Full Famitsu Interview Details

Source: http://www.famitsu.com/news/201505/25079105.html

-Pegasus Warrior is a unisex class. Upon promotion, they can use bows.

-Weapons such as Javelins can no longer attack twice.

-The “Dragon’s Vein” ability (accessible to Kamui and co.) can be used in certain spots on the map. The enemy can use this ability as well.

-You can still get a Game Over in Phoenix Mode if the victory conditions are not met.

-A bit more was revealed for the story. Although this is a completely new setting, it still has some elements that players from Awakening will recognise. Nohr is vulnerable to bad weather and therefore poor vegetation, lack of law and order and its castle is located in the ground. Hoshido is exceedingly peaceful in contrast. King Garon sends his children to invade Hoshido (keep in mind they have their own views on this) and the Hoshido family have to push them away. This is when the avatar must make their decision.