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MAS Mle49-56 military rifle

Made by the Manufacture d’Arme de Saint-Etienne in France c.1956-70′s - serial number G81988.
7,5x54mm MAS Mle1929C ten-round removable box magazine, direct impingement gas operated semi-automatic, Mle 1953 APX 806L scope mounted on a rail on the left side of the receiver, muzzle adapted to fire rifle grenades, with accompanying folding grenade sights.

The 1956 modification shortened the barrel but also and most noticeably the foregrip of the rifle, making it a very compact and sturdy battle rifle.


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M2 series Flamethrower

Designed by the US Army Chemical Warfare Service c.1941-70′s.
Twin two-gallons gasoline tanks and a nitrogen propellant tank spraying half a gallon of gasoline per second between 20 and 40m. The gasoline is on fire.

Probably the most well known flamethrower out there due to its use in the movie-prolific Vietnam and Second World wars.



70’s Inspired Coloured Lashes

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Colt 1862 Police revolver

Made by Colt Manufacturing Co. c.1862~70 in New York, USA - serial number 41615.
.36 cap and ball five-shot cylinder, fluted Colt 1860 Army style frame, single action, creeping loading lever.

If you consider that the 1860 Army is the evolution of the 1851 Navy, then the 1862 Police directly comes from the 1849 Pocket. Both of them switched from a smaller caliber - to either .44 or .36 in this case - using a rebated cylinder, and both went from the octagonal barrel and square frame to the smoothest look of the newer Colt open tops. This was made possible by a much better steel quality in that era.