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acafellas - why kurtcedes is so great

1. That first locker scene starts of with Mercedes sharing the vulnerability of how lonely she is.  (Well, they all are.  But they don’t always say it.)  "Have you ever kissed anybody?“

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On October 24, 2012, Oliver Queen walked into Felicity Smoak’s office and everything changed, for the better. 

H A P P Y   A N N I V E R S A R Y   O L I C I T Y 

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anonymous asked:

I saw some people saying that Klaus did not have sex with cami why he does not feel sexually attracted to her what do you think ?

No, they did not have sex. But how does that mean he’s not sexually attracted to her?

You know anon, you shouldn’t listen to what anti Klamille people have to say about Klamille because their POV will 9/10 come from a heavy form of bias and/or delusion.

The attraction between Klaus and Cami was established very early on in the series.

Episode 1x03:

C: Wow, I totally misread that.

K: No, you read it quite well, but we all have our roles to play.

Idk, he seems pretty attracted to her here. Before they were really friends, before he knew anything about her aside from her studying psychology and a bartender. And let’s not forget her told her how “stunning” she looked at the ball.

They didn’t NOT have sex because he’s not physically attracted to her. They didn’t have sex because their relationship is not a purely sexual ones. I know it’s all we are used to seeing on the show as far as Klaus is concerned so maybe it didn’t make sense for some naysayers but it made perfect sense for me. As I stated, their relationship is based on their soul connection. They’ve been side stepping their feelings for what 2 years? Then they finally came to that realization of romantic feelings and being at total peace and happiness with each other, something we have NEVER seen either of them be at in a romantic relationship. It’s something different for the both of them and instead of rushing through that, they wanted to savor each other and take it all in. She is his soulmate and he is hers. That’s not something you rush through and I don’t know about other Klamille shippers, but I am 100% happy they did not have sex….yet. 

I guess he just tripped and fell on her lips here. Whoops.

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Klaus just looks so turned OFF while he’s climbing in between Cami’s legs.

And no, he’s not actually pulling her body into his, he’s trying to get away, yikes!

But like seriously. What do I think?

I think it’s bs.

But what do I know?? 

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