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Eyegasm: Every Disney ‘Art Of’ Book

The Fairest One of All by J.B. Kaufman

Pinocchio: The Making of the Disney Epic by J.B. Kaufman

Walt Disney’s Fantasia by John Culhane

Bambi: The Story and the Film by Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston

Cinderella: A Dream Come True (author unknown)

Peter Pan Sketchbook by various

Once Upon a Dream: From Perrault’s Sleeping Beauty to Disney’s Maleficent by C. Solomon

Le Livre de la Jungle by Pierre Lambert

The Art of the Little Mermaid by Jeff Kurtti

Tale as Old as Time: The Art and Making of Beauty and the Beast by C. Solomon

Aladdin: The Making of an Animated Film by John Culhane

The Art of The Lion King by Christopher Finch

The Art of Pocahontas by Stephen Rebello

The Art of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Stephen Rebello

The Art of Hercules: The Chaos of Creation by Stephen Rebello

The Art of Mulan by Jeff Kurtti

Tarzan Chronicles by Howard E. Green

Fantasia 2000: Visions of Hope by John Culhane

Atlantis: The Lost Empire: The Illustrated Script by Jeff Kurtti

Lilo & Stitch: Collected Stories From the Film’s Creators by H. Wakabayashi

Treasure Planet: A Voyage of Discovery by Jeff Kurtti

Brother Bear: A Transformation Tale by H. Wakabayashi

Home on the Range: The Adventures of a Bovine Goddess by Monique Peterson

Chicken Little: From Henhouse to Hollywood: Unplucked! by Monique Peterson

The Art of Meet the Robinsons by Tracey Miller-Zarneke

The Art of Bolt by Mark Cotta Vaz

The Art of The Princess and the Frog by Jeff Kurtti

The Art of Tangled by Jeff Kurtti

The Art of Wreck-It Ralph by by Jennifer Lee & Maggie Malone

The Art of Frozen by Charles Solomon

The Art of Big Hero 6 by Jessica Julius

The Art of Zootopia by Jessica Julius

The Art of Moana by Jessica Julius and Maggie Malone



♕ S N O W Y D I S N E Y ’ S  C O U N D O W N  T I L  D I S N E Y  ♕

12 days ❉ [½] Princes Aladdin

     ➥ Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. This is no ordinary lamp. It once changed the course of a young man’s life. A young man, who, like this lamp, was more than what he seemed. A diamond in the rough.

Taehyung as Aladdin

And now it is time for the second half of the Daegu princes, the third member of the sunshine line, the love of my life, Kim Taehyung aka V aka tae tae as Prince Aladdin from Aladdin

  • There are so many reasons they’re a total match how do I sum it all up, I’ll start off with the fact that Aladdin is optimistic 
  • If you remember in Bon Voyage s1, Tae got lost for a bit and he literally had zero idea where he was and he was practically skipping around like the dude literally was talking about goats and blowing at dandelions he was having the time of his life
  • He’s always making the best of situations and being positive about shit and I love that about him, I’m sure he has moments where he doesn’t wanna be so !!! about everything but even just trying to be positive about things is amazing
  • Aladdin is a quick thinker/intelligent
  • Sometimes people don’t realize just how smart Tae is like tbh, I would totally love to sit down and talk to him bc I feel like he would have so many interesting things to say and I feel like he’s someone that could change the way you see something 
  • There was actually a theory that he got lost on purpose in BV bc he knew the crew would come get him and take him back if I remember correctly and if that’s true, f u c k that’s smart
  • Aladdin is charming
  • Tae is one of those people who you don’t have to know to love like he just walks into a room and you’re immediately heart eyes bc just the vibe he has about him is really open and welcoming and loving and you can tell he adores the people around him
  • S o many people love him and so many people have talked about him and praised him and we all saw how fucking quickly he wrapped Jihan around his finger without even trying like all of the Hwarang main cast loved him so much and talked so highly of him and support him so much and I think that shows a lot about his personality
  • He has this way of making people around him really happy and I think that’s something special, like just his smile alone can make hundreds of thousands of people so happy and his laughter oh my god don’t even get me started on his laugh, it’s one of my favorite sounds
  • Aladdin is adventurous
  • Tae is always telling stories about his adventures, most of them with Jimin bc Vmin is one of the cutest duos to possibly ever happen in my opinion, and Tae is always down to play games and run around and he’s a lil competitive but still enjoys every second of the game
  • Aladdin is pretty determined
  • Tae set out to do certain things and he did them, he wanted to become an actor, look at him now, he wanted to learn how to draw, look at him practicing and getting better and better
  • I feel like Tae is one of those people who once they put their mind to something, there’s no stopping it like he works so hard and he’s improved so much and he’s one of those people who are just gonna continue to grow and I’m really really excited for the future bc I just know if he’s th i s good now, he’s gonna get even better and he’s gonna continue to blow our minds and hit new notes or new dance moves and I’m just I can’t wait to see where he goes next

Aladdin: Genie [ENFP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): aware of what isn’t being said. Able to weave random information int o the current situation. Entertains a wealth of possible interpretations based off one idea. Trust the result of brainstorming. Pluck ideas or analogies from external sources. Follow potential possibilities and juggle many thoughts, tangents, and ideas at once. Bypass conventional barriers (culture, generation, class) that separate people. Desire to make change to incorporate their latest insights.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): stay with what’s important to themselves. Gut feelings about right and wrong. Knows what they want, what motivates them, or how they feel inside. Know when someone’s behavior is insincere. Trust and stick to a personal belief system, staying focused on what they want for themselves or others. Deep caring, loyalty, enthusiasm and feelings for people and issues are communicated through actions. Black and white values.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): organizing data, space, or projects. Drawing diagrams. Noticing if something isn’t functioning right. Aware of time management. Want to conform their thinking to observable facts. Lay out reasonable explanations for decisions or conclusions.

Introverted Sensing (Si): neglect the details even though they want to be well prepared. Eventual acquirement of the patience for careful data gathering and respect for the work, ideas, and examples of those who have come before. Nostalgia for the past but little desire to participate in tradition. Rich memory for detail; the details are lost in the present but recalled with clarity later. Enjoys reliving good memories.

Genie is a boundless fountain of ideas. He is flamboyantly theatrical and delighted to bounce his ideas off a captive audience. He goes through them quickly as he searches for just the right one (let’s see, what should the monkey be changed into?), which leads to more and more ideas… hey, let’s give Al or maybe just Din an entire entourage! He reads Aladdin quite well and knows immediately the right solution to his “prince” problem—tell Jasmine the truth! (Ne). Genie desires his freedom more than anything. He shares that desire with Aladdin in carefully chosen words that hold enormous personal significance to him. He absolutely refuses to do anything that violates his principles – like making people fall in love or raising them from the dead (Fi).

The Genie has rules and sticks to them. He gets an idea and makes it a reality. He bosses his companions around and sticks to the facts of the situation when reasoning with Laddie… err… Aladdin (Te). He morphs into and references a huge number of tangible things from “our” world as source material, using them to stem more ideas and for comic relief. Genie doesn’t realize how much he’s going to miss his friends and the “sameness” of his situation until he’s freed from it (inferior Si).


DISNEY RAINBOW MEME: Sixth Colour » Indigo

Indigo is the colour of intuition and perception and is helpful in opening the third eye. It reflects great devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality. It is a defender of people’s rights to the end. Powerful and dignified, indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity.  Indigo loves rituals and traditions, conforming to things that have worked in the past while planning for the future.” Thank you to those of you who helped me find indigo scenes!