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my fav lil things abt rap monster

- doesn’t trust hobi and jk because they’d eat even when they say they’re full
- how he takes his time to edit pictures on twt
- the fondness in his voice when he says “ayo suga” during ‘move’
- it’s not supposed to be deep but he’ll make it deep
- reads
- how he was followed around by tae for a long time but had no idea
- his dream to buy a house and rent it out
- “it’s r-a-p monster not d-a-n-c-e monster” & tht entire bomb
- @ mon studio
- imitating a birdie during baepsae
- “I take care of my team member, v”
- can be easily be mistaken as a model
- can’t draw n act n cook
- tht time he forgot the chorus of ‘born singer’ even tho he wrote it
- the dimpled grins tht make my heart grow flowers
- reading fan letters or writing lyrics on his phone during his free time
- The Iconic Moves aka the two fingers on an eye n slapping his own face
- The Look when he’s on ‘problematic men’
- when tae asked if he could say smth and he just said “shut up” dkskji
- the acknowledgement of both male and female fans through ‘i know’
- !!!v weak for maknae line, will do anything they say & go along w their shit
- how he mumbles lyrics
- the precious #kimdaily & #rmusic
- singing rly loud w his earphones in
- when he saw a pic of him looking like a producer staff and he started zooming in n complaining djjcdnfhdd cutest
- when jk said he looked like an egg while he was brushing his teeth and he just gagged in response
- caught a rly tiny frog the size of a fingernail
- the fancafe post abt running, reminding us tht it’s alright to be sad….upset…it’s ok
- silver-ish blue hair
- believes in yoongs and hobi the most
- tht one time he stuffed fries in his nose
- can name ANY gg song in less than a second but cannot dance to them to save his life
- The Core Of Bangtan™
- “woah wait a minute, [the octopus] got bigger!”
- when he was w tae alone in the sky and he was trying to connect w him but tae was like no and he was so sad abt it
- everything tht happened in the 4things show
- idk how to make this sound normal but when he tilts his head up and raps you can see his adams apple bobbing up and down oh my god it’s the hottest thing ive ever seen (specifically his part in ‘hold me tight’ in the hyyh concert dvd)
- thanking everyone through multiple languages
- tht way he talks in english
- when tae got home rly late n tried to sleep but rm grabbed his hand and said “oh, you’re back” without letting go
- ik…he’s said shit but pls dnt use tht to attack him he’s been apologizing through fancafe posts and learning so, yes pls acknowledge it but still respect him as a human…..you don’t have to love him to treat him properly…pls let him learn from his mistakes (which doesn’t include belittling him and sending malicious threats……it won’t do both parties any good)

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On this day in music history: July 8, 1972 - “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 3 weeks, also topping the R&B singles chart for 1 week on June 24, 1972. Written and produced by Bill Withers, it is the biggest hit for the singer, songwriter and musician from Slab Fork, WV. Withers is inspired to write the song after moving to Los Angeles from his small hometown in West Virginia. Missing the close community ties and support of his home, he writes it as a form of encouragement to those who find themselves on their own, and without their friends and family to hold them up. Having purchased a new Wurlitzer electric piano, Withers spontaneously comes up with the main chord progression (C major, D major, and E major). In the studio, he records the track with members of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band including James Gadson (drums), Melvin Dunlap (bass), Benorce Blackman (guitar) and Ray Jackson (keyboards). Issued as the first single from his second studio album “Still Bill”, it is an immediate smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #83 on April 22, 1972, it climbs to the top of the chart eleven weeks later. The song also wins Withers a Grammy Award in 1987 for Best R&B Song, after Club Nouveau’s cover version takes the song to number one for a second time in March of 1987. “Lean On Me” is later used as the title of a 1989 film directed by John G. Avildsen (“Rocky”, “The Karate Kid”) starring Morgan Freeman as Joe Louis Clark, the principal of a tough inner city high school in New Jersey. “Lean On Me” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

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Post 5 ships from 5 different fandoms and pass it along to five different people!! 😊


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Miggie from Liv and Maddie

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Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled

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Anna and Kristoff from Frozen 

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MATTORY from Studio C XD

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D&D Text Adventure Project

While I was pooping I decided I would take the free D&D Basic Rules for 5E and make a text adventure out of it. The game will have four races (Human, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, with subraces) and four classes (Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Cleric, with specializations up to 5th level). The game at the very least will include a single village or town, and at least one dungeon. There will be wilderness locations and random encounters while traveling.

I’m hoping to figure out a way to have a map that updates as you explore the dungeon, and maybe even shows where enemies are relative to you. My first task however is to get character creation up and running.

Dans les coulisses du nouveau Corto Maltese, Equatoria
VIDÉO - Deux ans après avoir ressuscité le célèbre marin romantique créé par Hugo Pratt, Juan Díaz Canales et Rubén Pellejero ont imaginé une nouvelle aventure de Corto en Afrique équatoriale. Depuis leur atelier barcelonais, les deux auteurs racontent la genèse de cet album prépublié par Le Figaro Magazine jusqu'au 25 août.

C'est à Badalona, une petite commune à quelques kilomètres de la vibrionnante Barcelone, que le tandem qui a repris la destinée de Corto Maltese a élaboré la nouvelle aventure du célèbre marin romantique créé en 1967 par Hugo Pratt (1927-1995).

C'est dans un studio sis au premier étage d'un immeuble résidentiel que le nouvel album des aventures de Corto, Equatoria (Casterman) a été entièrement conçu par Rubén Pellejero et Juan Díaz Canales. À côté d'une table à dessin blanche, surmontée d'une lampe d'architecte rouge vif, on distingue des crayons, des pinceaux et des pots d'encre de chine. Cet été, le Figaro Magazine en prépublie les 72 planches inédites (parution en librairie le 27 septembre).

«Après le grand froid de Sous le soleil de Minuit , en 2015, Juan et moi avons décidé d'envoyer Corto Maltese vers le grand chaud, c'est-à-dire l'Afrique équatoriale», précise le dessinateur, qui se met à sa table pour croquer un Corto Maltese souriant, mais dont la tenue a quelque peu changé.

«Ce qui est important dans le dessin de Corto, c'est de commencer par le regard. Les yeux de Corto sont ce qu'il y a de plus dur à dessiner chez lui», fait observer l'auteur de Dieter Lumpen. Au fur et à mesure qu'apparaissent sur le papier le visage et le buste du héros de La Ballade de la mer salée, qui fête cette année le 50e anniversaire de sa création, on comprend que la reprise d'une telle icône de la BD moderne n'a pas dû être facile…

Retrouvez cet article sur Figaro.fr

La nouvelle jeunesse de Corto Maltese 
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Sous le soleil de minuit: c'est Corto qu'on ressuscite! 
L'histoire secrète du retour de Corto Maltese 
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Corto Maltese: découvrez la couverture du prochain album 
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Should I go back to more audio engineering and producer posts?

I have been strongly trying to avoid just posting about music production and audio engineering, but I am starting to realize that was probably the reason I had almost 4k followers on the old blog before the C&D order.

In other words: Outside out of the studio, I don’t think I am found to be that interesting

Taking a Chance, Part One

I got this idea while watching So You Think You Can Dance and trying to work on my other WiPs…obviously that didn’t work out, instead you got this:P 

“No.” He sniffed as he stretched out his feet.

“You can’t say no to everyone.” John crossed his arms.

“No.” He sat down stretching his legs.

“You could at least come see the auditions.”


“You do not run this company, I do!”  He ignored John and his ever reddening face. “YOU MAN!” John threw up his arms and turned toward the door. “Sherlock Bloody Holmes!”

Sherlock ignored him and turned on his music, running through his pieces for the show that night.


“It’s just an audition. No big deal.” Molly told herself as she sat in the back of the cab. “An audition at JWat Dance Company. Really, no big deal.” She shook her head and sat on her shaking hands.

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