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hopelessly in love with fahc freewood, send help

Here’s to all wlw with flat chests, big bellies, blemishes, scars, and the rest of society’s deemed “undesirable qualities”. I love you all. Beauty isn’t a small waist, voluptuous chest, and soft spoken voice, nor is it something that can be standardized for everyone. You’re so much more than your body and I refuse to let you forget that 🐣❤🌈

Dear People With Trichotillomania

Are your eyebrows missing? You’re still wonderful.

Are they half there and half not? You’re still glorious. 

Do you have little patches on your head? Remember that you’re still lovely.

Do you have rather large patches on your head? That’s okay, you’re still fabulous. 

Do you have no hair on your head at all? There’s less to distract from your beautiful personality. 

You guys matter so much, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let other people shame you into hating your body. I love you all.

Okay, I ought to work on this more but I am Tired™ so I’m gonna go shower and hit the hay because there’s work tomorrow.

(AU where no one tries to kill anyone else and they flirt to give other people aneurysms y/n?)

When something reminds traumatized people of the past, their right brain reacts as if the traumatic event were happening in the present. But because their left brain is not working very well, they may not be aware that they are reexperiencing and reenacting the past- they are just furious, terrified, enraged, ashamed, or frozen.
—  Bessel Van Der Kolk, The Body Keeps The Score