c and c drums

if you don’t acknowledge that the entire team are 1d fans then you don’t really know them


Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 3/5/14


I spent most of the day yesterday up to my ears in the continuing saga to create a pop-up book. Only a few days to go! Anyways, mid x-acto/“yes” glue catastrophe in the making, Bill Cardwell rescued me and took me out only to drop me off at Livestrong to meet Joe Plummer and the rest of the Shins.(had a really awkward entrance to the green room as the guy who painted Joe’s drums.) As a very welcomed aside, their merch matron Rachel and I got into a surprise conversation flowing from culture to technology to astrology and the power of suggestion to the Cardwell pulling me out into the crowd to actually watch the show. ha.

Buzz Beach Ball was nuts. 15000 people to watch or get harassed by because you have a beard. Post show bbq by the tour bus with fireworks?!! I mean forth of July scale in the backdrop. Our little crew left the hot dogs and fled the sublimely drunken mobs (from $10 beers) to see Jessica’s own band (Deep Sea Diver) play the CzarBar the same evening. One word. Refreshing. I closed my eyes a bit and just listened. My feet shuffled in that awkward way that makes your knees turn and I definitely was walking the fine line between dancing and just being into the music.

Contrast helps with clarity but often masks how the different worlds are just a part of the same one.

 Radio broadcasted stadium greenroom escorted sticker badged festivals show the artists success but the cost of making “it” is often the authentic connection/resonance pat on the back buy a teeshirt as intentional support and wear it proudly the next day like I did in high school with a mix of community and encouragement that prove that the drive, the time to make, the effort to express is all worth it… not just to reach masses but to actually touch people and potentially move their hearts. 

We always get what we sow. We dont always now what we are sowing or that we are sowing.

the bike ride home at 3am took the rest of my energy leaving only space for dreams and memories.. that is of course until the sun rose today… and the journey continues.

the signs as danger days things:
  • Aries: the second verse in sing
  • Taurus: hit the gas, kill 'em all
  • Gemini: the moans in Destroya
  • Cancer: rEMEMBER ME
  • Leo: Vampire Money's intro
  • Virgo: well alright
  • Libra: the japanese lyrics in Party Poison
  • Scorpio: ... we can live forever if you've got the time YOU MOTHERFUCKER!
  • Sagittarius: then we just, then we just, then we just, GET UP AND GO!
  • Capricorn: the sick drums in S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W
  • Aquarius: the guitar solo in Bulletproof Heart
  • Pisces: awesome masks