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Beauty & the Beast: Belle [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Belle is an immensely compassionate person, but seeks approval from no one about her being “different” other than her father, who has earned her respect. She fiercely defends herself when challenged, but prefers to hold most of her emotions inside; she doesn’t confide in the wardrobe her intentions, nor discuss her changing feelings with Mrs. Potts, and when the Beast asks her if she could be capable of loving him, Belle defers the question to assert her feelings of feeling imprisoned within the castle. She’s polite but doesn’t seek to flatter the Beast, in order to get anything from him; and their process of falling in love is mostly through their actions and shared love of books and romantic stories, rather than through verbal affirmations. Belle’s search to find out what became of her mother is in a sense a way to find a greater sense of self, by knowing where she comes from (Fi/Si); she cannot move forward, until she establishes the truth of her family’s past and identity.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): She would rather live in her fantasy world (books, stories, and ideas about far off places) than in the real world, and seeks methods to “escape” into her books, rather than deal with the mundane necessities of life (she invents a primitive “washing machine” so that she can read instead). Belle dreams of “much more than this provincial life,” and adapts relatively well and easily to life inside the castle. Her idealistic nature leads her to find goodness within the Beast, despite an initial negative impression. She impulsively leaps into action to save her father, naively assuming Gaston won’t hunt down the Beast, in her desire to prove him “real.”

Introverted Sensing (Si): Even though she sings about wanting more from her life, and refuses to marry Gaston and have a more natural life, Belle doesn’t actively pursue adventure; it comes to her. She’s haunted by her mother’s death and wants to know what happened to her; when given the chance to go “anywhere in the world” and “see anything,” she chooses their old home in Paris. She exerts sentiment about the past, her upbringing, and everything her father has taught her (she isn’t sure how she’ll face the world without him). She has a certain amount of sentiment for mythology and personal impressions, formed over time, but these don’t take root enough (with Gaston) to make her “careful” of him (she seems him as pompous and brainless, but not necessarily dangerous – some Ne).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): She puts her foot down with Gaston (“I’ll never marry you!”) and tells off the Beast a couple of times (she refuses to eat dinner with him, and asserts that if he hadn’t frightened her, he wouldn’t have gotten himself hurt). Belle invents a washing machine, to get herself out of household chores. She believes strongly in educating girls and in taking action for herself; she tries to escape the castle by stringing fabric together to get out the window, she helps her father pick the lock, steals and breaks Gaston’s arrows so he cannot hurt the Beast.

Note: I’ve had several discussions both with readers and co-mods about Belle’s type; there’s evidence also for Fe (ISFJ), but she seems more internal than the animated film (Belle shares her feelings much more openly with everyone in that version) and her relationship with Beast seems to build through a silent connection, instead of verbal communication. She also lacks inferior Ne (she’s not cautious, nor concerned about the fall-out of her decisions; she tends to act on them in the moment).

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