c c c creepy


Tomitake, Kimagure Prince, Shirofuku, Aoi and Nokkuso danced to Final Squall by °C-ute

So i had the weirdest fucking dream last night where I was Belle? and I’d gotten together with Gaston? And the dude had painted a giant barnlike house blue while singing triumphantly about having a red house to the tune of ‘gaston’. So I asked him ‘are you color blind?’

then there was the wedding. Where I FORGOT MY OWN NAME. And walked up to my dad and asked him what my name is and he says ‘Belle’ and I’m like ‘no that doesn’t sound right’ and walk off to the dining table. And then start banging my head on it b/c i realized my name IS belle i just kept muttering ‘name means beauty its right in the song i’m so dumb’.

I’ve had a lot of ‘theatrical’ dreams, but this is the first one that was also a musical.

In other news, I haven’t read any badly-informed anti-Michel posts lately about how he delightfully sends a demon to go kill Dalish elves out of spite, but just in case  —  here’s a reminder that he is actually immediately remorseful, fully intends to do something about his mistake, and even thinks he deserves to die a slow and horrible death