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Cheer Up, Buttercup

DeanCas + “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

aka. in which i accidentally wrote the wrong prompt for someone… but this was super long so here we go. 

The car accident had been horrific as it was. Left Cas with nightmares and Dean in a coma.

Cas couldn’t stay at the hospital as much as he wanted though, not when they had their two year old daughter to look after. Dean was the best at everything with her. Singing her to sleep, distracting her while he changed her nappy. Playing silly hideaway games when he got home from work which left her giggling. Hell, he could even feed her better than he could. He was a mess.

Grace cried every night. He was tired. She was tired and everything seemed to be falling apart all because some drunken idiot on the road couldn’t get a taxi home.

He was fortunate enough to come away with very little injuries, superficial cuts, bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder. He managed though, the pain medication that he was given was working a treat and allowed him to pick Grace up whenever she threw her little arms up at him.

Wednesday came round once again and he had the time to visit Dean. He entered the all too familiar hospital with Grace in her pushchair and went straight to Dean’s room. He shared it with two other people, both of them in comas too.

“Hello, Dean.” Cas greeted. The doctors had told him it’d be good for him to talk to him. Castiel just hated that Dean would never answer him. Cas sat himself down in the plush chair that was beside Dean’s bed. Dean still had bandages wrapped around his head, from where he’d hit it against the steering wheel of the Impala. Cas knew he’d have a scar there, just like he’d have a scar on his shoulder from a piece of glass. There were wires and various tubes everywhere. Dean’s breathing tube had been removed though. That was different since he saw him on Sunday, which was good, it was progress.

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Wake up

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All you remember was driving back to the bunker after a long hunt, then you heard Sam shout something then blackness.

“WHAT, DO YOU MEAN SHE’S IN A COMA?” Dean screamed at the doctor he was mad and upset. “Sir, your sister is suffering many injuries, so her body has punter in this state so she can heal.” the doctor said quietly and calm.

Dean looked at his beautiful sister, just laying in the hospital bed with tubes coming out of her everywhere, then he looked at Sam who just seemed as broken as (y/n) was

“How long will she be in her c..com…coma for?” Dean could barely speak he was on the edge of a breakdown. “Hopefully, she will come out of the coma state quickly, but we can’t tell for sure. The doctor walked out of the room pretty quickly. 

Sam just stared at your fragile body he couldn’t believe you were in this state. He wanted to kill the man that crashed into baby, why did you have to be in the hospital bed, Sam just was in shock still.

The room was silent, both boy’s just sitting praying for you to wake up, hoping you would just wake up. Then the heart monitor started beeping more intense Sam and Dean called, screamed for a nurse.

You were sleeping in the hospital bed, with no tubes anymore the doctors said you’ve came out of the coma and just are waiting for you to wake up “Come on (y/n), you gotta wake up… please” Dean choked on his words.

You woke up, you opened your eyes to see Sam looking down with tears down his eyes “Sam, stop crying” your throat was dry and sore but you didn’t care. Sam and Deans heads shot up and just relief washed over there faces. 

“(Y/N), thank god”, Dean hugged you tightly and wouldn’t let go. “I swear you scare us like that again, you’re grounded” Dean chuckled, you didn’t care you were just glad to see them. 

Thank you guys, for reading i really enjoyed writing this one. Please send in more requests, love you guys AFK