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A- Age: 18

B- Birthplace: The city of roses in good ol’ Texas.

C- Current time: 9:22 p.m.

D- Drink you last had: Strawberry-melon flavored sparkling water. It was meh.

E- Easiest person to talk to: Myself…. Hehe, not really. Probably Vana (aka @psalmpurplepaladi-n )

F- Favorite song: Good to be Alive by Skillet!

G- Grossest memory: Any that involved cleaning up dog puke.

H- Horror yes or horror no: Nope.

I- In love: Nah

J- Jealous of people: Not really.

K- ….Wait, there was no K. Hrmm. Moving on then.

L- Love at first sight or should I walk by again: Well, in the literal sense of the phrase, no, I don’t think you could love someone immediately upon seeing them the first time. But, at the same time, I think you might feel some connection with them if they are in fact “the one”. Or as my dad puts it, It’ll feel natural, like you start walking together and it’s as if you always had been.

M- Middle name: It conveniently starts with the letters N and O, so lets just leave it at that.

N- Number of siblings: Two, though technically three, cause I do have a half sister as well, but I’ve never met her. All older than me.

O- One wish: To not be scared about moving forward on my own as an adult.

P- Person you called last: My sister, I think.

Q- Question you are always asked: Recently “Did you use a reference for that?” or “How do you know how to draw that?” ~My sister whenever I draw stuff.

R- Reason to smile: All the stuff I’ve accomplished this year.

S- Song you last sang: Um, I think it was a bit of Smile by Sheppard. Catchy tune.

T- Time you woke up: 10:34 a.m.

U- Umbrella color: Light blue!

V- Vacation destination: Hawaii, or maybe even Iceland, I’ve heard it’s quite pretty. But Hawaii mostly cause of all the pretty birbs.

W- Worst habit: Biting my nails. I’ve mostly kicked it, but I still do it when I’m distracted.

X- X-rays: Nope. Not that I can remember anyway.

Y- Your favorite food: Sushi!!!

Z- Zodiac sign: Taurus

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I’ve never seen the TCC commemorate victims. Here.

Never forgotten. Always remembered

  - Ted Bundy’s victims-

 Donna Gail Manson, age 19. 

 Susan Elaine Rancourt, age 18. 

 Roberta Kathleen Parks, age 22

 Brenda Carol Ball, age 22. 

Georgeann Hawkins, age 18. 

 Janice Ann Ott, age 23. 

Denise Marie Naslund, age 19. 

Nancy Wilcox, age 16. .

 Melissa Anne Smith, age 17. .

 Laura Aime, age 17. 

 Debra Kent age, 17. 

 Caryn Campbell, age 23. 

Julie Cunningham, age 26. 

 Denise Oliverson, age 25. 

 Lynette Culver, age 12. 

 Susan Curtis, age 15. 

 Margaret Bowman, age 21. 

 Lisa Levy, age 20. 

 Karen Chandler, age 21.

 Kathy Kleiner, age 21. .

 Kimberly Leach, age 12. 

     - Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims-

         Steven Hicks, 19 

        Steven Tuomi, 26 

      Anthony Lee Sears, 26 

James Doxtator, 14 

      Richard Guerrero, 22

    Raymond Lamont Smith, 33 

     Ricky Beeks, 27 

     Ernest Miller, 22 

     David C. Thomas, 23 

     Curtis Straughter, 19 

     Errol Lindsey, 19 

    Tony Hughes, 31

    Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14 

     Matt Turner, 20 

     Jeremiah Weinberger, 23 

    Oliver Lacy, 23

    Joseph Bradehoft, 25 

   -   Richard Ramirez’s victims-

           Mei Leung, 9 

Jennie Vincow, 79 

          Christina and Mary Caldwell 

            Vincent and Maxine Zazzara:

            William Doi       

            Mable Bell

            Mary Louise Cannon, 75

            Chitat Assawahem

           Peter Pan 

           Tsia-Lian Yu, 30

           Dayle Yoshie Okazaki, 34

         Lela and Max Kneidings 

      Elyas Yakub Abowath, 35


             - Charleston Shooting victims -

        Cynthia Marie Graham Hurd (54).

       Susie Jackson (87)

       Ethel Lee Lance (70) 

        Depayne Middleton-Doctor (49)

        Clementa C. Pinckney (41) 

         Tywanza Sanders (26)

      Daniel Simmons (74)

       Sharonda Coleman-Singleton (45)Singleton.

       Myra Thompson (59)

  - Columbine Massacre victims-

       Rachel Scott (17)

      Steven Curnow (14)

       Corey DePooter (17)

       Kelly Ann Fleming (16)

        Matt Ketcher (16)

       Daniel Mauser (15)

       Daniel  Rohrbough (15)

       Cassie Bernall (17)

       Isaiah Shoels (18)

       John Tomlin (16)

      Lauren Townsend (18)

       Kyle Velasquez (16)

      Dave Sanders (47)

  -  John Wayne Gacy’s victims-

  • Timothy McCoy (16)
  • John Butkovitch (17)
  • Darrell Sampson (18)
  • Randall Reffett (15)
  • Samuel Stapleton (14)
  • Michael Bonnin (17)
  • William Carroll (16)
  • James Haakenson (16)
  • Rick Johnston (17)
  • Kenneth Parker (16)
  • William Bundy (19)
  • Gregory Godzik (17)
  • John Szyc (19)
  • Jon Prestidge (20)
  • Matthew Bowman (19).
  • Robert Gilroy (18)
  • John Mowery (19)
  • Russell Nelson (21)
  • Robert Winch (16)
  • Tommy Boling (20)
  • David Talsma (19)
  • .William Kindred (19)
  • Timothy O'Rourke (20)
  • Frank Landingin (19)
  • James Mazzara (21)
  • Robert Piest (15)

         also rest in peace and hope you are found:              

           Body 28. Backyard. Male aged 14-18.

  • Body 26. Crawl space. Male aged 22-30
  • .Body 13. Crawl space. Male aged 17-21.
  • Body 21. Crawl space. Male aged 15-24.
  • March 15, 1977. Body 5. Crawl space. Male aged 22-32.
  • Body 10. Crawl space. Male aged 17-21

             - Ed Gein’s victims-

            Bernice Worden   

             Mary Hogan 

        - Edmund Kemper’s victims-

         Maude Kemper               

       Edmund Emil Kemper I

      Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchessa (18)

      Aiko Koo (15)

     Cindy Schall (18)

     Rosalind Thorpe (23) and Allison Liu (20)

     Clarnell Strandberg and Sally Hallett


-    Dennis Nilsen’s victims-

   Stephen Dean Holmes (14)

   Kenneth Ockendon (19)

    Billy Sutherland (27)            

    Martyn Duffey (16)   

   Malcolm Barlow (24)    

    John Howlett       

   Archibald Graham Allan

    Steve Sinclair (20)

 Also rest in peace to the unidentified victims! Hope you are found!

      -Sandy Hook shooting victims-

        Rachel D'Avino, 29

  • Dawn Hochsprung, 47 
  • Anne Marie Murphy, 52,
  • Lauren Rousseau, 30
  • Mary Sherlach, 56
  • Victoria Leigh Soto, 27
  • Charlotte Bacon, 6
  • Daniel Barden, 7
  • Olivia Engel, 6
  • Josephine Gay, 7
  • Dylan Hockley, 6
  • Madeleine Hsu, 6
  • Catherine Hubbard, 6
  • Chase Kowalski, 7
  • Jesse Lewis, 6
  • Ana Marquez-Greene, 6
  • James Mattioli, 6
  • Grace McDonnell, 7
  • Emilie Parker, 6
  • Jack Pinto, 6
  • Noah Pozner, 6
  • Caroline Previdi, 6
  • Jessica Rekos, 6
  • Avielle Richman, 6
  • Benjamin Wheeler, 6
  • Allison Wyatt, 6

   -Chardon High School shooting victims-

     Daniel Parmertor (16)

     Russel King Jr (17)

     Demetrius Hewlin (16)

-The Manson Murders-

    Steven Parent

    Sharon Tate

   Jay Sebring

   Gary Hinman

   Abigail Folger

   Leno LaBianca

  Rosemary LaBianca

  Donald Shea

  Wojciech Frykowski        

           -Aurora Shooting victims-

  • Jonathan Blunk, age 26, 
  • Alexander J. Boik, age 18, 
  • Jesse Childress, age 29, 
  • Gordon Cowden, age 51, 
  • Jessica Ghawi (a.k.a. Jessica Redfield), age 24,
  • John Larimer, age 27, )
  • Matt McQuinn, age 27, 
  • Micayla Medek, age 23, 
  • Veronica Moser-Sullivan, age 6, 
  • Alex Sullivan, age 27,
  • Alexander C. Teves, age 24,
  • Rebecca Wingo, age 31

       -Boston Marathon Bombing victims-

      Krystle Campbell (29)

      Martin Richard  (8)

       Lu Lingzi (23)

Rest in peace to every one of them and also every murder victim!

Never forgotten, always remembered.

May your souls rest in peace!

No average human

Story idea; aliens getting some human crew mates for the first time. They read the manual, prepare the best they can and even set the environmental controls to the optimum temperature for humans (about 22*c)
They get their humans on board, both humans know each other, they grew up in the same city and even went to the academy together. Great, think the aliens, their pack bond is already strong.
Then something seems to be going wrong. One of the humans complains about always being too cold. The other seems perfectly comfortable, but their companion is not. Human A is always wearing their jacket, meant to be worn planet side, and is still cold. Human B meanwhile is perfectly comfortable in standard uniform.
Aliens are freaking out, wondering if their human is sick, or dying, because they don’t understand how two humans from the exact same region can have such radically different reactions to the exact same temperature.

Swedish proverbs

Hålla låda (Hold a box) - Means to basically say a monologue, no input from the people you’re talking to. A teacher can say “Jag ska inte hålla låda”, which means that the teacher really doesn’t intend to be the one speaking throughout the lesson.

Allt är inte guld som glimmar (Everything isn’t gold that glimmers) - Means that just because something looks one way, it doesn’t mean that’s what it actually is.

Den som gapar efter mycket mister ofta hela stycket (He who grasps for a lot often loses everything) - Means that the one who is greedy and tries to get more instead of being satisfied with what he already got might lose what he had in the beginning.

Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder (There is no bad weather, only bad clothes) - The meaning is obvious, and it’s no wonder that this is a Swedish proverb - rain and snow is not uncommon here. We have no “snowdays”, and we go to school even if it’s -30 C (-22 F).

Det som göms i snö kommer fram i tö (What is hidden in snow appears when it thaws) - Means that something that is hidden will be uncovered again.

Ropa inte hej förrän du kommit över bäcken (Don’t shout hello until you’ve crossed the brook) - Means that you shouldn’t think you’ve won before you have, or you should announce something that you’re not yet sure about.

Finns det hjärterum finns det stjärterum (If there’s room in the heart there’s room for the arse) - Means that with a good attitude difficult things can be easier taken care of, or if you’re good friends you can crowd together.

Man saknar inte kon förrän båset är tomt (You don’t miss the cow until the booth is empty) - Means that you don’t realise there will be bad consequences until after you act. Or you don’t miss someone you’ve treated badly until they’ve left you.

Måla inte fan på väggen (Don’t paint the devil on the wall) - Means that you mustn’t presume the worst will happen, make things worse than they are.

Nära skjuter ingen hare (Close will not shoot the hare) - Means that almost succeeding is not succeeding - it will not put a hare steak on the table.

Skita i det blå skåpet (Shit in the blue locker) - Means to make a fool of yourself, or to go too far.

Smaken är som baken - delad (The taste is like the butt - split) - Means that not everyone shares the same opinions, or like the same things.


C-type by [ JR ]
Via Flickr:
Chaban Delmas Bridge in Bordeaux


Deviant (II)

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I love the brand Spiral because their style is very casual but still has those dark elements like the art, lace, cut outs, and asymmetric shapes. You could mix and match these pieces with pieces from my other Spiral post, some accessories, and you’re good to go. Not to mention, their prices are right up my spooky alley.

so last week I reached 2000 followers?? holy shit thank you?? its honestly a mystery why you guys follow my lame excuse for a blog. as a thank you I thought i’d put together a list of some of my fave mutuals who you should definitely follow if you don’t already!! (this took forever to make i’m sorry it’s so late!!) If we’re mutuals and I forgot to include you then u have every right to beat me up / message me so I can add you in!

thank u, I appreciate and lov u all <3

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Child, why you scream.

the daily is coming along, its just taking a bit longer because my head feels so full and heavy. hopefully i can finish it before 23:00