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“I fell in love with Rose because she was happy and lighthearted. I fell in love with her because she was beautiful and as cheerful as the sunshine. I fell in love with her because I heard her singing with her beautiful voice… as carefree as a songbird. I fell in love with a girl who danced and twirled across the meadows like an angel of happiness.” — Once Upon a Dream, Liz Braswell


he sees her, and pauses. from nowhere, a series of moments run through his mind’s eye. they’d saved each other once, and then she’d had to run. but he’d vowed to spend the rest of forever finding her again. strange, he thinks. he’s never met this woman before, but he finds himself drawn to her, inexplicably. or perhaps, there is a reason after all. regardless; she is going to look up at him in a heartbeat or two, and he’s certain of only one thing - he thinks he will know those eyes. thinks he will love them.

a sleeping hook season one au - hook and aurora save each other in the enchanted forest, but never reunite before the dark curse hits, wiping their memories of each other

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The Originals: Aurora de Martel [ENFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Aurora is a brilliant innovator, unfortunately for Klaus; she sees and takes possibilities as they occur to her, revising and altering her plans without warning as possibilities present themselves (stealing Rebecca’s body, sending it to the bottom of the sea, ensuring she and her brother have the coordinates, kidnapping and using Cami against Klaus, turning her, etc). She is naive about Klaus, hopeful they can reestablish their connection and form a stronger union, and holds to an idealistic belief in greater possibilities. Aurora sees the connection he has for Cami, and accurately interprets it as romantic interest, but as being driven through fear of loss.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): She was a compassionate, sweet, tender-hearted human, who cared about other people’s feelings and being true to her beliefs. Her emotional fragility led her to attempt suicide. Once turned, Aurora became neurotic, self-absorbed, possessive and unstable. She still cares deeply for Klaus, and her emotions toward him motivate many of her decisions. She acts on her feelings not to feed off others’ pain but to cause them pain, in retaliation for her own bitterness.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Her tactics are good; she is rational enough to see the logic in her choices, and sane enough to make unshakable plans (if she steals an Original and hides them, then ensures neither she nor her brother has the total coordinates, she can keep both of them alive). Aurora doesn’t think through her decisions so much as act on her feelings.

Introverted Sensing (Si): She carries a thousand year old torch for Klaus, reliving their better moments, choking in bitterness that Elijah separated them and compelled her to forget her true feelings; she want revenge for everything that has happened to her, and doesn’t hesitate to get it. Aurora sometimes overlooks the details of her plans and underestimates her enemies.

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Erica had been fighting her entire life. She’d grown up in a family full of boys and to her brothers she was just like them. She enjoyed the rush of getting into a fight and then winning, surprising everyone who underestimated her. She spent her whole life pushing people to take her seriously and finally she was taken on as a knight.

When she heard that the queen was looking for female knights, she was the first one that was put on her detail. She quickly became one of her favourites. Erica had been asleep in her bed, filling the wishes of the queen, when she felt fingers on her cheek and she instantly sat up. She had to be alert. “What did you have in mind, your majesty?”

Sinceramente eu já bebi o bastante pra achar que dois e dois são sete então por favor pare de me fazer perguntas difíceis. Que tal eu te contar uma piada? Você sabe qual é o elemento químico mais bem informado? É o frâncio porque ele está perto do rádio. Olha, você pode rir por piedade tá, eu aceito, mesmo achando uma ótima piada. Eu já te contei a da poça ácida?


The story of the Lynch family was this: 

Once upon a time, a man named Niall Lynch had three sons, one of whom loved his father more than the others. Niall Lynch was handsome and charismatic and rich and mysterious, and one day, he was dragged from his charcoal-gray BMW and beaten to death with a tire iron. It was a Wednesday. On Thursday, his son Ronan found his body in the driveway. On Friday, their mother stopped speaking and never spoke again.

On Saturday, the Lynch brothers found that their father’s death left them rich and homeless. The will forbade them to touch anything in the house - their clothing, the furniture. Their silent mother. The will demanded they immediately move into Aglionby housing. Declan, the eldest was meant to control the funds and their lives until his brothers reached eighteen.

On Sunday, Ronan stole his deceased father’s car.

On Monday, the Lynch brothers stopped being friends.

The Raven Boys, Chapter Seven

Sleeping Beauty: Princess Aurora [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by littlebirdinthevaleofarryn and throughtheroses

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Aurora is a kind girl with strong emotions she keeps inside herself, not always wanting to share how she feels (such as her restlessness and wanting to meet someone). She is comfortable just sitting (or dancing) in silence with those she’s fond of, not needing to talk. When faced with the shocking truth of her heritage and being forbidden from seeing the one person she had romantically connected with, she feels quite wounded and doesn’t try to hide it, and just sort of gives up after that. Upon meeting her parents at last, she says no words, but simply embraces them warmly.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Aurora is imaginative, philosophical, and has a creative side. She creates a metaphor of her life when she observes a pattern with the birds and wonders if there’s a connection between them and her own life (“I Wonder”). Despite holding fast to her dreams, Aurora never actively pursues them; instead stays at home and creates a whole little fantasy world with her animal friends. Besides, she’s certain her dreams will come true without needing to actively pursue them- and she’s right!

Introverted Sensing (Si): Aurora believes in what she’s already learned about dreams (that if you've had one repeatedly, it will come true). She is cautious; she doesn’t just jump into a relationship with Phillip, but instead decides to meet him back at her cottage, seeing it as the safe option in this new potentially unsafe situation, as it offers the protection of her aunts. She’s not at all excited about the luxury of being a princess- she just wants the only life she ever knew back.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Aurora doesn’t use this one much; she can be passive and indecisive at times (“Never!” “Well, maybe someday!” “Oh, no, this evening!”). But she does speak up to the fairies about her own life, and had previously made plans to get to know Phillip better in the safety of home. She doesn’t like that her aunts won’t treat her like an adult despite her responsible nature.

X Company: Aurora Luft (INTJ)

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by printofminds

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Aurora is determined to beat the Nazis whatever it takes. She’s driven and ambitious and never loses sight of the overall purpose of her team’s missions and what she’s doing. Aurora rarely attracts attention as she can blend into various environments with ease, even those she has never been in before and often uses her feminine side to benefit her. Her resourcefulness and strategic mind is of great support to her and the members of her team when being on a mission. She can easily predict the most likely outcome of a decision, then chooses one course of action to include into her strategy that is the most likely to succeed. Being aware of the consequences of an action or decision, she sometimes feels uncomfortable changing her plans at the last minute and doesn’t like when things don’t play out the way she had anticipated. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Albeit reluctant to take over Rene’s duties of leading the team, she has outstanding leadership qualities. Aurora has no problem taking charge of a situation or giving clear instructions to her team. She expects obedience and can make effective yet tough decisions. When on a mission, she prefers to deal with proven facts and organizes the members of her team, using their individual strengths accordingly to benefit her plans. Even before joining Camp X she organized a group of Resistance fighters alongside Rene when the Nazis took France. Aurora expects a high level of competence from herself as well as from the members of her team.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Aurora usually prefers to keep her personal feelings out of her missions. She thinks that sentimentality “leads to bad judgement” and always keeps the greater good of the mission in mind when making decisions. Aurora can be uncompromising and has strong personal values. She held a deep grudge against the man who had betrayed her and her friends, eventually seeking revenge. Aurora has intense feelings and can be very empathetic, especially to the people she’s close to and wants to protect them. She rejects Alfred’s tries to comfort her after Rene is reported dead as she wants to deal with the loss on her own. However, Aurora forms a close bond with Alfred as the two get to know each other and shares memories with him that mean a lot to her. 

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Aurora can be reckless at times, making impulsive decisions in the moment, such as deciding to murder a Nazi officer without back-up and consulting her team about it. She is skilled at hand-to-hand combat as well as dealing with weapons and displayed little nervousness when she had to parachute over France.


MouseOfMickey | asked: Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella?

In a faraway land, long ago, there lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the land, so that all of high or low estate could pay homage to the infant Princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day…

Tis the Season ((c/s for youlistentothevoid))

Aurora and bass had formulated a plan. While bass is getting sketch ready it was her job to get alto and the twins ready. <br><br> aurora suddenly shook alto. “Alto….. alto!! Get up its time to go!” <br><br>-<br><br> sketch slept in their bed snoring as she slept soundly. It seems she has yet to wake up. @youlistentothevoid

A+ Lady Hogwarts Professors (1/2)

Aurora Sinistra, Astronomy:

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Bathsheda Babbling, Ancient Runes:

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Charity Burbage, Muggle Studies:

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Galatea Merrythought, DADA:

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Minerva McGonagall, Transfiguration:

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disney princesses if they had tumblr
  • Pocahontas: The popular as hell, proud to be black, feminist blogger. Posts infinite selfies, all of which get at least 1000 notes because damn
  • Rapunzel: A lot of those cute ass emoticons. Adds comments to every single picture she reblogs but cares about every single one of her few followers. In reality, a chill cutie patootie
  • Belle: Ships a whole lot of stuff, writes a lot of fanfics and loves reading them too. Reblogs a lot of sunset pictures from road trips and stuff yknow the pics I'm on about. Probably finds Ben C attractive. Feminist.
  • Aurora: Pale blog. Hella selfies that get a fair few notes. Slowly turning into a feminist blog. Also loves zodiac.
  • Snow White: Chill. Doesn't have hardly ANY followers but loves all of them. Probably an animal blog.
  • Tiana: Has absolutely no time to blog because she's busy all the time, but when she does, she's probably correcting a load of bullshit theories and facts. Harry Potter fan.
  • Cinderella: Pretty feminine blog. Posts a lot of selfies because she has some gorgeous clothes and loves reblogging pretty dresses and stuff. Goes to Starbucks
  • like 15 times a day and takes a lot of pictures. Prefers Instagram to Tumblr but at least here she gets to reblog nsfw stuff without her aunt seeing it on Insta.
  • Ariel: Dreamy blogger. Likes to reblog pictures of sights around the world in a filter, also has a weird interest in ocean life. Also a superwholock fan because she's adventurous, and loves mystery, especially loves Doctor Who.
  • Jasmine: Human rights blogger, has a huge selection of beautiful hijabs and takes infinite selfies in them. Also reblogs hella Nicki, Rihanna and Bey
  • Merida: Stressing college student, probably a humour blog
  • Elsa: B/w blog, recovering depression and talks about it a lot on her blog.
  • Anna: Another hipster blogger but tries to talk to as many followers as she can. Way too many selfies w/ Kristoff