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hawke remembers babysitting the twins when they were just toddlers. bethany’s magic manifested for the first time when carver pulled on her pigtails. a lump of dirt flew up and hit his shoulder, and carver fell backwards with a yelp, more surprised than hurt.

hawke remembers her mother running outside to see the twins wide-eyed in fear. she remembers leandra turning to her with accusations in her eyes.

she remembers feeling helpless.

hawke remembers her father always looking over his shoulder after that, his easy smile not so easy anymore, his jaw more tense and his eyes harder.

she remembers the way his self-defense lessons became about protecting others instead of herself, and how at age 10 her babysitting equipment started to include daggers.

she remembers her father leading the way as they moved from village to village, and she remembers bringing up the rear, watching her family ahead of her and noticing, with every step, that none of them looked back to her.

except for leandra.

whenever one of the twins tripped, or got stung by a hornet or complained of hunger or fatigue, leandra shot a look back at hawke, full of expectation and disappointment. do something, it said.

hawke remembers never knowing what she was supposed to do. but she never forgets that look from her mother.

do something.

do something.

she wishes she had been able to.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Skye / Daisy Johnson [INFP]

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Skye is driven by a very internal system of values, whether that system lines up with the world around her or not. She places strong importance on people knowing the truth about the world around them, and has no issue with breaking the law or making enemies in pursuit of that belief—but she is open to using new information to re-shape the path she takes, as long as that path is still true to her inherent sense of right and wrong—such as wanting to join S.H.I.E.L.D. once she learns that their agenda lines up with hers. Skye is extremely sensitive to her own emotions, and to the emotions of the people around her, though she is not always forward about it. She can be expressive, but deals with stress best either on her own (such as taking time to herself to process learning the truth about her past), or through action (such as channeling her emotions into a desire to take down HYRDA—and even her own father—at all costs). She shows a lot of compassion, especially for anyone who might be victimized by circumstances out of their control, and while she has a very strong desire for personal connection and a sense of belonging, she relates the best to the rest of the team in smaller groups, or one-on-one, where she encourages the others (Coulson in particular) to tune into their own feelings.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): When presented with new information, Skye sees possibilities in where it can lead, both good and bad, and she reads people very well. She is intrigued by Quinn’s technology and the opportunities working for him can have, but senses that he has ill intentions and turns down his job offer, though she accepts Coulson’s request to join his team because her instinct tells her he is good—even if she still has reservations on S.H.I.E.L.D. as a whole. When talking to Ward while he is in the brig, she adjusts her approach based on what she reads from his responses, and what will get her what she needs. She finds hope when she learns the truth about herself, because she sees the new directions she can go in her search. Skye feels limited whenever barriers are imposed on her, and would rather have the freedom to explore ideas as they come—something that is noticed by May, who kicks her off the bus for this reason, and Skye thrives, able to improvise and react as she sees new paths open up. She frequently offers suggestions the others on the team don’t see, because she can easily look past the immediate problem to the bigger picture, and does not get caught up in details, always moving from one possible solution to the next.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Skye connects her physical world to meaning based on her experiences. She finds comfort in the closet on the Bus because it reminds her of her van. She understands the significance a special toy can have, and uses Ace’s Hulk doll to prove to him his father is safe and that Ace can trust her. Skye also recalls information about her surroundings and uses them in tense situations, such as deploying the escape raft to block the hull breach because she remembers a safety manual she’d reluctantly read earlier. She romanticizes the idea of family because she never had one but has seen what family could be, and she remembers what the other members of the team have done and how they have responded, and is prepared for them to respond in that way again—but she holds grudges, and does not easily forgive once someone has behaved in a way that causes her or the people she cares for pain.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Skye wants to see results. When she takes in information she wants to do something with it. She turns to hacking to find out about her past, and quickly uses her new skills to go after S.H.I.E.L.D. When the team takes in information she wants to know what the plan is to get the bad guys and save the good guys—a trait that ends up getting her shot, when she isn’t content to just gather intel on Quinn and chooses to take action instead. However, despite her skills as a hacker being reliant on understanding digital systemic organization, Skye continually questions the rules of S.H.I.E.L.D., frustrated that the team’s orders  limit them from doing what is right, and she struggles with Ward’s rigidity while he is her S.O.

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hi could you please make some skye icons with solid colour or textured background please? love your work!

hi, I read this as solid colour only so no textures, but the middle icons have some gradients and stuff so I guess that counts? also pls excuse her face in the middle two, that cap was adorable so I had to use it but there was a funny looking shadow over half her face so I had to (poorly) reconstruct that part of her face otherwise it would have looked even weirder
anyway more colours under the cut

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The Rebound Game

Chapter 2 Preview

Skye looked around the lobby of the lodge, “I think I could sneak away, where to?”

“My house? Me, you, I’ve got Netflix,” he singsonged as he held both of Skye’s hands, “and we can order pizza.”

She hummed, “I do like pizza.”

“Let’s get going then,” he laughed softly, making the smile stay on Skye’s face.

Skye gathered what she needed and then rushed out of the lodge, out of sight of her father, she grabbed her bike and met with Sean who was stood by the gate waiting, “I feel so rebellious.”

“I have that affect on people,” Sean chuckled.

They made their way to Sean’s house, barely speaking as they biked along the tracks. Sean’s mind was occupied thinking about his best friend and his ex-girlfriend, how they weren’t exactly a match made in heaven. Sean wouldn’t know this, but the same thing was on Skye’s mind. How her ex-boyfriend had looked so happy with Danielle, and perhaps she should have chosen Ben that day…


Imagine having little scratches and bruises all over your face, neck and arms and Skye “patching” them up with colorful plasters which end up making you look like a christmas tree. You both end up laughing and having fun while she does it

Requested by Anon | Gif not mine | Fic submitted by thekaitj

“You should really let me look at that, Y/N.” Skye smiles, gesturing
to all of the small cuts and bruises you managed to acquire on the
latest mission. “Simmons is busy with Hunter, but she said those cuts
should be cleaned.”

You sigh, really just wanting to go to sleep. “Fine.” You let Skye lead you over to one of the empty med bays, and you sit on the bed.

“I have good news and bad news.” Skye says. “Good news is, I found the plasters. Bad news is they’re all neon colored.“ She sits down in front of you and she starts with the cuts on your face.

You flinch when she dabs at the first cut, "Ouch! That stings.”

“You are such a baby.” She teases. She quickly cleans the cuts and begins to apply the plasters to your face. She sits back to admire her work. Skye chuckles before going back to work on your arms.

“What’s so funny?” You ask.

“You should look in a mirror.” Hunter teases from across the way.

You grab your phone and flip the camera so you can see your face. It’s almost completely covered in different neon colored plasters. “I look like a Christmas tree!” You laugh as Skye repeats the process on both of your arms. “Now the look is complete.” You giggle.

“It’s Christmas in July.” Skye smiles.

“Oh yeah? If it’s Christmas in July, where’s my present?” You stick out your tongue at Skye and get comfortable while for Simmons to finish up with Hunter.