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May I request a scenario where Hanzo and Symmetra and their s/o have a fight before a mission, and at some point they think their love died? Them feeling horrible that their last words were so cruel. The S/O turns out to be fine but the ANGST I THRIVE FOR IT

I’m posting this on mobile so I hope the writing doesn’t clump up on desktop ughh… I only did Hanzo because I couldn’t think of anything to make Symmetra mad but I will keep thinking of it and I’ll write it and tag you in it! This is my first time writing something angsty so I hope it’s despair inducing enough! I even put my hair into Junko Enoshima pigtails to call upon the deepest pits of despair while writing this. Please enjoy!

“What is this?” Hanzo’s words came out harsher than you expected. Hanzo, Genji, and yourself were currently having a discussion just outside Hanamura’s arcade, where your other teammates were getting prepared for their attack.

“He just wants to talk to you. And it hurts me to see you so full of guilt whenever you look at him.” You try sending a smile only for him to return it with a scowl.

“Brother I…” Genji starts.

“No, this is between me and (Y/n)” Hanzo interrupts. You and Genji both look at each other in confusion. This was supposed to be about the brothers, the only role you played in this was getting the two to converse.

“What gives you the right to meddle around in my business?” Hanzo walks towards you, scowl never leaving his face. You suddenly started to shake as he got closer and closer.

You remembered the time he looked at you with so much pride and love. Now, he was looking at you in utter disgust. His arms which were always open to you, comforting you during bad nights and warming you up on cold chilly mornings, now crossed and repelling you away from him. Even his kind words from just a few hours ago rang through your head.

~“I never thought I could feel this happiness ever again.”~

“I just wanted to make things better for you. To make sure you’re always happy! To make sure you never feel how you’ve been feeling for such a long time ever again!” You exclaimed. Hanzo scoffs.

“Nothing in this world could ever bring back my joy. Now I see that it holds true for even you.”

~“You are mine. I will protect you from everything that may cause you harm.”~

“You… You don’t mean that.” Voice cracking, you say to him and to reassure yourself.

“You mean nothing to me. What a waste of time this all was just to lead up to this. All this time I’ve been sleeping next to a snake.”

~“When everything starts to slow down… It would truly be an honour if… we could start a family of our own.”~

You knelt to the floor as you were on the verge of sobbing. Genji kneels down beside you, resting a hand on your shoulder to comfort you. You hadn’t even noticed.

“I’m glad father isn’t alive to watch me stoop so low. Though he must have been turning in his grave this entire time.”

“Hanzo! Think before you speak!” Genji chimes in, trying to stop the situation from getting even more worse than it already was.

“No, I am doing what I should have done a long time ago.” He says grimly.

“You, are not my brother.” He points to the cyborg.

“And you,” he stands in front of your curled up form, “I am not obligated to keep being polite to a companion that over steps their boundaries.” Hanzo scoffs yet again as he walks back into the arcade.

“He didn’t mean any of that (Y/n).” Genji says, embracing you as you sob into his chest.

Despite everything that happened, you still had a mission to carry out. Genji and Tracer immediately went for the backline. Hanzo climbed up various walls to get some shots at the objective. You were with Reinhardt and Ana at the chokepoint, with you dealing damage to any enemies poking the choke safely behind Reinhardt’s shield with Ana taking great care of the both of you and occasionally the others if they were in her line of sight. Ana had noticed the lack of fire in you today, she made a note to keep an especially close eye on you today and to ask what was bothering you after everything was finished.

“My barrier won’t hold forever!” Reinhardt’s booming voice called out. The shield cracked threateningly as it took on more and more damage. Ana put a hand on her healing grenade, preparing for what was to happen next. Unfortunately, she didn’t act fast enough.

The barrier broke and the enemy sniper shot you in the chest immediately after, not even sparing a second of reaction time.

The grenade did hit the floor, yes, but it was because Ana dropped it to catch you as you fell. She presses her hand onto her comm.

“(Y/n) is down. I am taking them back to the safe area. Requesting back up.” She may not be as young as she used to, but she picked you up as if you were nothing more than a sack of flour. She rushed back to the arcade and put you on the first flat surface she saw. Suddenly, Tracer blinked by your side, holding a health pack.

“She gonna be ok doc?” She asks.

“Hard to tell, I might need to call in Angela for this.” She explains as she investigates your wound.

You kept falling in and out of consciousness, every time you opened your eyes they met with someone new each time. Surprisingly, Hanzo was one of them. ‘Sorry’ was all you could hear from him but it astounded you that he’d disregard his pride for you, especially with what had happened pre-mission.

When you fully woke up again, you were in the infirmary back at Watchpoint. Hanzo had been watching you anxiously the entire time you had been there and oh how his eyes brightened when yours opened.

“(Y/n)” He wastes no time as he moves from his seat and hugs you, causing you to wince in pain due to the pressure on your injury.

“Surprised to see you of all people here.” You muttered.

“I was a fool. I let my anger blind me and now, I almost lost you.” Hanzo looked down. His words got your blood boiling.

“I’m not yours to lose!” Your voice rang throughout the room. His head whipped up and looked to you in shock as he has never witnessed you lash out like this before. You refused to look at him. “You made that very clear, remember?”

“I didn’t think you would get hurt like this-”

“So what? It’s ok for you to say those awful things to me as long as I don’t almost die after?” You say incredulously.

“That’s not what I meant.” He looks to you sorrowfully and reaches his hand out towards you which you promptly slap away.

“Sure looks like it. Anyway you can leave, my injury will heal but I’m not sure if the thing that truly hurt me the most today will.” You stare off into the other direction. Hanzo has enough common sense to know that there’s nothing that can be done right now, he would just have to wait. He goes to the door and says ‘I love you’ in his native tongue quietly, but loud enough for you to hear. You fight the tears that threaten to spill over as you keep looking in the other direction until you hear the door close and you let go of the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding.

He leans against the door as he fishes for something he’d been holding for a while. He holds it up to the light and sighs. He really messed it up this time didn’t he? Why does he keep doing these awful things that he ends up regretting? Maybe he should try to change his ways. But what if it’s too late?

He walks towards his room to continue brooding over these current events. Just a couple hours ago you were with him right on the very bed he sat alone on. You were holding onto him. You felt safe with him. You loved him. Now he can only pray that he’ll be able to see you without feeling ashamed. He looks at the object again and scoffs.

Hanzo tosses the ring out.


   【MHXX】アイルー【MAD】 (Meow - A Mad of Felynes)   

Lots of C-c-c-c-combo breakers!! Instant crush!

By Yongsheng Li

I finally managed to complete a fully colored piece. I was very rustled by the lack of fully colored Hae Lin pictures (there were a few but most seemed to be only outlines), so I decided to make my own. The newest update to Demonsteele with the score counter looks too legit to quit. Also I can’t draw grass or backgrounds or logs.

On a semi-unrelated note, I do hope that Metroid Dreadnought finds a new modder that will continue updating that mod, I have artwork of that stored away that I will try to finish.