c .j. cregg

The Woman in The High Castle
Samantha Bee at Not The White House Correspondents Dinner
The Woman in The High Castle

“Thank you, Madam President, distinguished members of the Press. What a 2017 it’s been so far, huh guys? Hillary Clinton sworn-in as President, The Patriots lost the Super Bowl, Lemonade won Album of the Year, and every print of La La Land spontaneously combusted!

(…) and don’t forget to tip your waiter, James Comey!”

Sam Bee is brilliant, she’s fucking awsome and I love Full Frontal, I adore her, and even more so for putting the Not The White House Correspondents Dinner thing together. I mean Allison Janney opened as C. J. Cregg taking questions from fuckwits who think they’re writers or “thinkers”, fellow Torontonian Peaches was there and briefly sang Boys Wanna Be Her (how is Peaches fucking 50?! I’m not even 30 (yet!) and I can’t do a split!!), and of course our favourite babes/twins/lesbians/people on Earth/Canadians Tegan and Sara were amongst the guests looking *HHHHOOOOTTTTTT*!

The Woman in the High Castle skit made me simultaneously laugh and weep, because it was hilrious, biting and had a George Takei cameo, and because I so wish it would have been that. Samantha Bee roasting Hillary, Hillary roasting herself and everyone laughing heartily, because the world would be much more breathable with POTUS Clinton. It should have been that, and it really still is painful that it’s not. So, thanks for the laughs, Sam; we need them desperatly.