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Kitten pt 17

I apologize for the wait but here it is,

Warnings: Smut


You wake up around noon and Joker is still sleeping. You smile softly, happy that he was there. You kiss his chest softly and he groans in his sleep. You chuckle softly and run your fingers across his chest ever so lightly. His breathing picks up slightly but he doesn’t wake up. You glance down and notice he has an erection, a thought suddenly pops into your head. What a lovely way to wake up.

Grinning you begin to trail kisses down his torso to his waist. You unbutton his trousers, unzip them, and tug them down gently with his boxers, just enough until his erection springs free. You blush softly and lean close, licking the tip. He lets out a breathy groan and stirs a bit. You wait until he stops moving then you slowly begin to lower your head down onto his throbbing member. You place your hands on his thighs and bob your head up and down slowly. His hand moves to your hair and he grabs a bit roughly but that doesn’t stop you. You look up at him, he’s grinning wickedly at you and you blush softly.

“What a nice way to wake up.” He purrs, his voice low and husky. You suck harder and a low growl escapes his lips. You moan softly as you continue to pleasure him and his grip tightens in your hair. You look up at him and notice his breathing is slightly labored, he’s close and you know it. You sit up, a grin across your face, he looks at you curiously and you smile, he glares at you and sits up.

“Not gonna let me finish?” he asks with a low growl.

“Hm, no, I just wanted a nice way to wake you up,” you smile. He growls again and lunges forward, grabbing your wrists he pins you down.

“Maybe I’ll return the favor, I’ll push you to the edge over and over again but never let you find release. How does that sound? Hm?” he grins at you, a sadistic smile across his face. He begins to kiss your neck and you moan softly in pleasure, he nips and bites, causing you to cry out.

“Please, Daddy I want you.” you beg.

He chuckles softly against your skin, he trails his soft tongue down your neck to your chest, he bites softly at your nipples, your back arches a bit and he smiles. He releases your wrists and runs his hands down your perfect body, his hands stop at your hips and he squeezes tightly. You bite your lip a bit and blush as he looks up at you with lust in his eyes.

You hear a knock at the door and Joker growls, the lust in his eyes is gone and has been replaced with anger, a look of murder on his face.

“One second doll.” He growls and gets out of bed. He cringes softly and you look at the bandage on his side, there’s a bit of blood seeping through. He walks to the door and opens it, not even caring that he’s naked. Frost is in the doorway along with a frightened looking young man. He’s lucky Joker doesn’t have his gun or he’d probably be dead by now. Frost says something to Joker and walks away. He closes the door and growls.

You sit up and get out of bed. “Is everything okay?” you ask. Joker rolls his eyes and grabs a pair of boxers out of his dresser. “Wait.” You say softly, he looks at you slightly annoyed. “I need to clean and re-bandage your wound..” you say and put on a (F/C) silk robe.

“No need, it’s fine.” He growls. You roll your eyes and smack his side a bit hard. He inhales sharply and shoots a terrifying glare at you. You cower softly and hold up your hand which is now covered in his blood. You decide to say fuck it and grab his arm; you pull him into the bathroom and make him sit down on the stool again. You begin to take of the bandage from the previous night and throw them in the trash. Looking at the dried blood around his stitches you cringe softly, looking down at your own chest you stare at the scar from where you were shot not too long ago.

“Stitches suck..” you murmur softly. He looks at you and cocks his head to the side a bit. You shake your head dismissively and grab some rubbing alcohol and a wash cloth. You begin to pour the rubbing alcohol over his would and get a few swears and threats but you pay him no mind, you finish cleaning him up and re-bandage his side. “Good as new,” you smile softly.

“Uh-huh,” he rolls his eyes and stands up. He walks out of the bathroom and sits down on the bed, you wash your hands and sit on the bed next to him.

“Are you alright?” you ask.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” his tone is short. You don’t press the matter; you just lay back and stare at the ceiling. You feel the bed shift as he stands but you don’t look up. He’s in a bad mood and you don’t want to bug him. “I’ve got some work to do, stay in here.” He growls as he walks to his dresser and grabs a pair of dress pants.

“But there’s nothing to do in here. Can I go play the PlayStation down in the living area? Pleeeease!” you sit up and give him your best puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, but you better not wear anything revealing when you go down there. No one s to talk to you or even look at you. Got it?” he says in a low voice.

“Thank you Daddy.” You stand up and kiss his cheek. He shoo’s you away and leaves the room. You smile and go to your closet; you pick out a pair of (F/C) leggings and a (F/C) tank top. you go downstairs and walk into the living area, there’s a few of Jokers men posted around various spots of the mansion, there’s two guards in the room with you, you pay them no attention as you walk through the room and grab a PlayStation controller. You hit the center button to turn on the game system and hit the power button on the TV.

You search for a game that might be fun to play and find Mortal Kombat. You shrug and put the game in; as you wait for it to load you turn and ask the guards, “Hey does one of you want to play with me?” when neither of them say anything you pout. “Aww come on, I’m sure Joker won’t be mad if you play one round with me. One of the guards shrugs his shoulders and the other shakes his head. You smile as grab a second controller and hand it to the guard. “So, what’s your name?” you ask softly.

“Tyler,” he replies.

“Well, thanks for playing with me Tyler, do you mind if I call you Ty?” you ask. He doesn’t say anything, he just smiles and nods his head. You set up two-player and pick your fighters. You pick Kitana and Ty picks Baraka, the two of you play a few rounds, you lose twice but you come back and kick his ass. You laugh a bit until you hear someone behind you.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk,” he growls as he un-holsters his gun. “I thought I told you no one was to talk to you or even look at you.. yet here you are, distracting my men, laughing and playing games with them.” Before you can react he points his gun at Tyler and shoots him in the head. Blood splatters on your face and chest as the bullet cuts through Ty’s skull. Your eyes widen as Joker pulls you up and turns you to face him. “Such a naughty kitten.” He says with a low voice.

I-I’m sor-“ you try to apologize but he cuts you off.

“Get washed up kitten, we’ve got a dinner date.” He says.

“Okay..Will you shower with me?” you smile innocently hoping to diffuse his anger a little.

“Sure doll, why not?” he grins and steps closer to you.

annabellaangel  asked:

Can i have a cuddle scenario with suga?

I wrote two: one that starts sad and the other that is pure fluff.

I’m always trash for Suga

-Admin Puff


This was it. The worst day imaginable. The only thing that got you through the day was live-texting your boyfriend everything that happened.

You trudged up to the door to your apartment building when you noticed someone sitting on the steps.


His head snapped up and your boyfriend smiled. You could feel your chest tighten and you ran the couple of extra steps to his arms.

“There’s my darling. Let’s go up to your apartment,”

Suga took the keys from your hand and then took your hand with his free one. You hung on for dear life, suddenly unable to contain your sobs.

“It was just a really bad day,” you cried as Suga pulled you into the elevator. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top of your head, his fingers gently stroking the back of your head.

When you reached your floor he led you to your apartment. He didn’t bother turning the lights as he led you to your room. He pushed you to sit on the edge of your bed and helped you out of your coat and boots. Then he took off your sweater and pants before disappearing to grab something form you closet. He returned with a baggy shirt. You discarded your shirt onto the groun in favour of the one he brought you, and then Suga dragged you under the covers and spooned you like you’d never been spooned before.

You could feel your heartrate slowing, and every now and then Suga would press his lips to your neck. He ran his fingers through part of your hair, and you knew you were down for the count.

fluff only version

You put on your favourite pajamas while Koushi took a shower. You elected for something warm over something scandalous, since the snow outside was making you shiver from inside your warm bedroom. Also, spooning Suga is kind of like spooning a soft marble statue. Cold, but has flawless skin.

You slip under the covers, already shaking. When did it get so cold?

“Y/n? Are you feeling okay?” Suga asks, entering in boxer shorts and a tank top. This boy.

“J-j-j-ust c-c-cold,” you say through chattering teeth. Suga heads to your closet and pulls out your extra blankets. Whelp, at least one of you has a brain.

Suga carefully layered the blankets over you before climbing in.

“Mm you’re so warm from your shower,” you hum as you snuggle right up to him, pushing a leg in between his legs and wrapping your arms around him. Suga laughs, one hand traveling up the back of your shirt to trace his fingers over your spine.

After a couple minutes you stop shivering. It feels like your body is melting into his as you slump against your boyfriend.

“Goodnight, love.”