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DISNEY ALPHABET MEME: First Letter » Movie - The Aristocats

“No, no, no, George. To my cats. To your cats? Yes. I just wish for the cats to inherit first. Then at the end of their life span, the entire estate reverts to Edgar. 

The Duchess of Clarence, later Queen Adelaide (c.1818). Samuel Raven (British, c.1775-1847). Oil on papier-mache. Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.

This portrait of the lady writing is marred by cracked paint and, in the face, neckline, bodice, and sleeve area, by deep disfiguring cracks. These were fixed with Photoshop and the image was made lighter by gogm. See museum site for original.

Adelaide + Yvette


Adelaide had been settled in California for sometime now - or maybe it felt longer than it actually has been but as she walked barefoot through the sand on Venice Beach, she looked up to see that she almost kicked some sand onto a woman’s body, someone clearly soaking in the sun. “Oh, I’m so sorr–” Adelaide was cut short as she finally saw the woman’s face. No, it couldn’t be Yvette. She’d died. Adelaide saw it. It was an accident, it was…it was her own fault. No, no, no! Closing her eyes, she took a few deep breaths before opening them again, thinking her mind is just playing tricks on her but there Yvette lays, making her skin crawl and finally, her voice soft and sad as ever, she asked “Yvette?”