c body

*goes to see doctor for a flu* *doctor voice* “hm. this virus is probably because youre overweight, try going on a diet” *goes to see doctor because of allergies* “yeah the grass hurts your eyes because you need to lose weight probably” *goes to see doctor because my arm got cut off* “your diagnosis is: have you considered the fact that you are fat”

Dear People With Trichotillomania

Are your eyebrows missing? You’re still wonderful.

Are they half there and half not? You’re still glorious. 

Do you have little patches on your head? Remember that you’re still lovely.

Do you have rather large patches on your head? That’s okay, you’re still fabulous. 

Do you have no hair on your head at all? There’s less to distract from your beautiful personality. 

You guys matter so much, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t let other people shame you into hating your body. I love you all.