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Visit Wales: Filmed on location at Llyn Llydaw, a natural lake in Snowdonia National Park and starring Welsh actor Luke Evans our new advert evokes the spirit of the past intertwoven with the imagination of the future.

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On the topic of mermaids in Narnia:

ok so, the mermaids fight with them against the white witch, right? They break out of the water, out of ice, bring tridents and song and death and they decimate the white witch’s army and Susan fights with them, hair bound together, bow secure in her hands, trembling and terrified for her siblings, who are eight and nine, who are traitor and messiah, who are children with a knife and a sword and fear in their hearts

One of the mermaids, a young one, who wears ice and teeth and fish turned to stone, gets dragged out of the water, and Susan shoots the dwarf trying to tear into her.

so when they are crowned, the mermaid stands in front of them, hair dripping wet, blank rope around her neck, teeth as sharp as Aslan’s roar and she offers to join their court

They accept and soon, she’s Susan’s lady in waiting

they train together, fight together, put on lipstick just the shade of fresh blood the colour of their enemies, pick out dresses, organise events

they never leave each other’s sides
and when susan gains suitors, the mermaid stands in the corner, eyes hard and cold and lipstick as red as oxygen rich blood that flows out of men’s throats, teeth sharp
those who do not let themselves be scared away, she accepts

her queen deserves nothing but a man who will not be afraid of her, deserves nothing less than a man just as terrifying as they are

and susan likes the attention

she never falls in love with them, she befriends them, likes them, enjoys their minds

But in the end, her mermaid is most important to her, and suitors are needed for politics

when the pevensies find the lamppost again, she grows quiet and sad and furious
when the telmarines attack, she flees - to england, to her queen

but she comes out in 1949, when susan has forgotten, when the kings and queen of old are dead and gone, when her queen is just a broken girl who doesn’t know how to piece her life back together

They manage, in the end, and susan remembers, but the mermaid will forever ache for narnia, who has died, for her tail that will never be again, for a wild lion

They had children, in Narnia, because the mermaid is trans, and they celebrate their birthdays still

they fight at stonewall, fight for their rights, for their people, for the mermaid, for susan, for edmund, who was convicted of public indecency before the accidents

They have children and when hormonal transition is a thing, the mermaid does, but she never gets ‘the op’

She is a woman, was a woman in narnia and is a woman now

surgery does not change that

She is rather silent, but in her silence, she’s terrifying and demands respect, a bit like the sea, that is pretty and beautiful and mesmerizing but you can never forget how dangerous it is

She sometimes forgets that she’s human now

she still snarls, sometimes, still thinks there are five rows of teeth in her mouth and strength in her fin that legs will never have, that she can still sing, that death is still under her fingertips

I mean, like, you can try to tell me that after initially settling down in the 1940′s to guard the vault that the Doctor didn’t look up the Pond’s address in New York and send them a long, actual apology letter/notification of River’s passing, and might have slipped up and mentioned in the letter he’s not traveling and is working at a university, and that after reading that Amy and Rory track down where he is, and get his office number and address, and bombard his guilty-conscious ass with messages until he’s finally forced to actually respond, and then they all keep up a close correspondence for the rest of the Pond’s lives…like, you can try to tell me that never happened, but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna believe you. 


“We’ll steal your disbelieving heart!”

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