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hey can i ask for some HC if u're not too busy :) [jungkook being a producer and his lovely boyfriend is a dance teacher. jungkook gets too caught up in work producing for a high end singer and over the months, has broken promises on dinner dates with jimin, and leaving him alone at home. one day he gets a call that said jimin's in a coma at the hospital because their house was intruded by a group of burglars and jimin was beaten up by them.] angst but a happy ending pls :))

+ “you should make a dance for a idol group.” Jungkook says from Jimins lap as his Husband reads a novel. “You’ll do a amazing job, I’m sure of it.”

+ Jimin smiles as his hand thread through Jungkook’s locks.

+ “I like working with the kids though. They’re cute and playful. Idols would be stressful.” Jimin says making eye contact with his Husband laying on his lap, “at least you say they’re stressful.”

+ “They are fine, companies suck.” Jungkook says turning so he is laying on his side, nose digging into Jimin’s stomach. “But the pay out is good when the song I made makes number one.”

+ “That’s cause you make good music.” Jimin says with a soft chuckle, his tummy is very ticklish and Jungkook keeps rubbing his nose on him.

+ Jungkook kisses Jimin’s stomach before laying on his back again, head resting on Jimin’s thigh. “Let’s go on a date on Thursday.” Jungkook says closing his eyes. “I wanna go on a date.”

+ “ok.” Jimin smiles lightly pinching Jungkook’s nose. “Where are we going?” “Let’s go to that new Thai restaurant. I hear it’s very good.” “Ok, let’s go.” “Awesome, let make a-”

+ Jungkook hears his phone ringing and they both look at the Samsung on the coffee table in front of them. Jungkook groans in annoyance but shifts to answer it. “Yeah Yoongi Hyung?” Jimin giggles then returns to his book as he goes back to running his fingers through Jungkook’s hair.

+ “Seriously!?” Jungkook says suddenly shooting into the sitting position. Jimin looks at his Husband in small shock before curiosity takes over. “Ok, ok, I’ll start right away, bye.” Jungkook swirls around, eyes glowing as a huge smile is on his face. Jimin smiles in return, their quite time is over, “Hyung! You know BTS?” “Jungkook who doesn’t know BTS?” “Hyung! They want me to help produce a single with them!”

+ Jimin smiles grows as he finds himself bouncing with Jungkook. “Oh my God, babe thats amazing!” “I know!” Jungkook leans forward and pull Jimin into a sweet yet passionate kiss before just pecking the males face making Jimin laugh. “Im going to head to the studio and start working cause if it is BTS then it has to be perfect!”

+ Jimin nods in understanding. Once Jungkook gets motivated to work there is no stopping him. It sucks a little because that means Jimin will sleep alone tonight but the joy on Jungkook’s face is warm enough to let him sleep.

+ “ok, be safe ok.” Jimin says grasping Jungkook’s hand, “and make sure you get it done before Thursday.”

+ “No way am I missing out date Hyung!” Jungkook kisses Jimin once more before running around the house to head out.

+ Jimin barely saw Jungkook the rest of the week, and when he did he was dropping off food for his Husband so he can eat. Jungkook chatters excitedly about the song and the members making Jimin smile.

+ Jungkook really loved his job and gets sucked in. Jimin doesn’t mind, but it hurts when Jungkook forgets about everything else.

+ Jimin sent his 10th message asking when Jungkook wanted to eat at the new Thai restaurant. Jungkook never responded and Jimin gave up when it reach 8:30 pm that Thursday night.

+ “Hyung I’m so so-” “it’s ok, did they like the song?” “They loved it so much they want me to produce more songs for their album!” “That’s amazing!” “I know! But I can’t believe I- on Monday for sure we are going on a date! For sure Hyung!”

+ Jimin frowns as Monday rolls right on through with no Jungkook in sight.

+ Jungkook looks like a kick puppy that Tuesday night holding Jimin’s favorite flowers and Jimin laughs at him. But then few days past and Jungkook doesn’t leave to studio at all.

+ Jungkook was bobbing his head to some music as he reaches to down his 3rd energy drink that night. This track is almost done! Jungkook can already see the nods from the BTS boys as they hear it. It’s just their style.

+ Jungkook pulls off his head phones for a moment so he can roll his chair over to the candy stash on his mini fridge when his phone starts to ring.

+ “Hello?” “Hello, are you the Husband of Park Jimin ssi?” Jungkook eyes widen at the sound of the ladies voice “Yeah, yeah I’m Park Jungkook. Is something wrong?”

+ “There was a reported break in at your apartment an hour ago and your husband is hurt.” “Hurt!?” Jungkook shoots up from his chair, eyes large already filling with tears “How bad? Is he ok? Can I speak with him!?” “Mr. Park… your husband is in surgery.”

+ Jungkook broke some traffic laws driving to the hospital as he keeps wiping at his eyes as fear takes over him.

+ “Your husband is stable.” The doctor says standing with Jungkook in front of Jimin’s hospital room. “But damage to his brain was very severe and we had to induce him into a medical coma.”

+ Jungkook mouth drys up, “c-coma? When will he wake up?” The doctor shook his head softly “we can assume anywhere between a couple weeks to even a couple years.”

+ Jungkook holds back a sob long enough to get into the hospital room and to wait for the nurses to be done with her check up. Jungkook cries into Jimin’s hand that was brused as random tubes kept Jimin alive.

+ The police said the break in happen at 2am and Jimin called the police once he hear the noise. But once Jimin notice they were trying to take off with Jungkook’s laptop (the laptop that holds some of Jungkook’s unpublished tracks on it) Jimin tried to stop them and got jumped by the group.

+ Jungkook would trash his whole studio if it meant Jimin would wake up.

+ Yoongi took over producing with BTS while Jungkook visted the hospital everyday to be beside Jimin. Jungkook couldn’t handle the though of Jimin waking up alone like he has every night for the past few weeks.

+ Jimin’s brother has been stopping by with cloths and food so Jungkook can function, but Jungkook was a bigger wreck. Good new is that the people who broke in were caught a month later. But Jimin was still in his coma.

+ Jungkook prayed every night begging to some God to bring his Husband back to him. He swore he’d be the best husband. He won’t over work himself, he’ll be home every night, he won’t forget any dates and won’t leave Jimin alone.

+ Jungkook woke up one morning nine months later with a hand softly brushing through his hair. Jungkook sob when he saw Jimin’s tired eyes and soft smile as he kept petting his Husband.

+ Jungkook moves them to a new apartment and true to his word he comes home every night to hug Jimin to sleep, swearing he’ll never let go.

Big Bang reactions to their gf getting severely hurt on an accident

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He was working with his members in the studio for their comeback when he got the call. He couldn’t believe you got in a car accident. He didn’t want to explain to the others yet so he just told them he has to go because it’s urgent. He came as fast as he could. When he saw you connected to all of those machines he shed a few tears and then sat next to your bed, holding your hand. He stayed by your side until Daesung and Taeyang came to the hospital to pick him up. He didn’t want to leave you, so Daesung stayed with you and promised if anything changed he’ll call. He was really emotional when he heard you almost died. He couldn’t imagine how would he live without you.
“She’s in a coma, I c-can’t leave-e h-her like that…”

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It was late at night when you were going home from work. You texted Jiyong you’re getting home and suddenly while you were passing the road, a drunk driver hit you. You didn’t even see him because he was too fast. In one moment you felt everything, but nothing. An hour later Jiyong got a call from the hospital and immediately left. He was lucky because today was his day off, but he planned a great date for today and it all crashed, his whole plan. He was scared to hear what the doctor will say. He entered the room, saw you in bandages and laying still. He ran to your bed and told you how worried he is. He couldn’t believe you were the unlucky person who got hit by a drunk driver. He decided he’ll find him since he didn’t even stop and call an ambulance. He had his mind on finding him.
“Don’t worry Jagiya, I’ll find him, okay? Just wake up… Please.*Leans to your head and kisses you*”

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Your day started couple hours ago and it was already time for lunch. You went to lunch with your co-workers in a car. But while you were driving a truck driver hit you and your car fell off a bridge, but on your luck, it wasn’t very high and the river beneath it was peaceful. He was just practicing with some rookies and it was their 10-minute break when he got a call from the hospital. He couldn’t leave them like that but when he told the staff you were in the hospital they let him go because after all you were his girlfriend and he deeply cared about you. He came and a doctor told him, you have to go through 2 difficult operations and you’ll have scars for the rest of your life. He just sat next to your bed and prayed for you. He was only hoping for help and praying for you.
“Please…Don’t take her away from me… Please, I beg you…*Holds your hand*”

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You just texted him you’re going to do some grocery shopping when a car hit you. You saw the car, but you didn’t see him moving towards you. He just texted you back, when you were laying on the road, blood coming out of your nose, your arms were broken… Luckily you regained your conciseness for a while in an ambulance and you asked them to call Daesung. They called him and he was really shocked and couldn’t believe it at first. He didn’t want to believe it. He rushed to the hospital and saw you laying in the bed, nurses besides you, getting you ready for your operation. He watched them take you away to the operation room and stayed there a whole night until they finished. He texted other members in a group chat telling them you were in the hospital and they called him and cheered him up.
“But hyungs… She might not be okay… They said she has to go through 3 more operations…”

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Your day normally started early in the morning, but for today you decided to get up little later and when you did you dressed up and went to the mall with your friends. On the way back, while you were driving on the main road, another car tried to go past you but ended up hitting a truck and pushing you beneath the truck. You were unconcise when the ambulance came and drove you to the hospital. They found your phone and called your boyfriend who you had saved as an emergancy contact. He was at home working and when they called him and told him everything, he left the papers and asked his manager to do them and hurried to the hospital. When he saw you, he couldn’t help but cry. He stayed with you until he could, after a few days you woke up and since you’d gotten better he came back to work. He never forgot that feeling when he got a call from the hospital.
“She’s getting better, right?”

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Mad as a cut snake – or save Eric Coulter

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My first (and most likely last) one-shot about Captain Boomerang! :D I haven’t read much about him or anything with Australian slang so it was pretty hard getting the hang of it. I had to alter most or all of his story to fit in the divergent universe but I hope you still like it! 

If anything is so wrong you can´t stand it tell me & I will change it :D

Thank you for reading! :)

Oneshot word count: 8140

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Digger: a soldier

Lightning stroke over the glass dome in the interrogation room at the candor headquarters, the raging storm and the pounding rain mirroring the emotions, overshadowing the scene inside.

The young leader was kneeling on the floor, hands folded in front of him, still wearing his trademark smirk as he looked up at his biggest nemesis. Standing over him, Four had his gun cocked ready to end his life.

But not even now staring right into the face of death was Eric scared. Dying had never been part of his fear landscape and if he had to leave this life now, at least he knew the guilt of killing him would forever wear down the man that claims to be the epitome of dauntless.

That was enough Legacy for him.

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He Hurts You After A Fight Without Meaning To: Part 2

Part 1


Where is she? She hasn’t come back, hasn’t called, hasn’t even made a simple way to contact him. Harry is pacing, hands in his hair as he tugs at the roots. He has never panicked more in his life. Nobody has seen her, nobody has spoken to her. Where the hell could she be? Without him? Without anyone? 

“Fucking shit” he mumbled, tears welling in his eyes when he realizes she’s been ignoring him. 

He needs her, now, with him. He needs her safe. Harry immediately grabs his keys and cell phone, planning on looking for her, even if it took all night. He wasn’t going to quit. 

“Come on, Y/n” he mumbles to himself, opening the front door in aggravation. 

He suddenly takes a step back, a gasp immediately leaving his lips as he takes in the image in front of him. Y/n, on the ground, limp, with blood on the ground surrounding her. His heart picks up speed, hands clenching at his sides as his thoughts race with worry.

“Y/n?” He whispers, hoping, praying that she’s awake somehow. But not any part of her is responsive.

“Please, God, no” he sobs, immediately assuming the worst.

She looks so dead. Her skin fare, blood dripping from her forehead, body more still than anything he’s ever seen, and he’s quick to realize how this is the only time he’s been near her where she hasn’t jumped up to kiss him.

And it’s his fault.

“Y/n. Y/n, you have to answer me, baby. Please” He chokes, gently sitting on his knees before her.

He sticks his hands out, as if wanting to grab her, but he doesn’t know how. One wrong hold and he could damage her even worse. His hands shake, reaching back towards his body a couple more times.

“No no no”

He’s sobbing, so lost in it he doesn’t even give a thought about how to handle the situation.

“Come on. Can you hear me? You have to let me know if you can hear me.”

Nothing. Nothing. No hand squeezing, no eye twitch, not a single indication she can even smell him; feel him.

If he could stay with her until she was up, he would. But he knows, all too well, there is no way she’d be save another hour without professional help. So, he is quick to call an ambulance, desperate for his girl to be okay, because, God, if she isn’t, Harry wouldn’t leave his house for months.

He grabs her again. His tearful, wild eyes looking for any more traces of damage she could have experienced during the fall. There is nothing, and for a split second, Harry is happy she has no other damages on her, until he realizes this means she didn’t protect herself.

His lips quiver, eyes flooding over until they spill over the edge. There is nothing he can process. He has done this to her, it was all him. The fighting, the screaming, the fear in her, the way she backed away from him, her running away, the door closing so fast and so close behind her that she had no choice but to fall. It was all him.

Harry holds her like he’s hugging her. Her head against his, and her legs around his waist. He doesn’t mind the small amount of blood still driving from the gash on her forehead. It feels natural to him, as if he’s actually with her, just for a couple of seconds.

“I’m sorry” he whispers in agony, small pecks of delicate kisses being placed on her neck. “This is all me. Not your fault at all”

“You can kill me later, kill me so fucking hard Y/n. I don’t care. Yell at me until death. I just wanna be with you.”

His tears have left wet blotches along her neck, and his harsh grips are leaving marks upon her skin, but she always said it was her favorite part of her.

It hasn’t been long where Harry just sits holding her. Body crushing holds and passionate kisses, even though she can’t feel them. He wishes now more than ever that he wouldn’t be so goddamn jealous all the time. if he would have just been rational, understanding, none of this would have happened. But seeing some man fucking his girl for the movie they were casted for set something off within him.

It was as if he was a match being stricken on a rough surface, the millisecond before igniting.

“Sir, sir, excuse me, sir.” A voice rambles behind him.

He turns to look at the woman with desperation, Y/n’s head cradled in his hands, tears running consistently down his face.

“Help her. Please help her.” He whispers through clenched teeth.

The paramedic nods, sliding the stretcher over to her. She glances at Harry, who is mumbling incoherent apologies as he pets her hair.

“Sir, do you know what happened? What is her name?” another paramedic asks, papers clipped on a clipboard and her pen settled stiffly in her hand.

“Her name is Y/n. Y/n Y/l/n. S—someone shut the door right behind her and I guess it hit her, a—and she fell. I don’t even know h—how long she’s been out.”

She nods as she writes down the information. “Alright. We need to get her to the emergency room immediately. She could be in a coma as far as I’m concerned, we need to get her out now. Linda! Call the hospital, she’s lost a horrible amount of blood!”

Everything around Harry seemed to go in slow motion. From the paramedics taking her away from him, to placing her to the back of the emergency vehicle, everything was coming out as a blur.

“C—coma?” He gasps, hand immediately being placed on his chest, guilt immediately and fully taking its toll on him.

“A coma? H—how? W—what?”

“With all of the blood loss and the incredible amount of impact that was taken place during her fall, it seems like she has a better chance of being in one than just being in shock.”

Harry’s face goes completely pale. His Y/n, his beautiful, lively, perfect Y/n, un a coma. The thought makes his eyes squeeze shut and his stomach wanting to throw up everything out of it.

All he can manage to think about was that this is all his fault.

Cheer Up, Buttercup

DeanCas + “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

aka. in which i accidentally wrote the wrong prompt for someone… but this was super long so here we go. 

The car accident had been horrific as it was. Left Cas with nightmares and Dean in a coma.

Cas couldn’t stay at the hospital as much as he wanted though, not when they had their two year old daughter to look after. Dean was the best at everything with her. Singing her to sleep, distracting her while he changed her nappy. Playing silly hideaway games when he got home from work which left her giggling. Hell, he could even feed her better than he could. He was a mess.

Grace cried every night. He was tired. She was tired and everything seemed to be falling apart all because some drunken idiot on the road couldn’t get a taxi home.

He was fortunate enough to come away with very little injuries, superficial cuts, bruised ribs and a dislocated shoulder. He managed though, the pain medication that he was given was working a treat and allowed him to pick Grace up whenever she threw her little arms up at him.

Wednesday came round once again and he had the time to visit Dean. He entered the all too familiar hospital with Grace in her pushchair and went straight to Dean’s room. He shared it with two other people, both of them in comas too.

“Hello, Dean.” Cas greeted. The doctors had told him it’d be good for him to talk to him. Castiel just hated that Dean would never answer him. Cas sat himself down in the plush chair that was beside Dean’s bed. Dean still had bandages wrapped around his head, from where he’d hit it against the steering wheel of the Impala. Cas knew he’d have a scar there, just like he’d have a scar on his shoulder from a piece of glass. There were wires and various tubes everywhere. Dean’s breathing tube had been removed though. That was different since he saw him on Sunday, which was good, it was progress.

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Wake up

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All you remember was driving back to the bunker after a long hunt, then you heard Sam shout something then blackness.

“WHAT, DO YOU MEAN SHE’S IN A COMA?” Dean screamed at the doctor he was mad and upset. “Sir, your sister is suffering many injuries, so her body has punter in this state so she can heal.” the doctor said quietly and calm.

Dean looked at his beautiful sister, just laying in the hospital bed with tubes coming out of her everywhere, then he looked at Sam who just seemed as broken as (y/n) was

“How long will she be in her c..com…coma for?” Dean could barely speak he was on the edge of a breakdown. “Hopefully, she will come out of the coma state quickly, but we can’t tell for sure. The doctor walked out of the room pretty quickly. 

Sam just stared at your fragile body he couldn’t believe you were in this state. He wanted to kill the man that crashed into baby, why did you have to be in the hospital bed, Sam just was in shock still.

The room was silent, both boy’s just sitting praying for you to wake up, hoping you would just wake up. Then the heart monitor started beeping more intense Sam and Dean called, screamed for a nurse.

You were sleeping in the hospital bed, with no tubes anymore the doctors said you’ve came out of the coma and just are waiting for you to wake up “Come on (y/n), you gotta wake up… please” Dean choked on his words.

You woke up, you opened your eyes to see Sam looking down with tears down his eyes “Sam, stop crying” your throat was dry and sore but you didn’t care. Sam and Deans heads shot up and just relief washed over there faces. 

“(Y/N), thank god”, Dean hugged you tightly and wouldn’t let go. “I swear you scare us like that again, you’re grounded” Dean chuckled, you didn’t care you were just glad to see them. 

Thank you guys, for reading i really enjoyed writing this one. Please send in more requests, love you guys AFK