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my makeup looks kinda good today i guess?


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A - Age: 29, forever.

B - Biggest fear: That I have to live with? Spiders. In general? Getting older and dying, like the idea of being old creeps me the fuck out.

C - Current time: 2:10 pm.

D - Drink you last had: Black Raspberry ICE, that flavored water drink.

E - Every day starts with: Looking at my tablet.

F - Favourite song: These questions always annoy me bc I can’t pick just one song, I have tons of favorites! Just ask me to send you a list, lol.

G - Ghosts are they real: I think so, yeah. I’ve had some unexplainable experiences that’ve stuck with me.

I - In love with: Dogs.

K - Killed someone: Not yet, but there have been times where I imagined my step-mom being hit by a bus.

L - Last time you cried: Uhhh… I think in October.

M - Middle name: Leigh.

N - Number of siblings: One older brother.

O - One wish: To have an unlimited supply of money.

P - Person you last called/texted: This lady that I dog sit for.

Q - Questions you are always asked: “When did you guys get out for high school already?” “Let me see your ID, please?” The drawbacks of looking like a teenager when I’m way past that.

R - Religion: Christian, non-denominational.

S - Song last sang: The Fighter - Keith Urban ft. Carrie Underwood

T - Time you woke up: Around noon, lmao. >_>

U - Underwear colour: Pink.

V - Vacation destination: UK, Europe, all the cool places over there.

W - Worst habit: Throwing my clothes on the back of my couch instead of folding them to put in a drawer. I also get annoyed if my bra gets moved from there, lol. I HAVE A SYSTEM.

X - X-Rays you’ve had: More like what x-rays have I NOT had. xD

Y - Your favourite food:  Seafood, sushi, Italian, omg don’t ask me these things I can’t answer with just one!

Z- Zodiac sign: Virgo technically, but I don’t buy into it and the sign does not match my personality at all.

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  • a - age: 25
  • b - biggest fear: that everything I’m working on is useless and I’m ultimately a failure. 
  • c - current time: 2:36 pm
  • d - drink you last had: Lemonade flavoured water, with ice!
  • e - every day starts with: lots of groaning, checking my phone and asking ‘why’ to the sun. 
  • f - favourite song: It changes often, but currently it is He Didn’t Mention His Mother by Eleanor Friedberger
  • g - ghosts, are they real: no
  • h - hometown: Canada’s capital, yo.
  • i - in love with: you
  • j - jealous of: people who know what they’re doing
  • k - killed someone: no, but I’ll help you hide the bodies
  • l - last time you cried: Yesterday
  • n - number of siblings: One, my older sister
  • o - one wish: happiness for my friends
  • p - person you last called/texted: oh jeez, calling a store to arrange a pickup, and one of my gaming buddies
  • q - questions you’re always asked: “So what do you do?” I punch people in the throat, that’s what
  • r - reasons to smile: 
  • s - song last sang: Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love and trust
  • t - time you woke up: 6 am today
  • u - underwear colour: Red
  • v - vacation destination: I’d love to visit the castles in England & Scotland
  • w - worst habit: I procrastinate like a motherfucker
  • x - x-rays you’ve had: foot, leg, pelvic, abdomen and teeth!
  • y - your favourite food: oh god, pasta is a huge weakness
  • z - zodiac sign: scorpio

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ABCs about me \ o /

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a - age: 20 (turning 21 next month!!)

b - biggest fear: idk tbh, being forgotten/replaced or smth edgy probs

c - current time: 2:09pm

d - drink you last had: green tea

e - every day starts with: checking my phone for missed IMs, tumblr stuff, and the weather

f - favourite song: legit idk, reaper by Sia right now probably?

g - ghosts, are they real: maybe not in the way we imagine them but i’m p sold on vaguely paranormal stuff in general. ive got my own theories huheuhguh

h - hometown: ottawa, canada

i - in love with: myself

j - jealous of: people who get hugs everyday (im so thirsty for platonic physical affection it’s ridiculous) 

k - killed someone: my ocs :>

l - last time you cried: last summer when i watched zankyou no terror, why’d i do that to myself it was awful (so good), terrible (the best ever)

n - number of siblings: one older brother

o - one wish: to make a diff for the better or w/e

p - person you last called/texted: roomfriend

q - questions you’re always asked: “how do you feel about [creature related to but isn’t specifically a horse here]?”

r - reasons to smile: desserts, video games, talking to friends, piano

s - song last sang: some hamiton song probably

t - time you woke up: 1pm ish lol

u - underwear color: pink/yellow/white/orange/lavender, it’s patterned

v - vacation destination: wherever my online friends are qq

w - worst habit: sleeping and waking up super late, eating at like 3am, etc.

x - x-rays you’ve had: i think i got one for my knee once? and also for my teeth

y - your favourite food: shit idk, chocolate mousse cake? soon tofu stew? idk

z - zodiac sign: aries

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Haikyuu!! S02 || Bokuto & Kuroo
↳ “Oya oya?” “Oya oya oya?” : The Bokuro Bros™ for @anna-hiwatari

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