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So sometime over the past week while I’ve been working myself senseless we’ve hit 1,000 followers (we’re actually at 1,027 c; )! So now I can start preparing for our first ever giveaway! More details will come soon, probably on my next day off. I can’t thank you all enough for following and helping educate others about these amazing animals. 

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Gladio certainly has good taste when it comes to this Fried Frontier Skewers; it is hard to go wrong with fried pork.  I mixed it up a bit with the recipe as well by serving the fried pork with a tangy fruity barbecue sauce.  This is only took around 30 minutes to make and tasted delicious so definitely give this one a try.  Recipe follows below.

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a - age: 22 in five days
b - biggest fear: Heights, the ocean past a certain depth
c - current time: 1:38 in the afternoon
d - drink you last had: Apple juice slushy, which is essentially a cup full of applejuice shoved in the freezer and poked with a spoon until sufficiently frozen :P
f - favorite song: dunno if i have a proper favourite? i tend to rotate listening to songs on repeat, at the mo it’s Krewella’s Surrender the Throne. I am not sure this means i actually like it
g - ghosts, are they real: Yes
h - hometown: Swindon, England, which i have never been to or seen
i - in love with: my friends and family
j - jealous of: my mother, who has abandoned me alone in the house for the next week with the cats while she’s off in portugal. I need a cat free vacation
k - killed someone: meh who knows
l - last time you cried: two days ago when i read a sad fanfiction and bawled my eyes out. it was cathartic
m - middle name: Charlie
n - number of siblings: one little brother
o - one wish: income.
p - person you last called/texted: call wise was my mother at 3am saying bye before she got on the bus to the airport, messaging was to the wife wherein both of us ended up feeling vaguely threatened by goatdad
q - question(s) you’re always asked: How do you draw so damn fast? To which my answer is usually ‘dunno, fukken magic’.
r - reasons to smile: I’ve got a good collection of friends to talk to! I can throw art at them hooray!
s - song last sang: if wandering around the house muttering gibberish and humming to myself then that, if not i just don’t sing
t - time you woke up: 1pm. because my sleepchedule is a disaster and going to bed before 3am is for the weak.
u - underwear color: black
v - vacation destination: dunno any country in particular, but meeting up with internet friends in the real world sounds like a blast
w - worst habit: I have the bad habit of chewing ice, i really just need to stop
x - x-rays you’ve had: my ribcage, twice, back when i’d had to go to the hospital because i couldn’t breathe and the doctors couldn’t figure out what the blazes was wrong with me.
y - your favorite food: indian curry, love that stuff, love it
z - zodiac sign: Aries

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Om gosh... sowwy 2 b0th3r but.... *blushes*Im going 2 make my next firsuit... based on u!!! x3 i need snuggles 💜 when i die x-x and go to anime heaven... i hope u'll see me der!! :3 XD *wags tail* *bops your nose* x)c ily!! OwO !!!!11!!1!11

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Om gosh... sowwy 2 b0th3r but... *blushes* Im going 2 make my next fursuit... based on u!!! x3 I need snuggles<3 when i die x-x and go to anime heaven... i hope u'll see me der!! :3 XD *wags tail* *bops your nose* x)c ily!! OwO !!!!11!!1!11

I hope Donald Trump deports you first

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what's the manga that you posted earlier?

Heya bun ! Sorry I’m answering this from mobile right now, but I think the manga you’re asking about is [Tokishiba] DoS Obake ga Nekasetekurenai (c.1) [Eng]. I hope this helps !! 🌟