Plus Size Series | Swimsuit | Michael

“Babe! There’s a package on the front porch!” You perked up at Michael’s call from the kitchen, where you’re sure he’d seen the delivery person through the window over the sink. Standing, you  went to retrieve the delivery, and once you saw that it was from the company you had ordered your swimsuit from, you weren’t sure whether to be nervous or excited.

It was your first time buying a two-piece swimsuit and you weren’t sure if you were going to like it. There would be a lot more skin than usual, many more places for your folds and rolls and marks to show. However, you were excited because you felt ready for it, ready to finally let your skin show and feel comfortable when at the pool or at the beach.

You jumped when you felt Michael’s arms wrap around your middle, his chin resting on your shoulder as he looked at the package you held in your hand. “What’s that?” he asked, his chin pressing against your shoulder with more pressure punctuating each word. You shrugged, slipping out of his hold.

“Just some clothes,” you ventured, smiling slightly at him. “Let me go try them on before you get to see.” Michael pouted, not one to want to miss out on seeing you naked whilst in the midst of trying on clothes, but he moved to the living room nonetheless, but not before kissing you on the cheek and giving your ass a quick pat, which made you giggle.

Hands shaking, you tore open the package once in the bedroom, smiling at the pretty, vibrant color of the suit, which would contrast strikingly against your skin once it was on.

And that was the first hurdle - putting the swimsuit on.

You disrobed, standing naked in the room while staring at the suit as it lay in front of you on the bed. There was nothing to be scared of, it was a piece of clothing and you were a person and people wore clothes. However, you weren’t used to wearing these clothes, and, undeniably, you were scared.

Taking a deep breath, you finally picked up the top and clasped it closed behind your back, straightening the straps and scooping each breast so it sat comfortably in the cup of the suit. You gave a little jump, testing it’s structure - your breasts bounced a little, but not enough to be a hazard while being active in the water. 

Satisfied, you moved on to the bottoms, pulling the stretchy fabric up your legs, squatting a little so they could pass between your thighs, your fingers helping give that extra bit of stretch the swimsuit needed in order to rest happily on your hips. 

You turned towards the mirror, pressing your lips together as you assessed your purchase. The bottoms felt odd, because you’d never had something sit so low on your hips and expose so much of your belly. You turned side to side, running your fingers over the flesh of your belly, the soft hairs on your upper thighs, the stretch marks by your breasts. You weren’t unsatisfied, which you were proud of. You were just a little uncomfortable.

“Babe?” You jumped, automatically crossing your arms over your stomach as Michael pushed the bedroom door open, his snapback-adorned head peeking through and searching for you. His eyes lit up as he saw what you had purchased. “Oh my god,” he said, a smile on his lips as he walked further into the room. You shifted, attempting to cover more of your skin, biting at your lip in nervousness.

“What do you think?” you asked, glancing at your reflection in the mirror. Michael still smiled, shaking his head in awe. “It’s a little tight on the bottom and my stomach kind of hangs over in front but I think I like it?” You rambled on, waiting for Michael to say something. He simply stood in front of you, taking his hands in yours and holding your arms away from your body.

“You are absolutely beautiful,” he sighed, his eyes meeting yours before trailing down your body once more. “Your body is perfection.” You couldn’t help but tear up at his words, smiling and giggling.

“It really looks okay? I always need a second opinion…”

“It looks fucking amazing. I want you to wear this for the rest of your life.” You laughed outright at his statement, your cheeks flushing from happiness now. “Can we go swimming now? Let’s go. I’ll spray you with the hose if that means you keep wearing this.” You rolled your eyes, still smiling as you turned toward the mirror, Michael’s arms wrapping around your middle like when you held the package in your hands.

“I really like it,” you whispered, shivering as his fingers ghosted over your skin just above the waistband of the bottoms of the swimsuit.

“I really like you,” Michael teased, kissing your bare shoulder, following with more kisses up your neck and just behind your ear. “You’re beautiful.”

And the nice thing was, you knew you were beautiful, even without his loving words.