c 1708


A new view of London,
or, An ample account of that city, in two volumes, or eight sections : Being a more particular description thereof than has hitherto been known to be published of any city in the world. I. Containing the names of the streets, squares, lanes, markets, courts, alleys, rows, rents, tavds and inns in London, Wstminster and Southward … ; II. Of the churches ; their names, foundation, order of building, ornament, dimensions, altitude of steeples and number of bells therein ; benefactors, monuments, tombs, cenotaphs, &c. described … ; III. Of the several companies, ther nature, halls, armorial ensigns blazoned &c. Guild-hall, Exchanges, East India, African, Trinity, &c. houses and fraternities, an account of the Custom-House, Leaden-hall, Bank of England, &c. IV. Of the Queen’s Palaces, eminent houses, &c. of the nobility, Houses of Lords and Commons, Tower of London and things remarkable therein: Westminster-Hall, Hick’s-Hall, Justice Hall, &c. V. Colleges, libraries, musaeums, repositories of rarities, free-schools, inns of serjeants, court, and chancery … VI. The hospitals, prisons, work-houses, Houses of Correction, almshouses and charity-schools, their foundation, present state, &c. VII. Of fountains, bridges, conduits, ferries, docks, keys, wharfs … VIII. An account of about 90 publick statues, their situations, descriptions, & c … : To which is added, An explanation of the terms of art used in this treatise … An introduction concerning London in general … Illustrated &c &c

London 1708