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“The angry warrior swore to himself that he would stay by her side, doing whatever he could to make her burden lighter. From that point on, her needs would come first. And in that way, the warrior began to know the true meaning of peace.”

Star Trek Shipping: The Couples We Want To See | SYFY WIRE
We went to the country's biggest Star Trek convention in Las Vegas to ask everyone which Star Trek romances they want to see amongst character. Ship, ship aw...

I did my best here sharing my love for Janeway x Chakotay…

ST: VOY - Resolutions 5.13.1996

On May 13, 1996 Janeway and Chakotay ‘shippers had a moment of hope while watching Resolutions.

That angsty pain only continues twenty years later…

@bamf-ness made an amazing GIF set that is very fitting.

a bunch of people are telling me that I am in Overwatch now and I want to be like


1. I’m not Irish. I am of Scottish ancestry and I’m insulted 

2. I’ve been growing my hair out and I don’t want to cut it

3. But yeah apparently I guess I’m a somewhat amoral ginger transhumanist who is probably friends with Gabriel Reyes and Sombra and we deffo became friends over goth fashion guys

4. I’m not friends with that french lady, she’s an enormous killjoy, like, have you met her

5. j f c i haven’t even played overwatch in forever and they be like “hey so, you like healers right? why not a GOTH HEALER who LOOKS LIKE YOU :0 “ 

6. sigh 


And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one,
‘Cause most of us are bitter over someone.
Setting fire to our insides for fun,
To distract our hearts from ever missing them.
But I’m forever missing him.

soulofacircus  asked:

Can you rec me J/C fic? I'm binge watching and now I need fic!.

Yes, yes, I can….I can recommend you one that will keep you busy forever:

Dawn’s The Future Is Ours - it’s epic and it has everything you could wish for! Starts with Endgame and goes on forever afterwards…

It’s the one J/C fanfic I will never tire of recommending. I’m currently re-reading it and I’m just as pulled-in as I was the first time.

and the award for most boring edit of all time goes to………..!

me. (i’m so sorry.)

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My new favourite headcanon:

Janeway didn’t make Chakotay First Officer because she had feeling she could trust him.

She knew because she remembered everything from Shattered.

It’s a time paradox.

He runs around saving her ship and trusting her, so when she finally meets him, she knows they will be good together.

And yes, I’m going to use this in a fanfic at the appropriate time.

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And don’t tell me, this isn’t what happened.

MagCon/Viner Family Pref: What Type of Couple You Are




The Secretive Couple

Shawn was incredibly shy. That, everyone knew of. You weren’t exactly shy too but you weren’t bold enough to do some of the things Taylor or Nash would dare to do. Compared to the others, you and Shawn had a bit of an age gap, a younger age gap and so you were both cautious of public displays of affection. Only the people who were closest to the both of you would notice the way you two would sneak glances at each other from across the room, a small smile on each others face, or the way your eyes would light up when someone mentions Shawn’s name or the way you two would lean in just a little when sitting next to each other. The small hints gave you both away and somehow, someway, you would always get caught mid-subtle-flirting, a smirk on the other boys’s faces as they gave you a knowing smirk, raising their eyebrows twice suggestively, making the both of you blush furiously.


The Protective Couple

Yeah, the word ‘protective’ could have some negative connotations with it as there’s a thin line between a protective and a possessive mate but there was nothing negative about your relationship with Nash. You had your own background story, fights that you’ve won and lost, fights that you fought with Nash as he was your childhood best friend. Which is why, now, you are the one fighting next to Nash as he deals with the hateful comments and jealousy that’s thrown at him on a daily basis because of one mistake he made. You two would always have each other’s backs, reminding each other, guiding each other. You would get so defensive when somebody even says the slightest thing about him and he’s the same with you, quick to word vomit on the attacker about how incredibly beautiful, kind-hearted and strong you are.


The Old Married Couple

The label’s pretty self-explanatory. Carter’s known for his childish antics and stupid harmless (but still angering) pranks and you, always used to taking care of little kids, were used to knocking discipline into pestering children’s behavior. Needless to say, whenever Carter comes forth screaming at you, throwing something at you or pulling your hair, with that stupid phone of his in his hands, recording you, he’d get a reaction out of you that was funnier than his mom’s famous “CARTAH! DON DO DAT!” yelling. Whenever he’s pouncing around the room with his child like energy, you’d start to lecture him about hurting himself or breaking something and whenever you make the tiniest error, he would make sure to correct you. You both would always get on each others nerves but at the end of the day, you would lie in each others arms, limbs entangled, the words “you know I only did it because I love you” wavering around the room familiarly, mixing with the love and care that was radiating off of the both of you.


The Twinning Couple

You and Matt, Matt and you. There really isn’t a difference between the people that are named Matt and (y/n) because you are both literally the same people. It’s a little freaky, really. Matt has multiple personalities; sometimes he’s moody and sarcastic, sometimes he’s energetic and loud, sometimes he’s a typical white boy, sometimes he’s a typical white girl. Either way, he’s always 5000% done with everything. You were the same. Before you came along, nobody really understood Matt to the fullest. He was always such a mix of things that no one got him and sometimes he’d get frustrated and he dealt with it by shutting everyone out. You were different. You got him. You were the same, you never agreed to the whole categorization of a girl’s personality like “tomboy” or “girly”. You’re both. The both of you are such complex people and not a lot of people spend time trying to understand your 'complex’ minds but you two stayed long enough, longer than anyone else in your lives and now you two are like twins. You like the same things, are always in the same moods at the same time, you finish each other’s sentences. It’s sickeningly adorable. 


The Tender Couple

You and Cameron’s personalities were anything but tender. Cameron was capable of being loud and obnoxious, jumping off the walls with his excitement and energy and you were equally as loud, usually the one cracking jokes with your excessive amount of sarcasm and charisma. When Cameron was in high school, he was alone; he didn’t have any friends, he kept to himself, he was quiet and shy and insecure and he’s come a long way from that now, the loner boy only but a distant memory in the back of his head but when he met you, the way you were so effortlessly humorous and moody intimidated him. The first time you met, he shrunk back into the freshman he used to be. You made him vulnerable, naked; stripped off of this facade he had put on and oddly enough, you were the same way. You two were quiet when together, carefully caressing the skins of each other, tender kisses across jaws and faces, soft whispers of how much you love each other. He always called you his 'princess’ or 'baby girl’ and he was your prince, your protector, and your lover.


The Adventurous Couple

Adventurous is kind of an understatement, to be honest. You two are always out and about, looking for something new to do. Usually, the boys would get a daily text or call from Aaron, asking them to go do something outrageous like bungee jumping or go to six flags without planning ahead and as fun as it could be, the boys were kind of relieved (don’t tell Aaron) that there was finally someone who would put up with it so they didn’t have to. Though of course the relieve didn’t last very long because after a while, you would be the one texting the boys to come along. You both just have this motto of facing life head on and you don’t waste a moment. Sometimes it would be a daredevil stunt but sometimes it would just be nice quiet rides in his car at 2 in the morning because neither of you could fall asleep. With you and Aaron, every moment is savored, every moment is meaningful, every moment is filled with love and wonder. 


The Competitive Couple

Having two older brothers with quite the age gaps, Hayes was raised by alpha males with the nature of competing and you were the same, your father taught you better than to lose to a guy. So of course, your relationship started with playful remarks and banter being passed around, bets always held to put your abilities to the test. Everything one of you did, the other would always go “I bet you I can do better than that” and that always lead on to a full on argument and everything you two did was a competition, even on who the last person to say “I love you” before you two went to bed. However, it was always flirtatious and affectionate as the winner of the bet would usually get kisses or hugs.


The Playful Couple

You and Taylor were probably the most honest (or some people would call it blunt) people out there. You didn’t treat each other any different than the way you would treat other people. You two were constantly at each other’s necks, reminding the other what they’re doing wrong but in a sense of a caring mother, to try to get the other one to be the best person they could be. Even though you or Taylor would get a little exasperated with each other’s presence, when you get that mischievous glint in your eye as you nudge him, showing him the opportunity to slap cam one of the boys or prank someone and when Taylor challenges you to the penis game, daring you to yell it louder than him (even though he has no problem with shrieking it out loud), you remind each other why you’re here; you’re here in this relationship for each other, for all of each other, the good and the bad, forever. 

J A C K - G

The Passionate Couple

It wasn’t passionate in the sense of touching and a lot of affection, it was passionate in the sense that you both always loved each other to the fullest. You both had somehow broke each others walls and now you run in each others veins; you knew each other inside out, you could tell his emotions and thoughts just by the flicker of his eyes or the twitch of his left eyebrow. Because of this, you two would always be there for each other. You would attend most of the MagCon shows, you would leave him some space for him to hang out with his Viner friends and you let him get close to his fans in the way he’s close to you physically sometimes but he knows how much you sacrifice and so every sports game, even if you’re only sitting on the bleachers, every musical competition, even if your solo only lasts for 10 seconds, every big test, he helps you with. You two are always there for each other.

J A C K - J

The Cheeky Couple

It was pretty expected for you guys to be bashful and cheeky towards each other as your friendship was based on flirty comments and yeah, you weren’t ashamed to say you two were cuddle buddies. However, those feelings that were bound to grow finally did it’s thing and Johnson confessed first. Though it didn’t take him much guts to ask you out because he knew you liked him too. You two would get a little raunchy with each other; touching here and there. After all, the bae gets all access to the booty and he does not hesitate to take advantage of that rule. You two would shamelessly show PDA and flirt with each other and yeah, the boys would probably groan if it was someone else but this was Jack Johnson we’re talking about. Johnson has always been the quieter one, a little more responsible than the other boys but when it came to you, he went all out and the boys kinda liked who he was when he’s with you.


The Hopelessly Romantic Couple

Let’s be real here, everyone knows that Jacob is literally the cutest person alive, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. You both balance out each other so nicely and it would be a lie to say that the both of you haven’t fallen (hard, I might add) for each other yet. Jacob’s main goal is to see you smile and mean it. He’s aware of all the insecure girls out there and the thoughts girls have about themselves and he can’t stand the thought of you hurting yourself like that. So whenever he can, Jacob would remind you how much you mean to him, he would remind you how beautiful you are. Sometimes it comes in a form of a song he wrote that he sings to you randomly through the phone at midnight while he’s away on tour, sometimes it comes in a form of the Taco Bell take out he brings home when you feel like crap, sometimes it’s in the simple way his eyes go wide in awe when you laugh. Jacob literally lives to see you happy.


The Cheesy/Typical Couple

Anyone who doesn’t really know Sam like you do, would expect Sam to be that 'too cool for school’ type of guy. He just has that aura that makes you a little intimidated, especially since he’s a senior. He gives the impression of a popular jock, which he is. So, when you first met him, you were a little shy and he didn’t really give much thought into you but once he caught you having a moment with one of the other guys, playfully bantering, you swearing at them for being, in your words, “so fucking constipated”, he wanted to get to know you better. This, of course, threw you off but you quickly gathered all of your sassy and sarcastic remarks, wanting to impress him. The weird thing is though, when you did get to know each other, Sam turned out to be really shy and cheesy. He asked you out using a pick up line, it doesn’t get any cheesier than that. He respectfully kissed your cheek after the first date, took you to a really fancy restaurant and everything too. And even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he’s dying to take cute selfies with you on his phone so he could have new backgrounds.