rosie, Finn, and her father are eager to have her help with the daily duties.

Finally, the day comes where Doctor Shepherd comes into my daughter’s room to inform her she no longer needs to stay here. It just so happens Conor, who has become quite a frequent visitor of Hadley during her recovery, is there when the doctor breaks the news. Doctor Shepherd knocks before he enters, noticing how close the patient and her donor are sitting.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Thirty Nine

My youngest daughter is smart enough to know that you should never reveal your hand before you play it. She knows it would be in everybody’s best interests if she kept fact that she knew about Hadley and Conor’s breakup a secret from Hadley. If Rosie wants any prayer of getting the two of them back together again, she needs Hadley to be in the dark as much as possible.

After her grueling yet rewarding swim practice, Rosie collapses onto the passenger seat of Hadley’s car.

“Tough practice, huh kiddo?” Hadley asks, surveying her sister’s damp hair and exhausted posture.

“You have no idea” Rosie replies. “He worked me hard today, but I needed to be. I haven’t been in the water since before Thanksgiving.”

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Six

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Conor and Hadley share a little more subtlety flirtatious conversation, exchanging frequent smiles and laughs now that the ice has been broken between them. Now, they can finally talk to each other about something other than Hadley’s injuries. They get to know each other better, Hadley careful not to reveal that she knows anything about Conor, still embarrassed she had spent the morning researching him.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty Five

Conor and the team couldn’t do too much celebrating after his 400 IM victory. Team USA was still way behind the European All Stars in terms of points, and they only had one more day to pull it around and pull ahead. Despite Conor’s, along with a couple of other teammates’ victories, Team USA went to bed the night of the 20th feeling a little disappointed yet determined. Luckily, Conor’s best events, the 200 IM and 200 freestyle, are tomorrow, and America needs him to kick butt on those to close the gap.

The hazel eyed swimmer receives his share of celebratory kisses from his girlfriend once he sees her after the events wrap up for the night, but nothing more.

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Hey everybody!!! I know y'all probably forgot about this story because I haven’t updated in 2 months (whoops!) but I finally had sufficient time today to write the epilogue of How to Save a Life!! It will be posted tomorrow, and it will be the end of the story. I hope all of y'all enjoy it! Look out for it starting at 6pm EST tomorrow! Thank you for being so patient with me during the course of this story! I never expected it to take so long to write (over a year), but I think it’s been worth the wait, and I hope y'all think so too! 

Xoxo, Annabelle